CNET reviews Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook: ‘Confidently moves from cult favorite to mainstream machine’

“In the third version of the 12-inch MacBook, introduced at Apple’s WWDC 2017 conference, the MacBook confidently moves from cult favorite to mainstream machine,” Dan Ackerman writes for CNET. “A series of internal upgrades make a world of difference, and should make it easier to choose the MacBook over the bigger MacBook Pro or the still severely outdated MacBook Air.”

“The 12-inch MacBook has adopted that improved second-gen butterfly mechanism from the Pro line. While the keyboard looks the same, I can totally tell the difference — there’s a noticeable click and spring to the keyboard that was lacking before,” Ackerman writes “As someone who has typed hundreds of thousands of words across both previous generations of the 12-inch MacBook, I’m very pleasantly surprised by how good this keyboard feels.”

Apple's MacBook with 12-inch Retina display
Apple’s MacBook with 12-inch Retina display

“This is, simply put, the best version of the 12-inch MacBook yet. The only thing that stops me from calling this the new default MacBook you should consider is that the more powerful, more flexible 13-inch MacBook Pro (minus the optional Touch Bar) has gotten a price cut to the same $1,299 — though that only includes half the storage (128GB) of the 12-incher at the same price,” Ackerman writes. “One is a mainstream powerhouse, the other is an exercise in strictly enforced minimalism. If I had to choose between the two, as a frequent coffee shop laptopper, I’d put a thumb on the scale for this 12-inch MacBook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook (loaded) is our new favorite Mac, displacing our trusty 11-inch MacBook Air units (which we still love, second best).

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      1. The 12″ MacBook is most definitely designed first and foremost for web use. Without substantial band aids it has no native ability to drive multiple monitors, drives, or input devices from its one port. That is not a work laptop.

        Also, the 13″ MacBook Pro runs circles around it by any productive performance measures.

        If all you do is access internet info, hurrah for you. That doesn’t make the MacBook a comprehensive work laptop for mainstream use.

        1. Again, you need to look up “netbook” because the 12-inch MacBook certainly isn’t one.

          This is not a netbook:

          • 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
          • 16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory
          • 512GB SSD storage
          • Intel HD Graphics 615

          1. Superior Whatever, you should heed your own advice

            Netbook: “a small, lightweight laptop computer used especially for Internet access and email”

            That is exactly what the tiny screen one port MacBook is.
            It’s an awful lot of my money for a 1.4 GHz Mac.

            1. I have been using the new MacBook with 16 gb of ram and it is very good. It finally has the speed and battery life I need and I ordered it with the Intel core i7.

        2. Yes, please redefine work to include only the oh-so-sophisticated BS that you do. Driving multiple monitors, drives and input devices is niche “work” compared to 99% of the “working” public.

  1. Another reason why Tim Cook needs to go. Jobs wouldn’t have stood to strong arming your customers into subscription service rather than actual control over what you buy and don’t buy. Apple Music is in the same boat as in app purchases.. and that boat needs to sink. We need a CEO who says no to this greed. Someone who knows what a good experience is for the customer, not a cash cow for the company.

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