Apple lures Android users to upgrade to iPhone in new split screen ad campaign

“Apple has created a series of 15-second social spots to promote its Life Is Easier On iPhone campaign, which highlights how and why [Android] smartphone users should make the jump to an iOS handest,” Katie Deighton reports for The Drum.

“A total of eight ads have been created,” Deighton reports, “each featuring a split screen depicting the difference between ‘Your Phone’ and ‘‘iPhone.'”

“The newest clip – Security – features a shifty-looking reprobate who tries to break the wall between the two rooms in the video,” Deighton reports. “When he can’t break into the iPhone side (presumably due to the handset’s tight grip cyber security) he leaves instead with the lettering of ‘Your phone.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Life is easier – and better and safer – on iPhone.

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  1. The security one makes a decent point, but some of the others aren’t much of a selling factor beyond the fact that if someone decided to switch it would be easier to do. It doesn’t do much to say why a person would want to switch because the results look the same.

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