Apple, a prodigious chipmaker, has some major competitive advantages

“Along with being one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics makers, retailers and digital content sellers, Apple is now a top-tier chip developer, as judged by the estimated dollar value of all the chips it ships in a given year,” Eric Jhonsa writes for TheStreet. “This fact tends to get swept under the rug, since all of the chips Apple creates are used in its own hardware rather than sold to third parties.”

“But all the same, Apple’s prodigious chip work has not only helped the company lower its costs, but also aided strategic objectives such as improving performance and battery life, reducing device size and enabling novel features. A recent report points to one more instance in which Apple’s chip expertise is proving to be of strategic value,” Jhonsa writes. “So might a new hire, though the book remains to be written here.”

“On Friday afternoon, Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing a processor for its consumer hardware that would be ‘devoted specifically to AI-related tasks’ such as face and speech recognition. It added that Apple “has tested prototypes of future iPhones with the chip,” known within the company as the Neural Engine,” Jhonsa writes. “Separately, analyst Neil Shah observed (courtesy of a LinkedIn post) that Apple has hired Esin Terzioglu, a Qualcomm exec who oversaw the chipmaker’s central engineering organization. The hire has fueled fresh speculation that Apple, now in the midst of a messy legal dispute with Qualcomm, wants to develop a system-on-chip (SoC) that pairs a baseband modem (currently obtained from Qualcomm and Intel with an A-series app processor.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has been a top-tier chip developer for many years now. See Apple’s 64-bit A7 (introduced on September 20, 2013), which demolished and disheartened the so-called competition, for one stark example (actually, Apple A-series SoCs have always been superior to the off-the-shelf processors used by the iPhone knockoff outfits).

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  1. Apple doesn’t make chips. Apple designs chips and outsources the manufacturing. As we all know, this has resulted in Apple teaching its suppliers its secrets. Look at Samsung. Happens to every company that thinks it can save money by outsourcing to the max. They create their own competition because they can’t keep a lid on their IP. Especially in countries whose culture is rooted deeply in stealing the inventions of others.

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