“Apple’s iPhone 5S is a tweaked version of the iPhone 5 that retains the same screen and physical dimensions of its predecessor. It swaps out the A6 chip for the faster A7 and adds some features that its predecessors aren’t privy to,” Andrew Cunningham reports for Ars Technica. “But the 5S also arrives alongside the iPhone 5C and iOS 7, and taken together the three new products are the biggest overhaul the iPhone line has gotten in years.”

“Our review will take a dive into the most important new features of the 5S, comparing them not just to the iPhone 5 (and thus, the 5C) but also to the iPhone 4Ss that many will be looking to upgrade,” Cunningham reports. “The look-and-feel of the phone remains the same as last year, but the fingerprint scanner, the camera, and the new internals are the real reason to upgrade.”

Tons more in the full review here.

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