Ars Technica: Apple’s Touch ID and 64-bit A7 are deceptively large advances in the iPhone’s evolution

“Apple’s iPhone 5S is a tweaked version of the iPhone 5 that retains the same screen and physical dimensions of its predecessor. It swaps out the A6 chip for the faster A7 and adds some features that its predecessors aren’t privy to,” Andrew Cunningham reports for Ars Technica. “But the 5S also arrives alongside the iPhone 5C and iOS 7, and taken together the three new products are the biggest overhaul the iPhone line has gotten in years.”

“Our review will take a dive into the most important new features of the 5S, comparing them not just to the iPhone 5 (and thus, the 5C) but also to the iPhone 4Ss that many will be looking to upgrade,” Cunningham reports. “The look-and-feel of the phone remains the same as last year, but the fingerprint scanner, the camera, and the new internals are the real reason to upgrade.”

Tons more in the full review here.

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    1. I don’t know… the Android platform has been making due with derivative products since its inception and there is every reason to believe they’ll make the best of their own brand of fingerprint technology.

      Google is way behind and won’t last long in this business if they can’t take a giant leap forward by innovating anything as remotely useful as Google Search.

      Samsung is the premiere Android manufacturer and by the time they figure out how Samsung made Apple’s last SOC, Apple will have turned the whole process over to the Taiwanese chipmaker, leaving Google in the dark.

      Android and Winphone are sucking wind.

      1. Sounds like wishful thinking. Android is far more adaptable than Apple is. There are so many other manufacturers who are evolving their hardware lineups, Apple really can’t compete. There are phones with better processors, removable batteries, higher res displays, larger displays, far more configurable options, and after having switched to Android myself, IOS 7 feels stale, and old fashioned. The screen of the iphone feels small and almost like a toy. The multitasking on IOS is a joke, compared to Android. And as for touch id, Apple can take that crap and shove it, no way in hell am I getting that abomination of privacy invasion on my phone.

        1. Joe, morning. Is Samsung still paying for drive by trolling??

          Cause you totally forgot to add that Samsung will be coming out in Gold….. and it will have a 64 bit processor any day now…(even though Android only runs on 32 bit)…..

          OH, and you forgot about the shiny screen problem needing a matte screen…. or its a deal breaker..

          OH so lol for a thursday morning.

  1. Such a very in depth review. Lots of mention of the chip designs (Apple, Apple, Apple) but no mention as to who or where that 64 bit-chip was manufactured.

    Of course there is no need to mention that in a review of that nature, plus it would only serve as a reminder how moronic the entire analytical and jouranal wannabes screwed up whore street. I mean just look at what’s happened at the stock price. It’s going to be tough times for those jouranalists and analysts over the next while. The shock of totally missing something a real reporter would have figured out, the shock of totally missing the sales projections, the shock to be reminded that they are almost but not quite on par with Anustralians.

    If they haven’t been saving from their ill gained profits they soon won’t be able to afford much needed lubrication on whore street. Ironically though packed fudge would be just desserts for them.

    1. The chip’s from Samsung’s fab but its their last for Apple. Taiwan will build Apple’s next SOC and with it a killer app that Google won’t be able to duplicate.

      Many of Apple’s killer apps & features are off-the-shelf products repackaged for consumers and Samsung’s collaborative work enabled Apple to march over the competition. That is, until Samsung began developing smartphones too.

      The advances ushered in with iPhone 6 (iOS 8) will pave the way for the Bank of Apple; imagine a line of credit from Apple for financing Apple purchases?

      If Apple opened a bank, could it survive outside the FDIC? Hell yes!

      1. Direct deposit to the Apple Bank™.

        No card necessary, using near-field all my purchases are debited to my Apple Bank™ account using iPod.

        Apple is innovating in retail. How long before they develop the ideal consumer store that could be replicated by any industry? Instead of offering Apple franchises, why not develop the store of the future?

        Shopping will change in dramatic fashion once Apple begins to focus on a complete shopping experience; food, clothing, cars, homes, and an awesome home theater experience.

        Stores will rush to adopt the technology coming out of Cupertino in the next ten-years, i.e., marketing becomes channeling, to deliver the advertising payload and with Apple’s cooperation, stores will change by an order of magnitude; shopping in your pajamas using virtual-reality.

        *pop* and then I woke up…

  2. Sorry, but everyone in the smartphone industry and Wall Street says the 5s is not even worth the upgrade because it doesn’t have a larger display and a 64-bit processor is just marketing hype. The fingerprint sensor has already been hacked by some German nerds so it’s now seen as worthless and even dangerous from a security point of view. Nope, the iPhone 5s is definitely a fail because there’s no innovation by Steve Jobs. Apparently, he was the only person in the world who knew how to innovate Apple products.


    1. Isn’t that funny. I hadn’t thought about it until you joked about it, but I haven’t heard anyone in the media bitch about the screen size lately.

      Maybe they’re finally getting it: Cook was right, the super-size screen form-factor is just a niche. (I’m not saying they should never do it, but I know I don’t want a bigger phone. Plus fragmentation is slowing Android and lack of fragmentation is keeping iPhone developers invested and pushing forward on Apple’s platform first.)

      1. One comment on The Verge called them “clown phones”. I suggest we adopt that terminology because it’s so accurate. Anything above about a 4.7″ max screen size can be described as a clown phone.

        1. Until Apple produces one, right? What an idiot. There are so many larger android phones, because, well, let’s see, maybe because people want them? That could never occur to you, because you are still drinking that Jobs koolaid. Gates laughs as people want more than 640k, Apple just as foolishly laughs because people want larger screens. 4.7″ screen ought to be enough for anyone? pfffft… Oh yeah, and Apple can take touch id, and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        2. Jeeze…. you ‘roid sufferers are getting awfully testy these days.

          You do have to get that the huge screen phones look kind of stupid when a person holds them against their head, yes?.
          The did when dell introduced the streak and samsung’s copies of the streak form factor did nothing to remedy the awkwardness.

      2. I’ve owned this: Mac Plus, IIx, IIci, Quadrant 950, 840av, PowerTower180, Tangerine, G4DP500, four MacPros, 1st-gen iPod, iPod Touch, 17″ MBP, an Air and two iPhones, including the 2G. I sat in front of a PC maybe twice in my life.

        I want a bigger iPhone. FU, I want a bigger iPhone.

        1. “I’ve owned this: Mac Plus, IIx, IIci, Quadrant 950, 840av, PowerTower180…”

          You must be pretty old. Maybe that’s why you want a phone with a screen so big : )

      1. “Wall Street has always been into deception of “the crowd.”

        That’s their job.

        You can’t make money if the market doesn’t move; up or down people make money but if it just sits there like Microsoft does decade after decade never moving the needle, the economy tanks from stagnation.

        It doesn’t matter what the Street says, Apple makes its own weather system and in it, they honor another set of principles that has nothing to do with money!

        1. Turbulence in the market, invented or real, stirs things up. Direct the turbulence and you make some money. Herd the sheeple. Wolves rush in and eat them alive. A sucker is born every minute. Blahblahblah. It’s all a very old set of human manipulation tactics but within the new technology realm. Being entirely ignorant or even incapable of comprehending the technology realm doesn’t stop the attempts at manipulation. Apple Bear bullshitters® are perennial, fair or foul weather.

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