“I want to share my experience with the iPhone 5s. The whole package, from the new hardware features to the iOS 7, has provided me with an experience I did not expect,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“As I started using the 5s I was brought back to that moment when I first started using an iPhone. It is the iPhone re-discovered,” Bajarin writes. “It started with iOS 7. I predict iOS 7 is going to do something very interesting. It is going to cause consumers to discover their iPhones all over again… I like iOS 7 better than any previous smartphone OS I’ve used. In fact, in my honest opinion, all other mobile operating systems now look dated to me.”

Bajarin writes, “The fingerprint sensor registers so quickly that the device unlocks nearly as fast as I can push the button to wake it up. Watch this video demo to see just how quick and easy it is to use TouchID. I created a video to show this point. (This is real time I did not speed it up)”

Read more, and watch the video showing the speed of iPhone 5s’ Touch ID, in the full article here.

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