Ben Bajarin: Apple’s new iOS 7 will cause consumers to discover their iPhones all over again

“I want to share my experience with the iPhone 5s. The whole package, from the new hardware features to the iOS 7, has provided me with an experience I did not expect,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“As I started using the 5s I was brought back to that moment when I first started using an iPhone. It is the iPhone re-discovered,” Bajarin writes. “It started with iOS 7. I predict iOS 7 is going to do something very interesting. It is going to cause consumers to discover their iPhones all over again… I like iOS 7 better than any previous smartphone OS I’ve used. In fact, in my honest opinion, all other mobile operating systems now look dated to me.”

Bajarin writes, “The fingerprint sensor registers so quickly that the device unlocks nearly as fast as I can push the button to wake it up. Watch this video demo to see just how quick and easy it is to use TouchID. I created a video to show this point. (This is real time I did not speed it up)”

Read more, and watch the video showing the speed of iPhone 5s’ Touch ID, in the full article here.

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  1. Something I have yet to read about on the new phone is the potential of thieves looking elsewhere to steal phones, if they cant get it to work without the right fingerprint, then its pretty much useless to steal data as well as trying to fence the item.

  2. I agree there are many things to like about iOS7. But there is one negative that hit me right off the bat, and it keeps right on a hittin. In many places the font is hard to read. It’s thin and I’m OK with that, except thin AND light makes it more difficult than before. Reminds me of secondary roads in Maps, where they are light grey on a white background; can’t see in bright light. Maybe I’ll get used to it, or maybe my eyesight will improve.

  3. Nobody I know has ever complained about the original iOS GUI or the way it looks. Not once. As nice as it is, iOS7 doesn’t address the main complaints most of my friends have about iPhones: Apple is too controlling about everything. IE: Why can’t the “best smartphone” come default with Apple apps but allow the default use of rival apps such as browsers, Google Maps, etc? And why won’t they allow downgrading the OS if you happen not to like the new one? All Apple had to do to remain undisputed king is offer a greater degree of choice. Their repeated failure to do so may eventually “Cook” their own goose. (Although S.Jobs is just as guilty).

    Personally, I had my 3GS turned into a slug by iOS4 and got extremely pissed that Apple would not offer a downgrade path. I won’t get burned again. I certainly won’t be buying a new iPhone until I know for sure whether iOS7 provides real-world advantages over iOS6, and that’s one hurdle that has never stood in the way of my purchasing decisions before.

  4. iOS 7. It ain’t snappy on iPad 2. I do like the look of it tho. I so hope they crack on and update iTunes U, iBooks and iWork tho. It looks quite incongruous having old icons and software on the new OS.

  5. Nobody is a bigger fan of Apple and their products than I am. I installed iOS 7 today, and I have to say, I’m not that all impressed with the new esthetic. The icons looked washed out blend into the background in such a way as to be hard to read. The light weight font they’re now using I feel is a poor choice. It’s too light and hard to read. The App Store interface is much less intuitive. As a seasoned user of Apple products, it took much more trial and error to figure out compared to previous iterations. There’s no way in hell Jobs’ would have allowed this new OS out the door in its present form. It’s really starting to become evident Jobs’ is no longer at the helm. I thought Ives’ was basicly a clone of Jobs’, but I’m beginning to have my doubts. There was only one Steve Jobs, and it’s starting to show.

    1. i agree that the interface looks washed out and hard to read. Even if one selects the black wallpaper, which i did, it doesn’t apply to apps – those remain hard to read, for me, and the faint font color makes it even worse.

      I feel that iOS7 has thrown away some information that was useful to me – the distinctive colors previously let one know immediately which app was running. The faint arrows and other icons are difficult to interpret when one is moving.

      Perhaps a little of frank lloyd wright’s philosophy might have been helpful in the design – form follows function.

  6. JFC what BS. The title should be “make users have to figure out how to use their phone all over again”.
    My friend showed me his iOS7 and it looks like garbage. Way to go Apple, change the way several features work and confuse the fuck out of everyone but tech junkies. I told my wife not to touch it, I don’t want her calling me to know how to do something that doesn’t work the same way it used to (like closing open apps for example).

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