Even more problems crop up with Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Samsung’s has “some issues with the [Galaxy S8] phone,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “Some can already be fixed with the help of software updates, including the red display tint and the Wi-Fi connectivity issues reported in Korea. Others might be more problematic, such as wireless charging problems and random reboots.”

Smith reports, “Now, a new report reveals yet another Galaxy S8 issue that might be more serious than anything else customers have complained of so far.”

“A Galaxy S8 owner uploaded a photo on a Korean forum on Monday showing a burn-in on the screen after just one week of use. According to The Korea Herald, the burn-in appeared in the lower part of the screen where the pressure-sensitive soft key is built-in,” Smith reprots. “It’s unclear at this time how widespread the burn-in issue is. If real, the only way to fix it is to replace the display or exchange the phone.”

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“Other than the burn-in claim, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series, which was launched officially on April 21, faced complaints about defects including displays with a red-tint and Wi-Fi connection problems on some sold devices,” Song Su-hyun reports for The Korea Herald. “Meanwhile, a recent report by market researcher Strategy Analytics forecast concerns about the sales of the Galaxy S8 series due to higher prices than its predecessors. In Korea, the S8 model’s shipment price has been set at a minimum of 935,000 won ($821). ”

“Samsung posted its lowest global handset average selling price in almost three years at 204,000 won in the first quarter of this year, due to a higher mix of lower-priced devices, affected by the weakening momentum of S7 devices and no support from the recalled Note 7,” Song reports. “The average selling price is about 20 percent lower than a year earlier.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma, you beautiful bitch!

If it’s from a South Korean dishwasher maker, it’s not an iPhone.

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  1. Trust me, their dishwashers suck just as much. If you have a burning Samsung phone, come over to my place and my leaking dishwasher will extinguish it, no problem.

  2. How does anyone buy a Samsung cell phone ever???

    I know this is not news but Apple needs to find another screen maker quickly…distance themselves all they can from this crappy supplier!

    1. The idea that Apple’s stuck with Samsung for now because they make the best screens, *does* seem to fly in the face of these screen issues…

      1. The case may more likely be ‘one’ of the best screens but the only one that can make as many as Apple needs. On the other hand considering how Apple tends to be behind in supply by a large amount with recent product launches they might as well go with a different supplier.

      2. Keep in mind that there is no single ‘Samsung screen’. Apple sets the screen specs, hands them to whoever and says ‘make this’. What Apple uses for iOS gear screens is NOT what Samsung users.

        Example, apart from the ‘pink’ screen flaw: The viewing angle of screens Samsung sticks onto the Galaxy 8 is AWFUL. You get a distinct color shift off-angle. IOW Samsung went cheap-ass with their Galaxy 8 screens. Apple would be flogged in public if they pulled such an asinine move.

  3. No company is immune to product flaws. Apple has had a few product issues in its time. But, I have to admit that I take a bit of joy every time Samsung runs into problems with its smartphones. I don’t shed any tears for Google or Microsoft, either. I have a long memory, and all three of these companies will have to go a long way to make up for their treatment of Apple and Mac/iOS users.

  4. Ooo! Wireless charging problems!
    That’s 3 strikes, YOU’RE OUT!

    The ‘pink’ screen and overheating/rebooting problems weren’t knock out blows. But add in messed up wireless charging and we have a GREAT SHOW on our hands! 🤡🤢🙃

    Samsung is crap, but this past year they’ve provided such excellent ENTERTAINMENT. 😆 👏👏👏

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