Which Apple Watch is right for you: Aluminum, stainless steel, or ceramic?

“Apple Watch Series 2 comes in your choice of three different materials with distinct properties and price points all their own,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“here’s anodized aluminum — the same material Apple uses for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There’s stainless steel, which is heavier but stronger and a favorite of many watch-wearers. And there’s ceramic, which replaces last year’s 18K gold on the high end with something even more scratch-proof — and expensive — than steel,” Ritchie writes. “So, which should you choose?”

Ritchie writes, “If you’re into physical fitness and you want the lightest Apple Watch you can get; if you’re going to be rough enough with it — or likely to lose it — and want the most affordable replacement option possible; if you’re not sure about Apple Watch and want to try it out at the lowest cost-of-entry; or if you simply love the way the bead-blasted aluminum and those gold and rose gold options look, you should get the aluminum Apple Watch.”

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters
Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters

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MacDailyNews Take: For runners, specifically, we recommend – and wear – Apple Watch Nike+.

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  1. is this the cue to put in a plug for liquid metal vaporware?

    Ahrends must be working very hard to determine next years straps. a fashion genius like her knows that by offering klunky sealed disposable technology in more material choices, the mainstream success of the Watch is just around the corner.

    Ive, remind us again how exciting it was for you to rename the click wheel a “digital crown”. Truly masterful. Let us all play with our digital crowns, for that is the true path to time savings. Oh, your little wheel is stuck? Apple’s brilliant solution is to wash your watch under water. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204639

    Brilliant design, my ass.

    1. It doesn’t get much sadder or more pathetic than those who cannot afford to buy or are too stupid to understand why they should get an Apple Watch posting anti-Apple Watch FUD to forums in quixotic attempts to assuage their poverty- or stupidity-stricken souls.

      I suppose you hate BMW M and Mercedes AMG models, too, for the same reason.

      I wear an Apple Watch and have since the day my first one arrived on April 24, 2015. My Series 2 has been on my wrist daily since mid-September. It’s indispensable and I am more efficient than you or anyone else who gets email, texts, and notifications who’s not wearing an Apple Watch.

      1. I’m glad to see you were able to fill the void in your life by buying not one, but two, Apple watches.

        Before it came along, just what did you buy to make you feel superior to others?

  2. It’s all about creating a one stop shop for all things musical-video. It’s about an R Kelly Rap Opera. Car Karaoke. Planet of the Apps! Self driving cars will deliver democrat voters directly to the polling station. So many things in the pipeline. New Macs in 2019 etc. it’s all about turning your hobbies like Apple TV and transforming them into sustainable initiatives. Apple Music TElevison will create a pop culture movement,,, just wait! Dr Dre’s TV Show: “Better Call a Doctor!” will generate the highest unreleased ratings ever.

  3. Do I need/want another device to charge? No. Would it fare well when it’s brushed up against concrete, stone, steel, or during work with power tools? No. My life in a office/cube is complete. Release one in Liquid Metal and I’d reconsider, but charging every day would bug.

    1. I want to write a heart-felt note of apology for the emotional injury (hopefully no one physically injured themselves?) caused by my careless/crass comment re: not wanting an Apple Watch. For those distraught, or in despair, please stay tuned for a call-in therapy # to provide assistance in dealing with this setback. It’s all I can do.

    1. Please notice that if you sell or return your Apple Watch you will be shunned and scorned by Apple fanboys. You can sell your children, barter your ma, and give away your father, but never ever, get rid of your Apple Watch.

        1. If Apple offered a proper Apple Watch, one with adequate usability, functionality, with sufficient storage for apps, and excellent battery life, sure, I would consider Apple Watch. Unfortunately, such a device does not exist.

    1. It’s actually the first really easily resistible Apple product ever, yes. And every time they send it off into fashion land, it becomes even more avoidable. As many others here have commented, it has shown no feature worth my bothering with so far. The time may come. Trump might some day tell the truth, too.

      1. Trump does not know what the truth is. When he is not golfing, he has Faux News on. He doesn’t want to hear anything that presents the full complicated details from all points of view.

        The Fox entertainment outlet is well known to be the propaganda branch of the GOP, which funnels money through Murdoch’s corrupt international media empire in an end run around US libel and slander laws. Its most popular programs aren’t even proposed to be news reports, they are personality programs pushing a simple pro-fear narrative at viewers. That is why the president of 360 million is so afraid of a few thousand undocumented mexicans who may or may not have ever committed violent crimes.

        Sad that the sitting president is too lazy to get his data from the people in the executive branch of government he oversees. No, quite the opposite. He’s disregarded the advice of the department heads repeatedly, told the intel community he already knows enough about foreign threats, and is dramatically behind in filling important positions. Then to top it off, he presented Congress with a budget proposal that essentially abandons all government functions except of course more military overbuilding.

        Fact free is no way to go through life. One is welcome to form opinions, but to intentionally shield oneself from all the data and insightful analysis that a wise executive needs is shocking. It boils down to this: narcissistic Trump can’t handle the truth.

        Cook at Apple is slow and dithering, with zero vision for giving users more freedom in their computing devices, but at least some facts are used to make corporate decisions.

        1. Facts ain’t what they used to be. As a way of making a living, the reporting of news has changed. “Narratives” are the new unit of information, and they are supported by three components: a storyline that strongly appeals to deeply held personal values; cherry-picking of facts to support the narrative; and the manufacture of “alt-facts,” fabrications to strengthen the Narrative. This combo tends to form emotionally cohesive, self-segregating “echo chambers,” the diametrical opposite of reasoned discourse.

          The Narrative has been a brilliant success throughout all human history, relying as it does on inborn mental biases that once aided survival in primitive times, but were discovered by self-serving shamans and politicians to be easily exploitable. Most of our myths, legends, and historical formulations shape our beliefs in ways that make us sheep belonging to one flock or another. Our very denial of that—our insistence that we have independence and free will, in the face of our zombie behaviour—is another of the delusions that bind us to leaders who may be pied pipers, saints, or madmen; in our thralldom, we can’t know which.

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