U.S. Fed, jobs data, and Apple earnings will keep stock-market investors busy

“Investors face a fire hose of possible stock-market catalysts during another heavy week of earnings reports as the Federal Reserve holds its May policy meeting and a wealth of economic data is released, topped off by the April jobs report on Friday,” Wallace Witkowski reports for MarketWatch.

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 index, and the Nasdaq Composite Index all finished higher for the week and for month of April as the benchmarks closed slightly lower on Friday,” Witkowski reports. “The Nasdaq closed less than 2 points away from its closing record while both the Dow industrials and S&P 500 are less than 1% away from their own record highs.”

“‘The next week is unusual in that there’s a mix of everything that’s important,’ said Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, in an interview,” Witkowski reports. “Boockvar believes the Institute for Supply Management manufacturing data for April, due out on Monday, along with services data on Wednesday, will be the most important data points on the week, ending with April jobs figures on Friday… On top of everything else, earnings season is still in full swing. Apple Inc. earnings will be the most watched on Tuesday…”

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MacDailyNews Note: As usual, we plan to bring you Apple’s Q217 results as soon as they’re released, right around 4:30pm on May 2nd – just check our home page. Following that, we also plan to cover Apple’s Q217 conference call with live notes starting at 5pm that day.

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  1. ..and “the resistance” which will do everything they can to “Make America Suffer Again” because they are upset babies that didn’t get their way in the election.

    1. A bit more perspective would do you good:


      On average, the companies that Trump has chosen to use in his political grandstanding have UNDER-PERFORMED the companies that Trump has chastised from his bully pulpit.

      Perhaps dividing and bullying the people isn’t the best way to achieve prosperity for all.

      I can’t think of a president who was able to turn positive economic momentum into confusion and frustration so quickly. His approval rating is dropping even amongst those who believed his bombastic campaign promises. Trump can’t achieve anything with executive memos, and he can’t even agree with his own party on legislative reform. Watch how erratic Trump will become as he becomes increasingly desperate to accomplish anything. Tax reform is orders of magnitude harder to accomplish than anything Trump has ever done. Don’t expect it to happen without coordination and compromise, which Trump seems incapable of understanding.

      And next up, let’s hear from First Then Whatever how the democrats and Obama are all to blame. Then we will hear from botvinnik, who will cast some shadowy secret society called Globalists for making Trump fail at everything he’s attempted. The usual paid propagandists will roost at MDN because they’ve been laughed off of all the political discussion sites.

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