It’s official: Everyone hates this purportedly leaked ‘iPhone 8’ design

“Perhaps for the first time ever, loyal Apple fans are praying that the company’s hotly anticipated new iPhone is delayed,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“Why is everyone hoping for a delay? The answer to that question lies in a leak that we showed you on Wednesday,” Epstein writes. “As you’ll undoubtedly recall, a source with a mixed track record shared a leaked schematic drawing he claimed shows the iPhone 8’s rear housing design.”

“The image shows a phone that looks like a flattened iPhone 5, but an extra hole can clearly be seen beneath the Apple logo. That hole, according to rumors, could be the relocated Touch ID fingerprint scanner,” Epstein writes. “Just about every single reaction we’ve seen to this leak has been negative.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday:

Not only will Touch ID be, but we’ll feel, rear-mounted having to deal with that engineering decision/concession for at least a year.

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  1. Regardless of the aesthetics and ergonomics iPhone 8 cases can be designed to accommodate a rear TOUCH I.D. with an access hole in the back. (I will resist any gay jokes but your mileage may differ.)

    1. It is not even a gay joke since back sex gets popular among straight couples, too. Apparently, more and more men want something naughty, tighter and with no condom, and ladies agree as anti-pregnancy measures have bad side effects, be it mechanical or medical.

  2. If it isn’t front mounted then something they have been ahead on for 3 years with the opposition incapable of getting right in response, will over the course of 2018 be yet another area that they will, at least temporarily fall behind the opposition at least in popular sentiment. To fall behind on Touch ID would be damning indeed and worrying for the future. Playing catchup and charging more for the product when it arrives isn’t a very good long term strategy.

  3. If the images are legit, why does it have to be a fingerprint sensor? Perhaps it is something new and amazing…?

    Dear Apple: Please please please don’t put a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. That is just stupid. It is something that Samsung would do. Oops, did do.

  4. Is it possible that opening could be for a magnetic charger (like for the WATCH)? The WATCH magnetic charger connects through the glass sensors on the back … something tells me if Apple is going to deploy magnetic charging for the iPhones, the aluminum case might be an issue, so an opening of some kind might need to be included.

  5. you can’t have a touch ID home button on the back of a phone and use it mounted in a car for GPS. The corner radius of the mockup is more rounded than the iPhone 6/7, so rounded it cannot really accommodate an edge to edge display without a significant percentage of pixels being cut off at the corners, so I’m throwing flags on this one – must be false.

  6. This report is utter rubbish. NO-ONE except Apple know what the exact design is really like. Just another journalist/analyst trying to make a name for themselves, and looking foolish in the process. As always come September, Apple will surprise and delight fans in equal measure.

      1. Let’s not go overboard with the doom and gloom.

        I don’t ever recall any time when future electronic product release rumors were based on anything more than what they are today — leaked supplier info of isolated plans or drawings. We all know that Apple has several prototypes so there’s no guarantee what the final design will be when it is revealed to the public, but that doesn’t mean that this story doesn’t have merit. the aluminum back panel drawing was shown in the story. If you measure your new iPhone this winter and it it 72.497 x 149.501mm of slab sided rounded corner traditional shape with a big hole in the back for something yet unknown, then this rumor is spot on. That’s more information than anyone else here has to share about it.

  7. The whole thing is speculation, but Apple does seem pretty deaf, dumb, blind and clueless these days. I usually buy every other generation of Phone- so count me out.

    If Apple were to colossally fuck up and ship an unpopular iPhone, it might be the best thing to happen to Apple in a long time. They are essentially a One Trick Pony and largely ignore anything not connected to that damn phone. Maybe being humbled in the market place is the cure.

  8. Dumb-assed article. After reading the FUD wording and overwrought hand “wringing” I picked up my iPhone 7 in the landscape/horizontal orientation and observed that both my ring and middle fingers fall naturally onto the center rear of the phone. Remember, you can designate any finger tips as your active fingerprint sensor functional ones. Who cares if the sensor is on the front or back? BFD!!

  9. Obviously the iPhone 8 will have a look-thru viewfinder, just like every pocket camera had for decades. Apple will make billions selling flash cubes again!

    Everyone say Cheese!

  10. The dimensions in the diagram look bogus to me — 149.501 x 72.497 mm. That would mean that Apple is specifying dimensions to 0.001 mm. The tolerance on a dimension would generally be on the same order as the dimensional specification (i.e., why specify a dimension to three significant digits if you can only machine to +/- 0.01?

    Even in the high tech industries, a manufacturing tolerance of +/-0.0005″ (five ten-thousandths) for machined components is considered very fine. But 0.001 millimeter is approximately 0.000039 inch (round to 0.00004, or 4 one-hundred-thousandths of an inch for simplicity). It does not seem reasonable that Apple is specifying iPhone chassis dimensions down to four one-hundred-thousandths of an inch. Why would Apple define dimensions that are specified to a level that is 12.5 times finer than a 0.0005″ tolerance? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Go to Apple’s website and take a look at the iPhone 7 specs…

    The dimensions are specified to one-tenth of a mm (e.g., 138.3 mm x 67.1 mm x 7.1 mm.

  11. Other rumors have glass on the back like iPhone 4 to allow wireless charging. This design looks to be machined metal. I’m sure this is legitimate Apple design. It simply is, most likely, not the one that will be used. Hopefully, Apple will not play a “me too” game trying to match Samsung: it is foolish to lower the iPhone to that level of trash.

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