“It’s still about five months away from the expected launch of the 2017 iPhone,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Some of those rumors are educated guesses, others might legitimately originate in the leaky Asian supply chain. Still others are made up out of whole cloth. Some don’t even sound reasonable.”

“So there was a published report that Apple might push the Touch ID sensor to the rear on the iPhone 8,” Steinberg writes. “On the surface, it seems absurd, and it remains absurd below the surface… It makes no sense whatever for Apple to take a feature that works as well or better than comparable features on other smartphones and move it somewhere else.”

“So where do rumors of that sort originate? It doesn’t pass the logic test, but perhaps this blatant example of fake news originated with one of Apple’s rivals, or fans of a rival smartphone,” Steinberg writes. “Now I wouldn’t presume to suggest that people who favor the Galaxy S8, with its rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, are responsible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We wouldn’t put it past the slavish copier to drop disinformation about the next-gen iPhone in order to normalize their crappily-placed rear-side Touch ID wannabe.

As can be seen by any rational (read: unpaid) review of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, fingerprint readers on the rear are inferior for many reasons (basic ergonomics, smudging of camera lens, etc.) to Apple’s traditional placement on the front of the iPhone.MacDailyNews, April 13, 2017

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