Hope springs eternal for Apple to introduce all-new iPad Pros this year

“Those of us who spend their time and brain power trying to discern when Apple is going to release a new product will find satisfaction in the fact that the company really did release a new iPad in March,” Wayne Rash writes for eWeek. “The fact that Apple didn’t release a new iPad Pro is only slightly disappointing. Instead Apple introduced a replacement for the very old iPad Air 2.”

“That doesn’t mean there won’t be a new iPad Pro, however, because there certainly will be. It just didn’t come out in March,” Rash writes. “There are, however, rumors that the new Pro will come out in April. Or maybe May. Or possibly June. Or potentially September.”

“Analyst Rhoda Alexander from IHS Markit is reporting that Apple’s supply chain is gearing up for the much-anticipated 10.5-inch iPad Pro,” Rash writes. “Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities is also sticking to statements that he expects Apple to release the iPad Pro in the spring of 2017. The available evidence suggests that the next iPad Apple will introduce will be the 10.5-inch version.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait to see the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The sooner, the better!

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    1. Waiting is becoming the main game in town following Apple. What are all those employees (at least those not quitting) actually doing, I only presume they are far too busy choosing the precise hue of their desk chairs at the new campus to bother to do any real work.

  1. Apple wants to put out new stuff, but without Job’s vision, Cook plays pretend by spending all their time on the new UFO campus instead.

    Apple is drifting with Cook’s lack of direction.

    Steve, how we miss you!

    1. You have a good point. I read in a book about Apple, before SJ returned, when they built at their current site that things went to hell. The writers suggestion was divest yourself of a company moving headquarters. The employees are too concerned about where and what their new desk will be like. Also companies don’t want to invest in new or replace old equipment until they are in the new place. Even though the division could really benefit from a new machine. Then when you do move into new work spaces there is the learning curve of the new place. Also finding new people in the office next door you can hook up with because you already hooked up with everyone at the old place (joke, with a little truth). This problem will be over by the hollidays. I would like Apple to go to releasing new products once a quarter, with an event. I think that would put back a lot of excitement they have lost. With the new Steve Jobs Theatre that should not be a big problem.

    2. So very true I think he expected (as did Steve in selecting him) others to do the vision thing while he played the calm read usurping head Master role keeping everything smooth an efficiently bring them to fruition. Instead I think I’ve has gone walkabout without Jobs close attention believing his own hype and believing he has already created his notch in design world history and oesnt want to be seen risking (ironically in the circumstances) iit’s potential devaluation. I suspect he wants to leave but has been begged to stay because of the potential shattering media response to it so instead gradually fades into the background doing his own thing until he can slip silently out the back door.

      However the result of Cook and I’ve playing these repe tive roles is that it has left a vacuum that the other executives have used to no doubt bicker, disagree between themselves, lose focus and become totally unaware or unable to succeed in getting finished products out the door. Indeed it seems they can’t even agree on what directions to go in doing do. In that regard Cook is out of his depth he has little ability to de ide amongst them who is right and seems to be just hoping things will resolve themselves in some way organically. Last week proved that to have generally been a fallacy and it seems what agreement has come about, at least amongst those present at the news conference was dimply due to the dire straits the product line has reached due to such fractious indecision. We can only hope therefore that finally this shows that a sense of danger has been realised, by at least some and they will force through the change of approach and de vision making the company so desperately needs. Cooks role in his ivory tower is yet to be seen however, while I’ve is probably polishing his gold plated electric fiddle somewhere in a password protected vault who knows where in the world.

  2. For further rumor ogling, here’s one possibility of what’s on the way:

    Exclusive iPad Pro 2 and Apple Pencil 2 Visualizations Predict What Apple’s Upcoming Products Could Look Like

    Apple’s iPad Pro hasn’t been refreshed in quite some time, leaving eager buyers wondering “When can I get my hands on Apple’s next generation iPad?” Most recent reports suggest that refreshed Apple iPads won’t be released until the second half of 2017, and at that time, we might see three iPad varieties….

  3. My iPad Pro 12″ is still doing great. What a beautiful tablet – I can see that it kight be too big for some and indeed typing the software keyboard is not very convenient, but I’ve really grown on the sound and clearity and of course the big screen.

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