‘Saturday Night Live’ inks deal with Apple to create real TV commercials

“Anyone who watches Saturday Night Live on NBC knows the late-night program’s antics stop when the show goes to a commercial break,” Brian Steinberg reports for Variety. “In one of the show’s coming broadcasts, that won’t be the case.”

“Viewers who stick around during the ads either during the April 8th or the April 15th broadcast of NBC’s late-night institution will glimpse a spot for Verizon written by ‘Weekend Update’ anchor Colin Jost and featuring cast member Kenan Thompson,” Steinberg reports. “The bespoke pitch is part of an ongoing effort by NBC and Lorne Michaels’ hardworking crew of satirists to make the show more compelling to watch live, rather than catching up via clips next morning.”

“Apple has struck a deal with NBC to have Saturday Night Live create commercial content slated to appear in a few weeks’ time,” Steinberg reports. “The show’s work for the large consumer-electronics company will look different than its Verizon efforts, according to two people familiar with the situation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Appropriately, this is the week’s pre-keg-tapping article.


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  1. It pains me to say this, but something’s very wrong when a company can only make news about how the sausage is made, rather than making news with how the sausage tastes. Microsoft did this for over a decade with Ballmer at the helm. We may be at peak Apple.

    1. Microshit has never done what the Apple has done, is doing and is going to do. Never. Microfart had, has and is going to have totally different motivation with their business and that is not the same what Apple does.

    1. Meh, moderately sucks. They’ve pulled some genius sketches over the past year. You should review their crap from the ‘Saturday Night Dead’ days, aka the Kevin Nealon era. They barely survived that yawn-a-thon.

  2. GAWD, from bad to worse. I swear, the hell is in charge in Cupertino? No macs but we inked a deal to overpay for commercials to a group that claims to be comedians. Seriously, I can’t take it anymore.

  3. I can’t stand this from either end of the telescope….

    ….”brave satirists” schilling for megacorps during the show is supposed to keep the viewers glued to their screens during the commercials?

    I haven’t watched the show in many years (tho’ some of the sketches show up in various places like my Haystack feed), and their satirical commercials – making fun of the exploitative and soul-sapping nature OF commercials were some of their best bits.

    And now they’re employing the talent to DO commercials??

    And how seriously should we take any future sketch where they then take on Apple or Verizon?

  4. You don’t get this “porn actor” thing. I do. It was a “hiden” message to the porn industry how to do things using Apple products. Apple has many times told that they won’t do this nor that, but here is how to go around of this and that. App Store will not do this, so you do it this way… And so on. Sometimes it really is good to read between the lines what the Apple ls telling you and by the way it was Steve Jobs who accepted these ads. He even started one keynote (WWDC 2005?) with one of these… (Yogurt Will Farrell). I can’t remember… Apple has done so much for the adult industry. xD

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