WikiLeaks reveals CIA’s secret software tools for infecting Microsoft’s Windows

“WikiLeaks has published what it says is another batch of secret hacking manuals belonging to the US Central Intelligence Agency as part of its Vault7 series of leaks,” Dan Goodin reports for Ars Technica. “Friday’s installment includes 27 documents related to ‘Grasshopper,’ the codename for a set of software tools used to build customized malware for Windows-based computers.”

“The Grasshopper framework provides building blocks that can be combined in unique ways to suit the requirements of a given surveillance or intelligence operation,” Goodin reports. “he documents are likely to be of interest to potential CIA targets looking for signatures and other signs indicating their Windows systems were hacked. The leak will also prove useful to competing malware developers who want to learn new techniques and best practices.”

“The technical manuals provide a behind-the-scenes look that, for the first time, reveals how the CIA goes about spying on targets that use computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system,” Goodin reports. “Topics that are covered include ways to evade antivirus protection provided by Microsoft’s Windows Defender, Symantec, and Kaspersky Lab.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just when you thought Microsoft’s Windows couldn’t get any less secure.

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  1. BUT! Windoze 10 is MORE secure. Right…? Yeah mmmk PC. “Pathetically Culpable”…. Right Bill? Gmafb already. Where is the outrage against MicroSlut?

  2. There is something fundamentally wrong when organizations who are supposed to ensure our security work to breach it for their own purposes. It would seem obvious to me that once exploitable flaws are discovered, responsible parties should immediately be notified. The agencies themselves should be helping to fortify LINUX.

    Is it better to locate a suicide bomber on Facebook or prevent someone from compromising a nuclear power plant or the entire electrical grid?

    It seems like our government is always quietly in an adversarial relationship with us. Even when they are supposedly helping us, they are effectively just making us weaker and more dependent.

    1. This incident may help to put the whole “we demand a secret government back door into iOS” controversy into a more realistic perspective. If Apple had given into government pressure, the hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads would now be wide open to the criminal and evil elements of the world.

      You can diss Apple for failing to follow through on Mac development in a timely manner. But you have to sincerely appreciate the company’s defense of customer privacy. If for no other reason than that, I will remain an Apple user.

  3. Most, if not all of these, will already be patched. Just like Wikileaks “amazing” reveal of OSX exploits. Turned out to be an out-of-date damp squib.

    Wikileaks is a paid stooge of Trumputin. They could tell me the football scores and I’d still go verify elsewhere before believing them.

    Julian Assange should make him busy in a productive way. Ironic and hoovering perhaps.

    1. last month at a hackathon in vancouver macOS was totally and completely pwded through Safari.. root access..

      twice, by different groups using different vectors.

      keep living in your bubble.

      1. lol, no one (worth paying any attention to) ever claims that iOS or the macOS is totally secure. But the relative score is pretty darn favorable to Apple.

        A person has to choose a bubble. You are welcome to choose Windows and Android, if you like. My bet is that I will be much more secure on macOS and iOS.

    1. Concept! Fair’s fair. And considering that both Russia and China are Criminal Nations, there’s plenty of dirt to put on display.

      However, I do heartily condone, where safety of lives allows, the revelation of dirty doings going on inside #MyStupidGovernment. The hypocrisy is profound. The lack of respect and adherence to the US Constitution is treasonous. The killing of innocent people abroad for various purposes, both inane and well intentioned, constituted international war crimes.

      IOW: Keep it FAIR Wikileaks. Revealing the crooks of one ilk but not the other is itself a crime.

      1. Remember what happened after Japan decided out of the blue to bomb Pearl Harbor.

        Certainly an equivalent result is waiting for any scum country who decides to violate the sovereignty of other nations and launch a similar gutless and cowardly attack.

          1. What you want me to teach you a lesson in your country’s history? That’s rich.
            Besides I’m not talking about the use of chemical weapons, I’m talking about the gutless and cowardly act of attacking another sovereign nation without warning. You know like your country just did.

            Nice attempt at distraction.

            1. I brought up the example of what happened to a nation performing the gutless cowardly attack of attacking another without the civilized courtesy of warning them to let you and your fellow citizens what fate you deserve because you did the exact same thing.

              I know it’s your patriotic duty to

              1. Insult the messenger.
              2. Distract from the point.
              3. Never ever address the main issue.

              You certainly are a true patriot.

            2. I brought up an analogy to the current situation and you are lost in the analogy. For the current situation, you’ve said nothing.

              Your country did not even have the courtesy to bring it up to the UN. Your chump did not even run it through your congress. You did not even consider the option of an investigation to find out who did the gassing. Was it indeed the Syrian government, was it the rebels, or was it an accident? I guess you don’t want facts to get in the way of your barbaric actions.

              Your nation acted unilaterally as judge, jury and executioner. You are certainly not exactly a team player, you are dividing yourselves from the rest of the world and everyone know what happens with that approach, divided you fall.

              And your nation is falling nicely. It’s going to really hurt when you hit rock bottom.

              You are so far eaten up by your hateful actions that you can’t even see the irony.

              But you are predictable, so keep up with the insults, and attempts at distraction and avoid the issue as you do so predictably and so consistently.

            3. Actually, the Groper-in-Chief gave ’em plenty of warning, to the effect that nothing of any importance was destroyed, and practically no-one killed, other than a few civilians who didn’t get the word.

            4. Good point. I read today that Assad has also issued a warning that they will respond with force to any new aggression. Actually sounds like an invitation I suspect that will be taken up. After all terrorist nations deserve each other.

        1. Well, there’s plenty of contention about exactly what happened on Pearl Harbor Day. Did the US break Japanese radio code and KNOW it was going to happen? Was it a deliberate manipulation event to coerce US citizens to get into WWII? Was this WWII coercion the reason 9/11 was allowed to occur/enabled by the Neo-Conservative run GW Bush administration?

          There’s paranoia. There’s conspiracy theory. Then there’s government abuse of its citizens, for realz.

          However, secret/coward/passive-aggressive attacks are a human stalwart, sad to say. Unless we evolve into the personal responsibility demanding species I wish for, we’re going to see loathsome bottom feeder behavior onward into the future, except with bigger and larger arsenals of murder toys. (o_O)

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