U.S. private sector job creation remains strong as employers add 263,000 private-sector jobs

“Private-sector hiring this year remained strong as employers reported adding more workers to their payrolls in March than expected, according to a report released Wednesday,” Joshua Jamerson reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Private payrolls across the nation rose by 263,000 last month, said payroll processor Automatic Data Processing Inc. and forecasting firm Moody’s Analytics. This was much better than a gain of 180,000 expected by economists polled by The Wall Street Journal.

“In February, ADP’s report showed the private-sector added 298,000 jobs,” Jamerson reports. “‘The gains are broad based but most notable in the goods producing side of the economy including construction, manufacturing and mining,’ said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics.”

“Most of the job gains came from small businesses, defined by ADP as companies with 49 or fewer employees. These firms added 118,000 jobs,” Jamerson reports. “Midsize firms with 50 to 499 employees added 100,000 workers, while large businesses added 45,000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Economists again caught off guard? Big surprise.

More good news for Apple as more people with discretionary income means more sales of Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, AirPods, etc.!

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    1. Ha! Good one!

      Let’s see, what recently changed to so drastically improve the mood of the country? Hmm…

      Figures, the Dem/Lib/Progs can’t figure it out. Here’s a hint:

        1. I know. They are just easily led and will fall for anything out of the incompetent, lying, sexual predators mouth. Oh wait, that’s being second, third, etc in line in what is the tRump human centipede.

      1. These are the same numbers lower or higher that several months ago Trump and the rest of the GOP were claiming to be fixed and not to be believed. Now they’re OK.

        What thing has Trump done since being sworn in office to affect the economy?

      2. Since Trump won the election the market has added some 2500 to 3000 points. Yet holiday sales were miserable. 2017 started out as in many previous years with massive store closings. Sears announced they may go out of business. New store openings for 2017 are almost non existent. But the stock market went up 3000 points. All Trump has done is sign executive orders at night in the white house then run tho his private golf course in Fl. on the weekends.

      3. Hate to tell you nimrod, but the growth in the job market has been continuous since the bottoming out of the Bush/Cheney Republican Recession/Depression. You can look at the famous Bikini Chart.

        You see, the economy always does better under Democrats- Wall Street to Main Street. Those are the plain and simple facts.
        Republicans have also shown themselves incapable of balancing a budget, funny how deficits only matter when a Democrat is in charge.

        By the way, Sparky, how’s that repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act coming along. The Trump/Ryan fuck everybody Health Care Plan is dead on arrival and it’s version 2 seems to have taken a trip to Planned Parenthood for an abortion.

        No, I did not vote for the Republican Hillary Clinton or the National Socialist Trump. I voted for the idiot Gary Johnson.

        1. You Democrat apologists are pathetic.
          The Recession/Depression was caused by the mortgage meltdown which was caused by Democrat policies. It had nothing to do with Bush/Cheney.

            1. I grew up. Modern Conservatism is like the really cute girl you think you like until you find out she is an airhead.

              Supply Side does not work, Star Wars did not work, The Cold War was well over before Reagan took office- I served in Europe in the 1980’s and everybody but Americans knew it was over.

              Modern Conservatives cannot stay out of people’s bedrooms, doctor’s offices (abortion rights), deny peer reviewed science, do not respect civil liberties excepting gun rights and cannot balance a budget. 9-11 also happened on Bush/Cheney’s watch.

              Conservatives talk a good game, but serve their paymasters and use fear of the other like a Trump Card, if you will.

              The simple fact is that the economy and citizens do better when Democrats are in office than Republicans. I am not a registered Democrat as the modern party is far from what it should be, but the Republican Party of Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower and such is long gone. Republicans once sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment, helped pass the Voting Rights Act, helped establish Medicaid, helped pass the Clean Air and Water Acts, helped establish the EPA.

              The best thing that could happen to America would be for the Republican Party to return to it’s once far more moderate and tolerant stance. The inmates are running the asylum in the GOP.

    2. By the way, if this were Oblahblah’s second full month in office, I highly doubt you’d be thanking President Bush for it. You’d be giving Oblahblah the Nobel Prize. Oh, wait. Idiots just like you already did that. What a joke!

      (BTW: Club Gitmo is still open, Dem/Lib/Prog suckers!)

      1. When Obama came to office he inherited a stock market that was collapsing until it reached 6550 from a high of 14K. Obama inherited an unemployment rate that in Jan 2008 was 5% but 7.8% in Jan 2009 when he came in. That unemployment rate never stopped going up until it reached 10%. Thanks Bush.

        1. Thank Democrats. Their policies gave us the mortgage meltdown.
          Ask Barney Frank. He was telling us that Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac were fine all the way until they crashed. Meanwhile, he had his unqualified gay lover working there. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac were owned by Democrats. It was a piggie bank/jobs boondoggle for Dems. They got all their friends jobs there.

      2. That is your argument, Fwhatever? Now you claim to know what other people think and would do? You have certainly imbibed the Trumpade of Hubris…

        I am a realist. I would have evaluated the situation as it existed. You, on the other hand, cannot abide anything that conflicts with your chosen viewpoint. No wonder you voted Trump…you are very like him in personality.

          1. Speaking of multiple personalities, yours is utterly unique. I doubt that anyone could credibly imitate yours. As for women, that point is moot, as we apparently exhibit an unfathomable spectrum of moods, as Freud grumbled. Come to realise, Trump himself does a fair impersonation of a caricature of a petulant woman leader, something along the lines of Hamilton but with a gender-bending twist. I can visualise the marquees: Hilarity Ensues! The true story of how Trump morphed into Clinton out of political necessity and hubris! Alert the White House—act quickly to deter these activist screenwriters or face devastating ridicule and resultant political decimation.

            1. Hannah! Is that YOU?! While I disagree about half the time with your commentary, I still very much enjoy your wit and writing style.

              BTW; I don’t agree with this one.

    3. This is from Commerce Dept. figures, though likely racist, and of course somehow not the fault of Obama, even though his figure was propped up by zero interest rates.

      It is the average growth rate of every administration since World War 2, as follows:

      Johnson (1964-68), 5.3 percent
      Kennedy (1961-63), 4.3 percent
      Clinton (1993-2000), 3.9 percent
      Reagan (1981-88), 3.5 percent
      Carter (1977-80), 3.3 percent
      Eisenhower (1953-60), 3 percent
      Nixon (1969-74), 2.8 percent
      Ford (1975-76), 2.6 percent
      G.H.W. Bush (1989-92), 2.3 percent
      G.W. Bush (2001-08), 2.1 percent
      Truman (1946-52), 1.7 percent
      Obama (2009-16), 1.6 percent

      1. “Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.’ ”
        – Mark Twain’s Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review

      2. You probably could wrap yourself around the concept of (all numbers are fictitious to make a point) when you have a million and you increase it by 100,000 you have 10% increase. When you have a billion and you increase it by 90 million, you have a 9% increase. My point is that the economy was much smaller in the early 60’s, there was still the momentum from growth after WWII and so reaching a goal of 5% then is much harder than 5% now when the economy is so much greater.

      3. David, the near-zero interest rates began years before during the Bush Administration! Get real! The stimulative be fits of the low interest rates had already been depleted in the housing bubble which began a collapse of historic proportions *before* Obama took office. If you insist on twisting the facts, then you will never truly understand the world.

      4. David, this is a perfect example of Benjamin Disraeli’s statement about “lies, damn lies, and statistics”.

        The Obama period was lowered by the deepest and longest recession (near depression) since the “Great Depression”. Go back and include the first eight years of the Roosevelt administration, then do that comparison.

        Why was Truman’s so low? It was dragged down by the recession after WWII (similar but not the same). Similar circumstances to the Obama period.

        The figure was not “propped up” by zero interest rates. The fed rate was never zero — even though, because of the recession, there were months of negative inflation. Besides, economic growth is only loosely tied to interest rates, inflation is often more directly tied to interest rates. Note that the Carter era and the Reagan era had interest rates and high inflation and still had the fourth and fifth highest growth periods you list. Thus the “real” growth rate was different than what your statistics portray.

        Learn a bit about economics (you don’t need to be an expert). You might then understand why the numbers are the way they are.

        And, for those blindly in the republican camp… four of the top five growth rates you list are during Democrat presidents.

      5. By what metric do you define growth?
        GDP, or Income, or Employment or Buying Power.
        Each would yield different results.

        Some aspects of an economy are the direct result of government actions and others are partially or completely independent from it. The harsh recession of the late 70’s early 80’s was a direct consequence of the sharp increase of the price of Oil which impacts every aspect of our economy as the products of the Petrochemical industry are in just about everything you have. 1 calorie of food these days takes q0 calories of fossil fuel input, for example.

        If you offer a stat, qualify the source and the definition or it really holds no water.

        As to employment, it takes about 145,000 new jobs every month to keep unemployment numbers flat. Less new jobs on a monthly basis increase unemployment even though no jobs were lost. That number is the average number of new entrants to the job markets. As scientists say- gawd is in the details.

            1. First of all, it was consecutive months, not “quarters,” of the U.S. adding “jobs.”

              Secondly, the U.S. lost major ground on jobs under Oblahblah.

            2. “The six reports you cite since 2013 are all negative.”

              It’s not MDN’s fault the U.S. electorate elected a neo-Marxist proponent of the failed Keynesian fairytale. Sometimes, the U.S. electorate is masochistic.

              Thankfully, after eight very long years, U.S. voters finally woke up and put a capitalist back in charge. This is the reason for the renewed optimism and rapid creation of hundreds of thousands of quality jobs, not crappy burger-flipping service jobs.

              The only reason that Keynesian economics has survived for so long in western thinking is not because it works, or even makes any sense, but because it justifies what liberal politicians already want to do – spend with reckless abandon, run bigger and bigger deficits so they don’t have to explicitly pay for it with higher taxes today, and run up the national debt, which will be someone else’s problem later.Peter Ferrara , Forbes, April 14, 2013

            3. “Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.’ ”


            4. All of us naturally react strongly to distasteful ideas, regardless of their statistical clothing. Paradoxically, it is when there is no clothing at all, that we begin to suspect that we might have been taken in. Statistical facts are precious shreds of truth that can oppose brazen claims of virtue for oneself and of calumny for one’s enemies. — Santayana

            5. Chaps your hide that you have to back lying sexual predators because you don’t want to admit that the last President, Obama, was a great President.

              You are pathetic. You actually worship a sexual predator.

  1. I’d like to point out that these are not the official numbers, nor are they calculated the same way. The official job numbers are calculated from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the month, as the 15th has not happened yet it cannot be stated what the job growth is. I would also like to point out that this survey over estimates almost every month, and does not take into account the churn of certain industries as it was done in between payroll cycles.

    1. Blame your predecessor for everything? A good strategy when you grew up coddled, and aren’t used to owning up to your shortcomings, and don’t know what else to say because you don’t understand the situation, and don’t even care, and take criticism like a spoilt little girl with a broken bowl of porridge at her feet.

          1. Weak. You reference the pedophile party. Some nebulous entity scheming to molest children. Please, grow up. At least I have a concrete example (tRump) as the sexual predator you worship. An actual person. An admitted sexual predator.

            1. are you referring to the current PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

              ….meanwhile, Raychiss’s supergal wanders the dank, cold forests of Chappaqua, dragging her quart of Chivas Regal behind her, mumbling to her only friends: the squirrels.

              “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead, you might ask..” …then she vomits..


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