President Trump’s new iPhone marks official end of his Apple boycott

“Even before he won the presidency, Donald Trump fired off tweets at companies, reporters, lawmakers and critics of all stripes from an Android phone that many experts have come to fear is a major security risk,” Tony Romm reports for Recode. “But it appears Trump has switched (at least for now) to a new iPhone — a device he previously threatened to boycott in the months before Election Day.”

“From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, reporters have kept a close eye on the tweets coming from the @realDonaldTrump account, and not just for their news value: The belief was that tweets coming from Trump’s Android device reflect that they had been written by him, as opposed to his White House aides,” Romm reports. “In recent days, though, Trump’s tweets have primarily come from an iPhone. And that’s because, in the words of Dan Scavino, the president’s director of social media, the president has a new smartphone.”

“Contrast that with Trump’s harsh criticism of Apple in 2016 as the company battled the FBI, which tried to compel the iPhone maker to break its own security features,” Romm reports.

“Early on, Trump and Apple had something of a rocky relationship,” Romm reports. “But the two sides have tried to mend their relationship in recent months. Cook has connected with the Trump administration and its top aides, including Jared Kushner, at a dinner in Washington in January 2017. And he joined the president before his inauguration for the so-called “tech summit” at Trump Tower.”

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      1. Smarter than sending random payments totalling $33.6 billion in cash and gold on pallets to Iran in exchange for pretty much nothing. Oblahblah, the negotiator. What a joke. What a total waste of eight years!

        1. Nowhere near the shrub. I still have to laugh about the time that you pointed out that the failure to close Guantanamo Bay was a huge failure of the bareback obummer, and totally mum on the fact that it was the shrub that opened it. It was almost as much fun as your pitiful attempts to say that your nation did discover a WMD program in Iraq, when in reality they were old buried abandoned weapons from a previous program, weapons that were designed by your nation. What a joke you are.

          Libtards or repukkhans, you both are such sore losers and poor winners.

          It’s not wonder that you are no longer part of the free and civilized world.

            1. Hold on, of course treason is reasonable, I mean your nation rationalize circumventing the Geneva convention, you’ve flushed the respect for the sovereignty of others down the toilet, it’s a no brainer that your nation’s actions show total disdain to the Universal Human Rights Declaration and the list goes on.

              It’s right in your language, take this comment from TxUser, which made me smile. “While I am concerned with the animals, I am rather more concerned with human beings in Africa.”
              So what’s this, human beings in Africa AREN’T animals? That is pretty well what the sentence applies. Listening to members of your nation talk there would be 4 types of life in ranking order of importance.

              1. Plants and animals, microbes, the bottom of the barrel.
              2. Human beings in whatever country.
              3. God
              4. People from your nation oh, who are so above everything else.

              You got there by betrayal and treason, oh not to your so precious nation, yes your precious, you would not dare betray your precious, but rather betrayal to others. It’s excusable, and hey, even forgivable, even though you are fully aware of what you are doing.

            2. This Canuck fuck just doesn’t give up, living in his world of peace and tranquility drenched in maple syrup. Sunshine, lollipops and awesome Muslim immigrants, what more could one ask for?

        2. You’re conflating the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015 which implemented the Joint Comprehensive Plan for nuclear disarmament, which was approved by Congress, with illegal secret money laundering and weapons trafficking explicitly against US law that Reagan approved in order to start and sustain a war in the Middle East?

          Since you missed the memo, the deal was that in return for Iran turning over all its nuclear weapons, it would receive a partial refund on the sanctions that have been in place for decades. President Obama honored the peace treaty that Congress approved.

          You are a piece of work, First Whatever.

        3. Total bull**** now we’ve got a megalomaniac in office that just wants to rape and pollute our land take our healthcare from old n sick build a useless wall…and bring in $ any way he can including Treason. Doesn’t care about woman’s rights. Won’t show his taxes. Takes credit for all these deals that have been in the works since the Obama administration. supposed to put his holdings and businesses in a Blind trust instead uses a Revokeable trust and is still involvolved in his businesses Making decisions as president to profit him in his businesses now and in the future. And spends 3 million a weekend to golf. He’s saving us ZERO! And doing nothing good or healthy for any of the lower to middle class. He’s pretty much a big Oompa Loompa that’s stirring poison into our lives!

        1. The cold war ended thanks to Gorbachev being smart enough to know he couldn’t outspend the USA. Reagan spent like a drunk sailor. But since the day the wall came down (with George H.W. Bush as sitting president), look what the USA has done: more war debts when we didn’t even pay down the Reagan buildup.

          Thanks to GWB’s dramatic increase in military spending and enormous increase in government payroll (wars are expensive and he started two long ones), now the accumulated debt is massive. I still don’t hear anyone from either corrupt party putting forth a realistic plan to reduce the debt or even balance the budget, as Clinton did.

    1. Wait—you’re implying that Trump lied, and played golf anyway, despite his promise that he wouldn’t neglect policy meetings the way losers like Obama and Eisenhower did? Not that big of a deal. My question is: did he need 38 strokes on the back nine but recorded 27? That would be a big deal. Note to caddies: you could make some serious jack if you have Donald’s score cards.

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