Why Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ totally misses the point of original programming

“Last week, Apple released a trailer for its first original show, the pun-tastic Planet of the Apps, debuting on Apple Music,” Macworld writes.

“And in this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, Oscar [Raymundo] gets a strong reaction to Planet of the Apps being called ‘original’ programming,” Macworld writes. “Based on the trailer, the reality show looks more like an infomercial wrapped in a giant dad-joke. Watch the video above to see why.”

Planet of the Apps follows a very specific TV formula by having iOS developers pitch their app idea to celebrity judges,” Macworld writes. “It’s basically Shark Tank meets The Voice.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last week:

“Shark Tank” meets “The Voice” with Apps – and Macs, iPhones, and iPads! It’s “Project Geeklight” for Apple Music’s Apple nerds!

Uh, yeah.

Listen, it’s early here, so right now there’s a whole lotta meh going on. Let us get a coffee first. In the meantime, what do you think?

[In an interview, Eddy Cue called the show “unique.”]


Samsung couldn’t have done a better job of ripping off “Shark Tank” and “The Voice.”

We’ll have whatever Eddy’s having*!

*A 55-gallon drum of Pure Blind Luck, 190-proof.

Using “Planet of the Apps” to sell music subscriptions is like trying to entice fish with an anvil. Beyond one musician mentor and the possibility of the odd music app, what part of Planet of the Apps has anything whatsoever to do with music?

By now, we’ve each had a couple coffees and we still don’t see how a screamingly derivative melange of “Shark Tank” and “The Voice” based on financing app development sells Apple Music subscriptions.

As well as “Carpool Karaoke” fits Apple Music, “Planet of the Apps” does not.

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  1. Maybe it’s of interest to, you know, current and potential app developers? The people who actually drive the growth of Apple’s services revenue?
    Not everything has to please the masses or the critics.
    Nothing wrong with Apple catering to the geeks with this and to the general public with Carpool Karaoke.

  2. Planet of the Apps only? Lol

    Yup “karaoke’ is An absolute genius.

    Welcome to Apples groundbreaking content creation efforts.

    Epitom of bullshit and corniness…. And embarrassment ! ( right along Siri and AI……..Contextual understsnding of words, grammer and sentanses and spell check…. itunes… iCloud…macs…..displays …..pros…… etc etc…)

    But hey I do believe the new iphone will be great… lol

  3. Apple believes spending millions on this is better than catering to the Pro Mac market, who keep clamouring (like me) that we WANT TO BUY expensive powerful machines with up to date GPUs etc? Also Mac Mini fans who want an up to date non neutered Mini for server, hobby etc use not to mention WINDOWS SWITCHERS who want to keep their monitors ?

    even in 2014 Cult of Mac was saying:
    “There could be up to 2 million active Hackintosh enthusiasts, according to John, owner of OSX86.net, one of the most popular Hackintosh forums”.

    Hackintosh machines are relatively hard to build for non techies yet so many out there, so the actual market for desktop type Macs must be MUCH larger. (Pro shops tend to avoid Hackintosh as many afraid Apple might stop OS updates or brick them)

    Mac R&D costs must be minimal for Apple yet they don’t bother, the Mac Pro is 4 years old with no drop in price, bizarre .BTW Macs again made more money than iPads last quarter and heck a lot more than 20 million Apple Music subscriptions.

    Apple is turning into a company where SVPs work on their ‘HOBBIES’: Christmas trees, coffee table books, fashion shows like the Apple sponsored Met Gala and this Planet of the Apps….

  4. The fact that they actually BELIEVE that this will be a hit shows that Apple has no business making original programming and should never spend billions buying Netflix, Disney etc (Apple SVPs like Eddy Cue will run them into the ground approving shows that will have zero chance of success ).

    note the other big Apple original series is one described as ‘romp of Dr. Dre’s life’ .

    1. They’re going for easy wins. Just because we don’t like this stuff doesn’t mean the rest of the market won’t eat it up. Any show with Gwyneth Paltrow and Will.i.am is going to draw an audience. (Sadly) these days you could have just these two shows and a bit of filler, and you could call that a cable network.

      Having said that, if Apple decides to seriously pursue this original content strategy they’ll have to get more daring.

  5. Apple never would have gotten away with Game of Thrones, had they been the ones to produce it.

    It depicts gratuitous violence, rape, nudity, murder, slavery, and other assorted violations of the stern moral code that emerges from the woodwork whenever Apple is mentioned. (Although the dragons eviscerating the hostages is a sublime lesson equivalent to the Grimm’s fairy tales that terrified me as a little girl.)

    The Dr Dre project has already been condemned in advance by the moral police, though, so I guess my qualms are moot. I wonder – maybe there are two versions of political correctness – one is remote, a medieval fantasy, mere escapism and thus acceptable; the other contemporary, too close for comfort, black men threatening a present-day established order.

    1. Wow, this is way off base. There’s no moral police force out there telling Apple what to do, and if there were, Apple would ignore it.

      You must be new to the Apple world. You might ask those in the know: those of us who remember Apple’s inept and clownish censorship of four-letter words in conversations on eWorld, or those of us app developers who had reference apps rejected because they mentioned medical conditions of body parts.

      I don’t know who you think the political correctness posse is, but it’s not users, or developers, or musicians, or consumers, or heaven forfend, Liberals. It’s Apple management and it always has been. Apple is its own Disneyland.

      1. Of course Apple is the censor. However they are mindlessly spurred to reject apps on the flimsiest pretext, as you note. They fear offending users. Why else fiddle with emoji, as though they were politically volatile? Thus the external moral police have them on a leash. The irony is in their internally developing a gangsta rap project which sounds like an orgy of violence and self-indulgence. I predict there will be a reckoning, and the Dr Dre biopic will be shelved, and he will shop it to other studios, and Apple will continue to play Snow White.

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