The essential AirPod user guide for iPhones, Macs – and Android

“Available now after a few weeks delay, Apple’s AirPods are wireless earbuds that can do so much more than any other wireless headphone system,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “You can use them to listen to audio, ask Siri questions, get directions and more, and when you pair them to your iPhone you’ll also be able to use them with any other supported Apple product.”

” They use the company’s proprietary W1 chip, and accelerometers and infrared sensors to detect when they are in your ear,” Evans writes. “They will automatically play audio as soon as you put them in your ears. They also host a microphone for calls that also lets you ask Siri questions with a double-tap.”

“The Charging Case is also a spare battery for your AirPods. Slide them into the case to charge them up, and connect the case using a Lightning cable and USB charger. AirPods get up to five hours audio playback or two hours of talk time on one charge,” Evans writes. “Apple says: ‘If you charge your AirPods for 15 minutes in your case, you get up to 3 hours of listening time or over an hour of talk time.'”

“You can use AirPods with an Android smartphone, but only as a set of wireless headphones — the most sophisticated features won’t work without Apple’s advanced smartphone OS,” Evans writes. “You can also use them with any device that supports Bluetooth audio.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can count the number of fragmandroid settlers who will spend $159 for earphones from any company, much less Apple, on one hand with fingers left to spare.

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  1. Ordered my AirPods during the first hour of availability, was given a delivery date of the 21st, but they arrived yesterday. Woo hoo!

    But they’re Christmas gift to Mrs. Ziffel, so they’re still in the box.

  2. The outrageous cost is battery replacement. They made the batteries pretty much impossible to replace, making the headphones disposable. Buying a new pair of $29 earPods every year or two is fine. But buying a new pair of airPods every year or two for $160… not fine.

    1. Do you know how long the batteries will last? Could be three years depending on usage. At least Apple are providing the option.
      I have owned plenty of bluetooth earphones in the last 5 years. Most have died very quickly with varying levels of battery life, sound quality, connectivity. The best to date are the Jaybirds X2, in which the battery last a long time and have zero issues with connectivity. The sound quality is okay since the fit inside the ear is not as good as I would like.
      Once the supply issues with the airpods die down I will likely buy a pair. The idea of being able to quickly charge the device or keep them charged in a holder with battery backup is appealing. Also getting better sound would be nice.

      1. The AirPods are well worth it for the price. I’ll be disappointed if they die in less than two years, but I also understand this is a first gen, cutting edge product. You literally can’t buy anything comparable to the AirPods. This is a different league than Bragi, Jabra, Earin, etc. (at a lower price!). Sound quality is better than earpods by the way, fuller and deeper bass.

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