Apple’s next-gen flagship OLED iPhone is codenamed ‘Ferrari’

“A Weibo user with a history of leaking accurate Apple info has posted today to his Chinese social media account supposed documents showing the internal codename of the next year’s top-of-the-line OLED iPhone (probably called iPhone 8), and the two LCD iPhones too,” Ben Sin reports for Forbes.

“According to the documents — which is in line with most of the existing iPhone 8 rumors — Apple will release three models of iPhones next year, codenamed D20, D21 and D22 (for reference: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were given internal codenames D10 and D20 early in its production cycles),” Sin reports. “The document also suggests that Apple has given the high-end model the name ‘Ferrari.'”

“In line with the recent report by the Korean Herald and John Kang of Forbes the ‘Ferrari’ OLED iPhone is going use curved OLED panels supplied by Samsung (though from my visit to LG’s headquarters recently, it seems like Apple has been in talks with LG too) line of phones with a curved display,” Sin reports. “The phone will also certainly be smaller and sleeker than the iPhone 7 Plus, because the new iPhone will use a two-part motherboard that allows for ‘more compact build,’ according to the leaked documents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And priced like one, too. So, codenamed by Eddy Cue?

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  1. Personally I am sick of hearing about future iPhones when it’s future Macs that are begging the question and starved for oxygen & attention.

    And I don’t believe the future of computers is strictly in mobile form. They didn’t run the Starship Enterprise off their pocket communicators nor does the Death Star run off a smart watch. Console and desktop computers will be with us for some time to to come. In fact no doubt beyond all people living today’s lifetime.

    1. Come on everyone. Current Macs are excellent in every way. What, are you mining bitcoin or something? Plotting a course to Mars? Sheesh. You know you’re just surfing the internet and doing a bit of word processing on the side.

      1. I have to agree. I went from a G4 Quad to a G5 Dual, and my current 2012 i5 CoreDuo iMac bests both those with only basic ram. I use it for a home recording studio and have never run out of CPU headroom (recording 8 live tracks plus basic effects), thanks to much better throughput and Logic/Gband’s ability to freeze tracks during playback or mixdown. The previous Mac Pro’s could not do that. I do feel the day of the “Pro” Mac is over, but mostly due to the elevated ability of the average Mac. Those who desire a specialized floating-point crunching machine likely want to build it themselves, want it “cheap”, and that was never Apple’s focus.

        1. its not a question of cheap..
          its a question of abandoning power useres..PROs

          heavy 3d work and rendering… heavy FX and editing… VR…. …. should i go buy a PC ?

          believe it or not the thought is much more real for me and many others than it has been in the kast 15 years.

    2. “Starship Enterprise off their pocket communicators nor does the Death Star run off a smart watch”
      You… you DO realize that they didn’t run the Enterprise of pocket communicators and didn’t run the Death Star off a watch because THOSE THINGS NEVER EXISTED!! 🙂

      Now, let’s talk about ships that have actually, you know, been considered spaceworthy. Almost all of them would have considered today’s iPhone a vast upgrade.

      1. I agree…it’s pretty bad when someone has to make their case using FICTIONAL space ships, instead of reality.

        Mobile is clearly the present and future of computing technology…there are far more smartphones and tablets in use than desktop/laptop computers and that advantage is only growing. More and more people come to meet their computing needs on mobile devices, even users in many professional capacities.

        As others have noted, the current Mac lineup is great, offers a lot, and will only get better as well. As usual the whiners and complainers are wrong, like they always are, always will be. History does not reward whiners and complainers.

  2. I smell fear. Apple realizes that the its consumer base is now aware of Apple’s failings and failures, and Apple is desperate to preserve its public persona. Fuck you, Apple. You haven’t been responsible and you have been negligent. Tim Cook is leading you to commercial irrelevance and you are merely reacting to consumer anger and frustration. Had you added responsibly and quickly this institutional angst would have been averted. However, Apple, you have chosen to neglect your principles and ethos. It is too late to placate us with your sad and pathetic excuses. Without radical change you are powerless, insignificant, and irrelevant.

    1. Screw all of you anonymous, know-it-all pricks on this forum who think that you know better. I am sick and tired of your carping and whining and ultimatums. I’m guessing that very few of you complainers were Mac fans during the dark ages, much less Apple users prior to the release of the Mac. Things are not nearly so bad as you doom and gloom complainers are attempting to make things appear. You act like the end of the world has occurred because you don’t have the latest Intel CPU or 32+ GB of RAM on a laptop. People used to get work done with pencil and paper. I programmed computers that had 4K, 8K, and (eventually) 16K of RAM — only a tiny fraction (1/1,000,000) of the RAM available on the new MBPs.

      Get some perspective people. You are making me wish that most of you had never heard of a Mac so that you would not be present on this forum incessantly griping about the terrible state of Apple. Things could be better, but they really are not that bad at all.

      1. I sympathise. For me, almost every day is a bad hair day; I hate myself and am tempted to wear a scarf or a hoodie when venturing out into the public. If I dare postpone a pedicure, my stockings are ruined. If my cat acquires fleas, I must put her out and do an extra carpet cleaning. My car requires expensive maintenance; I have learnt to shun the dealer and overpay an independent mechanic instead. The laundry has recently become contaminated with a mysterious stain. My sister hasn’t said a word to me in two months. My bipolar niece is off her meds and on a mad email rampage. — Nonetheless, I am certain that my life is less fraught than that of a single woman in Aleppo right now, and that I should thank God for limiting my misery to first-world problems. — But then I consider the dismal state of the Mac, and the appalling leadership of Tim Cook, frowning upon his abandonment of the Ark of Civilisation with its Architects of Innovation who now founder in the shallows of criminal indifference, and I feel distraught all over again. Pass the hemlock, if you please.

  3. While it’s a encouraging sign the rumors I’m hearing around the OLED iphone 8, I’m concerned since Apple is making 3 models that the 4.7 & 5.5 LCD models will just be upgraded iphone 6’s, that are now iphone 7’s and will become iphone 7s’s. Will the LCD models be bezel free? Will they have curved screens? Will they have a embedded Touch Id? Seems unlikely, so if I truly want a new redesigned iphone I’m going to have to pay through the nose to get it? I’m a 5s and was going to get the 7 but the wife said not now, but next year will be 4yrs for me and I will for sure upgrade and I don’t want a iphone 7s that’s not too different from a iphone 6. Maybe I’m just overreacting.

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