Apple extends USB-C accessories discount deal into March

“Apple at this time is extending its discount period on USB-C accessories for the MacBook Pro into March,” Jonny Evans reports for Apple Must. “This means handy devices such as USB-C hubs, card readers — or even the fantastic LG 5K display (that I want so much) are all available at the reduced price.”

Evans reports, “Apple reduced prices on USB-C accessories in November in response to complaints that Mac users would have to replace their existing peripherals in order to use them with the new MacBook Pro range.”

“These are steep discounts, too: for example, SanDisk’s Extreme Pro SD card reader drops from $49 to $29 and the price cut on the LG display mentioned above should save you hundreds of dollars,” Evans reports. “I do think Apple’s decision to cut costs in this way reflects the high importance USB-C will have in the future of its platforms, so (at the very least) most Mac users may want to get themselves a decent hub.”

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MacDailyNews Take: FYI, that mighty tempting LG UltraFine 5K Display now has a shipping date of 2-4 weeks. We do wish it came with an Apple logo (and design), but at least Apple still includes stickers with certain products.

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  1. I wonder how the numbers work out…?

    Comparing the dollar cost (for Apple) of:
    1. Putting at least a single USB type A port on the MacBook Pro
    2. Providing month’s of discounts on USB-C devices and dongles.

    Comparing the social cost (for Apple) of:
    1. Bad press for making 99+% of all USB devices (including Apple devices) incompatible with the new MBP without adaptors or new cables.
    2. Good press for embracing the future and going with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 performance.
    3. Removing MagSafe, SD Card reader, etc.

          1. Maybe it is… but there isn’t anything that says their couldn’t be four type C and one legacy A port on a MBP. Or any other number of ports. Apple chose four USB-C ports and “chrisk1961” assumed that to get a legacy USB type A port, it would mean the loss of a new port. I simply pointed out that it didn’t have to be the case.

            I like the new MBP, but wish that for one generation it offered compatibility with the 99+% of all existing USB devices out there. That’s all. Have the next model go all in on USB-C. A transition period.

  2. Apple’s gotta sell those adapters and devices because few people are buying them because few people are purchasing the new MacBook. Apple needs every incentive to lure people to make the big purchase. However, people are learning it is best not to be an Apple Guinea pig with first releases. It’s called prudence.

  3. When one plugs in their new MPB using the power block with its USB-C, the USB-C male cable does not come flush with the surface of the laptop by about 0.3–0.5 mm.

    Seems a far cry from the attention to detail of something like Mag Safe.

  4. Dude at work just bought this new laptop. Tried to connect his brand new iphone 7 and was wondering why he couldn’t. Then went to buy a thunderbolt to lighting cable and had a heart attack when he learned the price of that cable. LOL.

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