Pro enough: The new MacBook Pros embody the Apple way

“What fury hath Apple wrought with the new MacBook Pro? Its latest notebooks feature a thinner, lighter faster version of a flagship that out-Airs the MacBook Air — one with an updated display, the latest port technology, and a trackpad large enough to be used as a skating rink,” Ross Rubin writes for ZDNet. “Furthermore, its higher-end models offer the Touch Bar, perhaps the most intriguing notebook user interface device since the trackpad’s debut.”

Rubin writes, “And yet, the new MacBook Pros couldn’t draw more consternation if each came preloaded with a certain real estate magnate’s tax returns and a former Secretary of State’s deleted e-mails.”

“The company has drawn more ire for not allowing an upgrade to 32 GB of RAM. While Apple may well offer high-memory configurations in the future, it must be convinced that there’s enough market demand for such a product given the MacBook Pro’s already high prices,” Rubin writes. “That Apple continues to avoid putting a touchscreen on the Mac should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed both its reaction — and the market’s reaction — to touch-enabled laptops.”

The all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar, but ditches the classic Mac startup chime
The all-new MacBook Pro introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar, but ditches the classic Mac startup chime

“When you buy a Mac, you are not just buying a productivity tool. You are buying a product that exists as an expression of Apple,” Rubin writes. “In many cases, those protesting some Apple shift such as removing legacy ports are not avoiding the acceptance of Apple’s Mac decisions, just delaying it. Even if, as relatively few do, they abandon the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last Friday:

We’ve seen these type of reaction to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar more times than we can count. It’s called “change” and, by the way: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

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  1. The only thing that’s troublesome with the new Mac is the price, but then, I guess you could say that this is ‘classic’ Apple as well. The base Touch Bar model should really have started at around $1400-$1500, not $1800. That’s a lot of money for a 13″ computer with only 256GB of on-board storage.

    If this base Touch Bar model had come in at $1400 Apple would have had a runaway bestseller on its hands, right now I think most of the grumbling is based on the high price tag. Perhaps Apple knew this and has priced it high enough to keep the demand at reasonable levels based on its supply chain and the ability to build them. It’s certainly not based on potential market, which could have been much higher.

    1. Yes, the price is a bit high, but it fits with Apple’s old sense of pricing during the Sculley days. (It also fits with my new found assessment that Cook is today’s Sculley.)

      I don’t even mind the switch to all USB-C connectors.

      My problems with the new MacBooks Pro machines is that they are barely “Pro” machines.
      RAM cap too low (don’t even try to give me that crap about loading lots of “Pro” apps in a non real world usage of each app)
      Skylake processor when Kaby Lake will be out in another couple months
      Discrete graphics chip that is not even state of the art today (some might say it is for AMD, but Nvidia’s most recent mobile chips run circles around AMDs current offering)
      Apple unique connector for the SSD. Want to change it out for a bigger/faster SSD in a year or so? You likely won’t be able to do so unless someone (OWC?) reverse engineers it.

      1. Kaby Lake laptops are out NOW.
        And they are already in stock at my area Micro Center.
        Acer Aspire E5-575-5493
        Dell Inspiron 15 5000
        HP Pavilion 15-au158nr

        They start at $349.99 equipped with DDR4.
        Fire Tim Cook!

      2. Come on, SS! Some of your post makes sense and other parts are ridiculous!

        The biggest joke is your complaint that Apple used the Intel Skylake processor on a currently shipping product rather than a CPU that is not currently available?

        Your SSD connector comment is a bit of a laugher, too. Before Apple, SSDs were memory chips packaged in a 2.5″ HDD form factor. Apple broke new ground, enabling the MBA and a slew of “Ultrabook” copycats. And Apple has pushed SSD performance much higher in the past few years. The M.2 SSD form factor will quickly become the de facto standard.

        The AMD (ATI) graphics…those you can gripe about. But Apple has had problems with both AMD (ATI) and Nvidia over the years. Remember the faulty Nvidia GPUs back in the late 2000s? There are many factors that Apple must consider when choosing its components and component suppliers.

        RAM…I don’t want to hear anymore about it. If 16GB is not enough, then wait for a new Mac desktop machine or wait longer for a Kaby Lake MBP update that might open the door to 32GB. You can buy a portable Windows computer with 32GB, if you want, but the ones that I have seen only qualify as a “laptop” in comparison to the IBM PC jr.

        1. Update: According to Barry, Kaby Lake-based Wintel machines are available now. Of course, that does not mean that they were available early enough in the MBP design cycle to incorporate them in the recently released machines. And it is certainly possible that Apple was not sufficiently confident that Kaby Lake processors would be shipping in sufficient volume to support the November MBP release.

          Hopefully, we will see a Kaby Lake MBP refresh sooner rather than later. Maybe that will satisfy some people.

  2. Apple is playing the dumb card with upgrades. For years professionals have been telling what they need in an Mac. Yet they still have a deaf ear when it comes to releasing new laptops worth buying. If Apple wants to release laptops with 1 port let it be the air. The MBP should be able to support lots of accessories. What idiot at Apple came up with the 1 port idea or 16 GB of ram max, another blunder. Why can’t they release another 17″ MBP. As for the rest of their products, they too need upgrading, big time. This is not the Apple that Steve Jobs knew. Maybe Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave, ‘oh what a mess, admit’.

    1. Actually, Steve Jobs was the man that coined the phrase “PostPC”. So, the focus on iOS devices seems to be exactly what would have aligned with that vision.

      By next year this time they will have sold millions, folks will be generally happy with the service and support, and others will either be patiently waiting OR will have moved on to other products. It’s just how it is.

      1. in 1996 Jobs said this:

        ““If I were running Apple, I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth — and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago”

        But we FORGET that at that time Mac was being run into the ground by incompetents at Apple.


        he went Gangbusters on iMac when several iterations in a few years.

        Got his team From to do the fantastically difficult transition of MacOS to OSX and PowerPC to Intel.

        It’s hard to get how difficult all that was but Jobs did it as JOBS LOVED THE MAC .

        NOTE AT THAT TIME IPOD WAS MAKING TONS OF MONEY and ROCKETING UPWARD and analysts were saying that Apple should become an ‘audio company’.

        Jobs also MARKETED MACS like Crazy, every time he got he ran shootouts against Windows machines (that’s when high end Macs were FASTER than Windows Machines. During Jobs tenure I remember reading in PC World (or something ) that the FASTEST WINDOWS laptop was the Macbook ! ),

        Jobs also RAN A HUGE NUMBER OF MAC ADS.
        He had ONE NEW AD A MONTH ! (66 DIFFERENT Mac PC guy ads in 4 years. This ad campaigns dwindled when Cook became CEO and dropped to near nothing today)

        Also if Apple’s current Mac strategy of slow updates, removing features, making stuff non upgradable like GPUs in the Mac Pro is WORKING then why has the Mac which beat PC sales growth for years has been lagging PC sales now for several quarters?

        (Wrong Again saying the new Macbook Pro will ‘sell millions’ does NOT Mean that if they had built a DIFFERENT MAC PRO with more Pro features it would not have Sold MORE millions… )

        Also Microsoft has shipped 350 million copies of Win 10 and is aiming for 1 billion in a few years. Mac has 10% marketshare — the idea that there is NO MARKET is an illusion fostered by apologists.

        even with slow upgrades, no marketing (where’s the last iMac ad anyone saw?) Macs still make billions.

        MACS MAKE MORE MONEY THAN IPADS (in spite of the said slow upgrades or no upgrades and no marketing. Plenty of iPad ads.. ) another fact Mac haters ignore.
        they also make a heck a lot more than iPods, Apple Watch, Beats and Apple Music.

        HERE’S My favorite Pix from end of 2015:

        Jony Ives studio with Cheese Graters under the tables (cheese graters because maybe they can’t put proper 3D cards into the non upgradable trashcan). Why aren’t they ALL USING WONDERFUL IOS DEVICES but instead using the ‘lets leave this behind and move to the next thing ‘ Cheese grater ?

        and Apple’s NEW India Research centre filled with Macs:

        I have to ask

        1. Still, Steve Jobs… THE Steve Jobs, said PostPC. It’s not even hard to fathom what he meant because he described it.

          Moving away from the PC form factor was where he was headed. The only difference is that your ire can’t be focused on him now that he’s dead.

          It WOULD be focused on him if he were alive, though, because this transition would likely be MUCH faster under him.

          1. what you are saying is GUESSWORK

            look at my post, you’re not getting my argument
            in 1996 he said “PC wars are done.. ”
            BUT THEN he did all the things I said : iMac, transition to OSX and Intel, all the Mac marketing etc. (so obviously he CHANGED HIS MIND: he WENT TO WAR).

            Jobs always SWITCHED when it suited him (even Tim Cook said Jobs could ‘turn on a dime’ ) . He was flexible , he changed his mind about a whole host of stuff (even the structure of the Apple Stores, putting back CDR drives which he took out too early etc… )

            who is to say that if he saw the position of iPAD now, stalled with Mac revenues higher with Msft with resurgent Win 10, 350 million copies shipped with 1 billion target he would not have gone gangbusters on Mac or perhaps made iOS more ‘professional’ with way more power (i.e you can actually do advance design etc on them instead of Ive’s designers left to use Cheese Graters — last models from 2010 i.e at least 6 year old machines ).

            You have a ‘GUESS’ and assume it’s correct vs my example from his 1996 statement and then his subsequent ACTION which is ‘changed mind’ which is reality.

            I have Mac Pros, a Mac Book Pro and 12.9 iPad Pro.

        1. Anyplace you get work done is a workstation. My thinking is that if your vision of a workstation is keyboard, mouse, large screen and perhaps large enclosure, workstations of that type will LIKELY be made for some time, just not by Apple.

  3. I won’t be buying one. I bought iPad Pro stupidly falling for the line that it could replace my MacBook Air. iOS is a hobbled OS on iPad Pro. Try moving a file on iCloud Drive. Photoshop on iOS most certainly cannot do 90% of what it can do on MacOS. Now to get a new “Pro” machine, I have to buy another $150-$200 worth of dongles? I was the biggest Apple fanboy for years. Now, I’ll spend my money on something else. Apple is clearly giving its pro users the middle finger.

    1. Did you REALLY buy an iPad Pro thinking it could replace Photoshop on the desktop? I never got that from any of their demos, just wondering what/where you saw that made you think that.

      1. Phil Schiller said it on stage.
        I would probably be happy with 75% but it can’t even do that. And forget about doing anything with Illustrator. Simply put, iPad Pro isn’t Pro. It’s “Pro Enough”. I wanted this to work more than anyone. The idea of not having to carry a MacBook and iPad was thrilling. I travel extensively and every ounce of weight and blue counts. I hate Windows with an undying passion and that’s the only thing preventing me from ditching this and getting a Surface Pro. If Apple is blind to the fact that some of its most loyal customers are ripe for disruption, then they’ve already lost. Too bad. It was a great run while it lasted.

    2. apple needs to put out an IOS Pro….with full user managable file system and allow for full fleged apps to run on it… all for a charge for those who want a more robust os..
      those who dont want it will stay with tye free version as it is now..
      those who need it, im sure, will gladly pay to get IOS Pro…… win for All
      Apple listening? been telling you all for a loooong time

      as for limiting ram to 16 on macbook pro ….. bewildering .
      too many idiosyncratic descisions at Apple ….
      Dogma is not cool anymore Apple. ….. if it ever was ….

  4. @MDN: “It’s called “change” and, by the way: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

    —> okay, so where’s the productivity studies which actually prove that it enhances workflows (and thus, has a meaningful ROI for any Pro)?

    Oh, there are none? Okay, I’ll take a look back in 6-60 months when you actually have some data to substantiate the blind fanboysim.

  5. When a more powerful graphic card finish the job in a third of the time, that is poetry to me, a philosophy I cheer. When I need more cheap and mundane memory but its cut in half, poetry kills. So what is poetry or philosophy to you is not poetry or philosophy to me.

  6. Ok. So these new laptops are so much better than my 2008 MacBook? I have a built in superdrive I still use to copy my CD’s and DVD’s to my iPhone. User servicable memory, which I’ve upgraded from 2GB to 8 GB. A user servicable hard drive which I’ve replaced 4 times. A user replaceable battery, which I’ve replaced twice. Two USB 2 ports. A magsafe charge port. Mic in and headphone jack with optical digital output. An RJ45 port I need time to time when wifi is bad (hotels). And finally a mini display port. It is the only port I need to have a “dongle” for. Why do I want to get rid of all theses? For the sake of “progress”? How is this laptop more convenient for me? I’d have to buy 7 dongles to replace what I have. And then buy a new laptop after a couple of years when the battery dies or the 256GB hard drive fill up.

  7. Alright Apple… if you insist on not releasing a touch screen MBP I’m fine with that. I can understand the argument I suppose but why don’t you incorporate the iPad Pro to the mix of pro devices that would just work seamlessly together. I’m a professional and own both IPad Pro and MBP. Can you make them work nicely together. One as a second touch screen that I could use as I use my Wacom tablet. I mostly use the iPad Pro as a Netflix viewer right now. Kind of a waste IMO. It’s a great device with an amazing pen that is perfect for drawing , photo retouching, etc… but it does not have photoshop on it. Make it happen Apple, please and most of the pros will embrace it.

    1. friend I hope I’m understanding you correctly that you need to link your iPad Pro to your MBP to use as a screen…

      actually some people told me there’s an app that can turn your iPad Pro into a Wacom Cintiq type screen so you can run full photoshop (which is running on a connected Mac) etc on it. It’s called astropad.

      I HAVE NOT TRIED IT although I have a 12.9 iPad Pro since I got a big Cintiq.
      Some people says it works fine especially if you connect it with the cable to the Mac instead of wireless .

      (anybody actually used Astropad can chime in here… )

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