Apple bans Rich Kids app that let socialites flaunt luxury lifestyles

“Apple has banned the Rich Kids app from all of its devices to stop swaggering socialites from using it to boast about their lifestyles,” Jessica Duncan reports for The Daily Mail.

“The app was created by Juraj Ivan and Michal Harustiak in October and members were charged just under £1,000 a month to post their photos exclusively,” Duncan reports. “Mr Ivan previously told MailOnline: ‘I was surprised that there is no service or social network for Rich people that is not private. ‘All of the social networks for the rich are closed to the eye of a random user. We think that being rich is boring when nobody sees you.'”

“Members who were invited in the beginning to join the app for free to tempt others included Ukrainian socialite Julia Stakhiva, who boasts she is too beautiful to work – and claims to fly her hairstylist from Moscow to London just so she looks ‘perfect,'” Duncan reports. “Also on the site is Israeli skincare king Dor Bukobza, 25, who brags that his shoes cost more than his friends’ cars. They claimed the price to join was fair as ‘if it was too much, it just isn’t for you.'”

Rich Kids app on Apple iPhone
Rich Kids app on Apple iPhone

Duncan reports, “According to The Times, a source close to Apple has said it was removed because it violated terms and conditions.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Which “terms and conditions” did it violate? Sounds like yet another case of Apple’s lone App Store intern in charge of approvals acting like the “taste police.”

The Rich Kids’ website has posted a statement:

Apple has removed Rich Kids from the App Store. Rich Kids didn’t break any App Store guideline or rule and it was purely a decision of Apple’s App Store Review Team which found the app inappropriate. Rather than let people decide if they like Rich Kids app or not, Apple made this decision for all iPhone users. We are trying to bring Rich Kids back to the App Store. Meanwhile, you can access Rich Kids with our web app optimized for iPhone.

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    1. Nah. I say let’s keep iOS tasteful. For example: I’m no stranger to porn, but I love that the App Store bans it. Makes even a slouch like me feel a bit more classy.

  1. I don’t mind the Apple Store, or any other, banning anything at all. I would not expect a religious bookstore to carry ’50 Shades of Grey’.

    What does bother me, very much, is the exclusivity of the Apple Store as the only shopping choice on my property. This is exactly like imposing a religious bookstore as the only offering.

    Apple no longer owns the device after they sell it to me.

    1. Apple doesn’t own your device, but they do own iOS. You are licensing iOS, and expecting Apple to bear some responsibility to keep it working on your device. If you want to own a brick, have at it.

  2. NAW! This is probably more about Apple hearing complaints about the high cost of there products. Only people who could afford it would use it, much like Apple’s products.

    What’s the big deal? Apple sells or sold a watch in which the only difference was the casing, for 10,000 dollars, and it was not 24 caret gold, nor 6 ounces of gold. So, big deal, they want to sell to some other foolish people an expensive service. (The least Apple could and should do for those $10,000 buyers is upgrade the internals forever.)


  3. Good! As someone who grew up in the South Bronx in the 1980s and 1990s, I can say without a doubt that these bougie brats have no place in our society! I’m glad Apple is taking the initiative to make a statement that all people are welcome to use the iPhone.

  4. Seems to me Apple is trying to protect us from “income inequality” and promote “social justice.” PC run amuck. They are actually depriving those of us who are not rich of something to chuckle at.

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