Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to unveil new 13-inch MacBook, 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros at ‘hello again’ special event

“Reliable Apple analyst KGI has posted a report on Saturday outlining their predictions for Apple’s Mac roadmap ahead of the media event on October 27th,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The report says that Apple will launch three new MacBooks at the event, a new 13 inch MacBook, a new 13 inch MacBook Pro and a new 15 inch MacBook Pro.”

“It continues to say that new iMacs and the unveiling of the Apple external display will not shipping this year; those should be expected in the first half of 2017,” Mayo reports. “KGI does not know if Apple will announce early the new iMacs or new Cinema Display at the event, but Ming-Chi Kuo seems confident that they are not ready to release.”

“The new Retina MacBook Pro, expected to include Touch ID, an OLED function row above the keyboard and new internals, will be deputing in both 13 inch and 15 inch screen sizes,” Mayo reports. “The other product KGI says is coming is a new “13 inch MacBook”, as a successor to the 12 inch single-port Retina MacBook first released in 2015.”

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    1. If this is all there is then it will be a BIG disappointment for me. For whatever reason, laptops just don’t get me excited. I like my iPhone SE (yes, small is beautiful), iPad, gaggle of iMacs and one old laptop, but I’m in the market for a small-box super computer for number crunching. It’s been so long now since they dealt with or even talked about the Mac Pro I suspect they have all 10 people in that “division” emptying garbage cans and sweeping the floors. Or maybe they have been transferred to the Apple Car division? Maybe the car is meant to be the next Mac Pro…on wheels? Users will access components by lifting the hood of the trunk.

      I understand the world is and has been moving away from the desktop but there are still a lot of individuals who because of habit or particular needs require a powerful desktop computer. I’ll still hold out hope of something exciting for the desktop, but I think it would be wise if I didn’t hold my breath between now and then.

    2. iCal me guys:

      I’m more excited about Microshaft’s event where they’re rumoured to be unveiling an all in one Multi touch PC.

      I am dying for the day when we have just one operating system and everything is touchable. Pull your desktop screen close into your chest when sitting and touch around.

      Eventually, many surfaces are going to be touchable screens. Supporting this will be one operating system.

      We’ll look back at our time today with these old desks and non-touchable PCs and see it as archaic.

      1. Yeah and just how much fun we’ll have constantly cleaning those touch screens with all those built-up yucky human skin oils, flaky skin and dust and dirt. Not to mention the joy of how quickly our tired arms will feel like lead with all the waving around. Yay! 😉

        1. Don’t ever be a leader of a tech company or a Product Manager. Negative Nancy’s like you are poison.

          Many things are possible. The fact that zillions of people now use a device that you claim as a technology is bankrupt because of oily smear marks shows how wrong you are and how much you contradict yourself because you likey use an iPhone.

          Also, the fact that oily marks will be on pretty much amy surface whether it’s a touch screen or not…

          Also, there are solutions to problems. Apple came up with an oleophobic coating. This could further be improved.

          And, it’s not really an issue anymore than marks on a smartphone or tablet. And clothes can wipe a surface clean if needed every now and then.

          Finally, this world is coming. Your arms won’t get tired because with a proper pivot hinge, you can pull a large desktop screen into your body ad tilt it, up close to your hands and even rest your hands and arms on the screen while using it.

          1. I agree with you. Funny thing is, is that Apple was granted a patent for this in August 2010


            This was granted before MS was a granted a patent for their soon-to-be-released AIO


            Multiple user interactions is the way forward (mouse / KB / trackpad / voice / touch)

          2. I was half-joking. I still don’t like iPhone, Watch or iPad smudges requiring semi-regular cleaning. I hope you get what you want but it’s not something I’m clamoring for. And yes technology marches on taking us sometimes kicking and screaming.

    1. TouchID on a Mac will be more valuable than you might at first realize.

      Apps such as one password and apps for banks will have instant login. Very big for me

      Websites, I believe, will be able to have very secure logins without passwords and will accept Apple Pay. This could be the most secure web payments we’ve ever had.

      If this is broadly used by websites, and I think it will be, life will much much simpler and much more secure

  1. I’ve said this before but I think a complete revamp of the whole lineup is coming. The MacBook pros are welcome, at least for our needs, and a specbumped Mac mini would be helpful. They wouldn’t even have to change the design, just bump the processor, storage speed, graphics, and connectivity. The iMac is probably undergoing a more substantive revamp and if they announce it early if it isn’t ready would be repeating the mistake of 2012 from the last redesign, I don’t think that’s going to happen again. But I really want that 5k Cinema Display.

    1. Apple can unveil the iMac and announce and “early 2017” availability date. That would not be repeating Tim Cook’s last iMac mistake where they had an availability date with no product to sell. As long as they have a realistic shipping date, they can show the product now. They showed the first iPhone 6 months before starting to sell it.

      1. The difference there is that the product category didn’t exist yet, so there was no danger of freezing sales. If they announce a new iMac now and it doesn’t ship until February they’d lose all the holiday sales and not be able to move the existing inventory. Plus the iMac already uses skylake chips so there really isn’t a need to rush it if the Kaby Lake chips aren’t ready in volume for the machine.

    2. Why not make it REALLY easy to install the newly renamed macOS on whatever cheap Windows/Linux box you want? Or any Intel workstation?

      I don’t think Apple believes current and new customers are interested in the Mini or the Pro. The Mini was useful in bringing down the barrier to entry if you already had keyboard, printer, monitor, etc. The Pro was really there because you couldn’t fit a G5 in a laptop and they continued the line to see if it’s worth keeping. Now, both are relics of an older time when people were mobile but their computers for the most part, weren’t.

      I believe we’ll see iMac updates as a nod to the “stationary computer crowd” but I don’t think there’s much case in the Post PC world for a wide range of non-mobile options.

  2. iMac not ready? How long do they need?

    Announce it now Apple, the freeze in product sales won’t matter cos nobody’s buying them anyway!

    Any freeze will be outweighed by the pros not leaving the platform because you’re seemingly not interested in them anymore.

    No mention on the MacPro I see, which is very worrying.

  3. Just praying that as Ming’s industrial contacts are in China there might be a chance for a revamped Mac Pro (with upgradable components like GPUs please) as the MP is built in USA.

    an upgradable TOWER might even be a better solution for some than an iMac.

      1. how do i replace the GPU?

        there are external ‘box’ solutions but they are slow.

        a six year old Cheese Grater Mac Pro with an upgraded video card can have near three times the speed of a current cylinder costing thousands of dollars.

  4. I’m in the market for a new 15″ MBP. My current machine is still fantastic (4 year 1st gen rMBP) so unless the upgrade is significant I may wait for another year. However the battery is dying and I will need to pay $250 to replace it (but the keyboard is also replaced).
    My Mac Mini (media server) is also getting long in the tooth (2009 model) and despite an SSD upgrade that increased it’s nippiness, it is still a bit sluggish.
    So the plan is if the new MBP is worth it, get that. Then retire the Mac mini and use the rMBP for the media hub.

  5. Is Retinal still cutting edge? Why aren’t there 5k displays? Microsoft is running ads touting their surface laptop with the best display. Apple under Cook really seems to be playing catchup. Pathetic to go this long before updates. Taking advantage or considering your die hard fans are fools

  6. I’m looking for dual Xeon E5-4669v4 running at 4.0GHz with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPUs. I’ve checked with my neighbors and they assure me they can survive the brownouts I’ll cause by powering it up!

  7. One Mac line at a time…

    But where is even a whiff of new Mac Pros or Minis? Is this really so hard, Apple? It’s about new motherboards to stick in already established cases!

    What happened to the Mac hardware geniuses over there? Macs lost their chic appeal or something?

  8. I think there must be more
    Hello Again
    It’s got to be a reference to Siri and AI.
    I’m expecting more from this announcement.
    Watch the original
    Hello Again announcement for the first Mac

  9. “Hello Again”. A reintroduction to the Mac platform? No mention of desktops. Is the Mac going “mobile only”? Seems odd you would reintroduce a platform without mentioning the entire line. All is speculation at this point. We don’t have any concrete information beyond rumors. However, reliable sources aren’t mentioning desktops.

  10. The remarkable power of USB-C/TB3 ports and the prospect of an upgraded graphics card in the MacBook Pro should be enough for any user with mobility in mind to be excited. I just hope the new MacBook Pro comes in black!

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