Apple sponsoring 2017 Met Gala along with Condé Nast, Farfetch, H&M, and Maison Valentino

“On Friday morning, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the new theme for its 2017 Costume Institute exhibition and gala: ‘Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons,'” Vogue reports. “Opening on May 4, the show will be the first monograph show at the museum to focus on a living designer since its Yves Saint Laurent exhibit in 1983.”

Vogue reports, “The exhibit will feature about 120 Comme des Garçons womenswear designs by Kawakubo, dating back to the label’s first runway collection in 1981, all the way to her most recent shows.”

“The Costume Institute Benefit will take place, as is tradition, on May 1, the first Monday of the month,” Vogue reports. “The party will be co-chaired by Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Anna Wintour, with Kawakubo serving as honorary chair, and the exhibit will be sponsored by Apple, Condé Nast, Farfetch, H&M, and Maison Valentino.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Perfect setting for Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Edition Series 2.

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  1. Wait — this story has been up for nearly two whole hours and not a single comment asking for Tim Cook to be fired or for one or the other presidential candidates to be tarred and feathered?

    Wake up people! There’s screeds to be posted!!

  2. meanwhile for the last several years there has hardly been a single Mac ad not even cheap web ads.

    you know Mac the product that the last two quarters (even with no advertising) made more revenue than iPads? and a probably a heck a lot more than Apple Watch?

    imagine if they had paid as much attention to Mac.

    never heard of a senior Apple VP visiting a PC game convention like Blizzcon, or a business that uses Macs like high end graphics, music studios, labs etc. Never heard of them attending or making speeches in conferences like Siggraph where power computing is front and centre etc. (maybe i missed them but seriously I’ve not heard any news of such things, only SVPs etc visiting rock concerts, fashion shows, charity events etc).

  3. Mac users! — That lot are so aggrieved at being overlooked that they decry all of Apple’s other achievements and interests as distractions; and they ominously threaten defection, to little effect.

    Surely Apple has proven their inbred arrogance time and again, and it can be no surprise that they still think they can yank their loyal users around…who, after all, are still squawking, and won’t shut up until their necks are wrung, or until they wisely set other plans in motion, having finally realised that the biz lacks a proper system of troth, a moral foundation that rewards loyalty.

  4. “Surely Apple has proven their inbred arrogance time and again, and it can be no surprise that they still think they can yank their loyal users around…”

    And unlike the OS Wars of the 90s, there won’t be the loyal Mac User Army to bleed 6 colors to keep them propped up.

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