Supporters of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange claim responsibility for knocking major sites offline

Supporters of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange have claimed responsibility for taking down major websites Friday with a DDoS attack on Global internet routing company Dyn. The attack was allegedly a response to Ecuador’s decision to cut off Assange’s internet access.

“Hacktivist groups Anonymous and New World Friday afternoon said they were behind the digital siege, indicating it was retaliation for the Ecuadorian government’s decision to cut off internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over his site’s ongoing leaks of alleged internal documents from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” Tony Romm and Eric Geller report for Politico. “‘The specific target is anything big,’ a New World Hackers representative using the alias Prophet said in a text message exchange with POLITICO. ‘We were testing our power at first.'”

“However, digital security researchers and U.S. officials preached caution, arguing there is still scant evidence to determine who is behind the attack, warning that both groups have falsely taken credit for high-profile attacks in the past,” Romm and Geller report. “The outages affected internet users across the U.S., and caused hundreds of sites to be inaccessible both early in the morning on the East Coast, again around midday and then again after 4 p.m. EST.”

“WikiLeaks’ latest release — a dump of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s alleged personal emails — drove the Ecuadorian government to ax Julian Assange’s internet last weekend. The activist has been living in Ecuador’s London embassy since the country granted him diplomatic asylum in 2012,” Romm and Geller report. “Prophet insisted the attacks Friday had nothing to do with the U.S. election, and that it was working with Anonymous to protest Assange’s loss of internet access. ‘We don’t plan to do anything with the U.S. election, it’s not for us,’ Prophet said. WikiLeaks late Friday called on hackers to halt the digital onslaught.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Intrigue.

Internet outage: A massive DDOS attack against Dyn DNS is causing havoc online – October 21, 2016


  1. The establishment is sweating its proverbial nuts off – and rightly so:

    IBD/TIPP Poll: Trump Expands Lead Over Clinton To 2 Points

    Donald Trump expanded his lead over Hillary Clinton in a four-way race to two points, 42%-40%, in day 4 of the IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll, with Trump moving past his Democratic rival in a head-to-head match-up for the first time.

    The most accurate poll of the last U.S. Presidential election was IBD/TIPP:

    Watch out for drones, Julian!

      1. Patriot? He is Australian. And he is trying to save YOU from your government. Government is not the US. YOU are. Government is there to serve the people. Crooked Hillary is there to serve herself.

          1. When all of this first started I could have strangled Assange with my bare hands, but as time has gone by and all of this crap has been released I see I was mistaken. I felt the same about Snowden, and I still think his act was treasonous, but all in all most of these disclosures are for the better.

            1. The nativity is astounding, Snowden cozying up to Putin and his Fascist cohorts is hardly my idea of standing up for good over evil. As for Assamge a clear case of Napolean Complex if ever I saw one. He has no interest in freedom for the little people like us as he sees us, it’s all about his own monument to his ego. When it looks like a Bond villain it usually is a Bond villain and hell he is good at fooling the gullible that his intensions are purely magnanimous at least until his own self righteous right wing preferences escaped last week. Hell even Ecuador is feeling the knife in the back now, so who knows what he would plan for those who aren’t his adoring acolytes.

            2. Damn dude, that was some really bizarre rambling you put out there. If Ecuador “is feeling the knife in the back”, that knife was placed there by Obama, with the support of that evil hag Hillary Clinton.

      2. On the subject of “hostile foreign enemy committing espionage against our country” HS… are you with Her, to be Stronger Together enough to vote for her?!? Madonna supposedly will give you a BJ. I wonder if that’s why Bill is voting for her.

        You noticed how the FBI had no problem going after a 4 star general for 1 count, but leaves Hillary alone, for only God knows why Comey sold his soul or maybe he valued his life to not end up like Vince Foster! Either way, the FBI is tainted with the Clinton pheromones! The stank is heading back to the DC Swamp!

    1. Your alt-right people live in a bubble of hatred and self delusion. You posted this garbage post with nonsense.

      If you can break your Trump loving bubble for one short second click on the CURRENT data from FiveThirtyEight….

      Oh dear – Chances of winning – Clinton 85.8%, Trump 14.2%.

      Lets check those polls – National Polls show IDB/Tipp the ONLY poll (out of 10) that has a non Hillary result. And it’s adjusted result is a TIE

      Sigh. Popping bubbles is so much work but worth it.

      1. Here are some of the numbers available Friday, October 21, 2016:

        Goebbels/Pravda (with ABC, NBC and CBS as reported by RCP on the afternoon of Friday, October 21, 2016):

        ABC/Washington Post: 47-43, Clinton

        NBC: 51-43, Clinton

        CBS: 51-40, Clinton

        Non-Propaganda Machine-affiliated (as reported on the afternoon of Friday, October 21, 2016):

        IBT/TIPP: 41-40, Trump

        LA Times/USC Tracking: 44.5-43.8, Trump

        Rasmussen: 43-41, Trump

        The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party is showing a runaway race, while the independents present an extremely tight race, with Trump leading.

    2. Wondering why they didn’t include Pew in that list that was also 0.9 and, in the most recent election, more accurate.

      Whenever I see a bunch of numbers, my first inclination is to check to see if the mass of data is there primarily so that no one will look at what’s being left out 🙂

      Things still look winnable for Trump, this is just another example of a pollster editing the numbers, what’s new?!

    3. Hey dickhead, see the writing in the wall yet????

      As told, your beloved republikkkans and their good for nothing nominee are about to eneter the ANALS of American history.


    4. Hey dickhead, see the writing in the wall yet????

      As told, your beloved republikkkans and their good for nothing nominee are about to eneter the ANALS of American history.

  2. Wall Street, Soros, and Crooked Hillary’s other globalist puppet masters and lackeys (mainstream media) are going to do their best to get rid of Assange in any way possible.

  3. Good for them! The Obama administration is trying to forcefully control the election and bury evidence and negativity against Hillary and they are responding back! I don’t blame them! The Gov and media are biased and trying to fix the election and it’s wrong! The media shouldn’t be picking sides and are the ones that are supposed to be doing what wikileaks is doing and they are not. All they are doing is anything anti-trump!

      1. You tickle me. The DNC is a clusterfuck? What’s the RNC then? It’s a nuclear meltdown racist misogynistic clown college.

        Can’t believe you can get to work with that blindfold on.

          1. You attempt to sound clever. But that is truly a stupid thing to say. It makes no sense. You partisan bonehead. You and your ilk are the source of many f the problems in the U.S. But you always point fingers at others and proclaim your innocence.

            You are a total waste of sustenance and O2. I sincerely hope that you do not procreate.

            1. botvinnik, you could have spawned all the Trump voters in America and they still would not be enough to elect that sorry clown. You are truly the blowhard’s blowhard, but that’s what makes America Great Already. We both have our opinions. Neither cares for the others. Under our system, neither of us goes to jail, when the other loses. (It will be you, and the other delusionals who gladly vote for a man who has never done anything other to exploit everyone around him for his own urges and desires.

            2. “You and your ilk are the source of many f the problems in the U.S.”


              What party has been running the White House for eight years and Congress for several years before Republican mid-term victories?

              Get a grip … 🇺🇸🔫😎

  4. Julian Assange is a Russian Puppet. Seen a lot of Wiki Leaks about the Donald’s asshole buddy Putin? How about public liar Trump? Your ass is so kicked. Unbelievable! Let’a see in November 9. Oh, I forgot the election is rigged. Right. So that after the landslide that’s how you will explain your delusional belief in a man who has exploited and used everyone he has come in contact with. Perhaps you’re using your right wing to cover you eyes. Perhaps your patriotism stops at Russian spies. Nah, you’re probably just as dumb as you write.

    1. Anybody who thinks that it is appropriate to protest illegal searches and seizures by conducting illegal searches and seizures, and to protest violations of privacy by publishing private correspondence is capable of nearly anything, even protesting that nobody respects women more while boasting about groping them (you might dispute whether it happened, but not whether he said it). None of the above is consistent with loyalty to a country governed by its constitution and laws, and not by overweening individual egos. I don’t want the US Government meddling in my life, but at least it is run by elected officials. Nobody elected WikiLeaks or Anonymous and gave them the right to attack the DNS system.

      The information infrastructure of the United States (and other countries) was attacked Friday. For anybody to celebrate that or regard it as justified puts them in the same category as the totally mythical crowds celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers.

  5. People really believe this hogwash? Now why would wikileaks want to disturb the internet? For the attention? Retaliation? Bitch, please. Click bait journalism should be banned.

  6. Here’s what’s desperate:

    Highjacking a comment thread at an Apple technology website to spew propaganda about a US election.

    I’ll be so glad when the #WorseElectionEver is over.

    As for THE TOPIC: It’s intensely sad to watch WikiLeaks dump excremental data from one side of the garbage dump but not the other. Let’s see all the Trump rubbish we’ve been waiting for, hacked off his apparently easily hackable server.

    Balance, dear Anonymous! Nail them ALL for their abuse of my country’s citizens and resources. There are no sides when there are no heroes, no champions, no leaders, no representation of We The People and protection of our miracle planet Earth, our only home.

        1. It is precisely your point, you stated “nail them ALL.” Donald Trump has been neither elected nor appointed to a position of public trust in the government. As a private American citizen, his papers and effects are expressly protected by the Fourth Amendment…got a problem with him, get a judge and a policeman to swear out a search warrant.
          Hillary Merkel, on the other hand, has illegally placed classified information on a private server that risks the security of American citizens. THEN, has the audacity to destroy those documents…they are not hers to destroy, they are the property of the People.

          1. Incoherent rambling sir. All the Hillary campaign stolen emails are equally protected by the fourth amendment. You again are off point. It’s now public knowledge that the server for Trump’s campaign has been hacked. So where are Anonymous et al.’s posts of similarly inane and hateful campaign emails? We know full well that The Donald is lying about his misogynist attitude and behavior toward women. Let’s see some Fourth Amendment violating posts of in-campaign chatter about the increasingly long list of women complaining about his behavior toward them!

            (Will bot finally get the point? I’d scold him again to take his lithium, but he never listens).

            1. “All the Hillary campaign stolen emails are equally protected by the fourth amendment.”

              WRONG and you know it, her malfeasance of state correspondence is NOT private, it belongs to the state, that is the people. She is a goddamned public servant who broke national security laws.

              Don’t bother with your self-righteous defense of the Fourth Amendment in the future, you are a phony. You have zero credibility.

            2. Her illegal private server which she destroyed 30,000+ emails while that evidence was under Congressional subpoena is a felony.

              SHE BELONGS IN JAIL…period.

              You’ve bitched and moaned for years on this site about the bought, corrupt political parties, both Republican and Democrat and here’s your chance to actually have a candidate that can’t be bought, that isn’t a puppet of Goldman-Sachs or George Soros or Apple,Inc…HERE IT IS, you idiot, wake up. The Republic is literally at stake.

            3. There is malfeasance apenty, you are correct. What is disturbing is the blinding partisanship, the cult of self-interest infecting the idea of patriotism. Now at the end of the day, fellow citizens feel the need to arm themselves against post-election assaults. I have my weapon at the ready, should any would-be Hamilton or Burr or Bluto impugn my patriotism, intelligence, or morals. Once upon a time elections, once completed, settled the roiling waters of dissent. That was, in large part, what made America great. Being slapped across the face for my opinions, or seeing my friends contemptuously insulted, is not making America any greater.

            4. Unlike the 99.9 percent of all human beings throughout history who have lived their entire lives in tyranny, oppression and slavery, I plan to die just as I have lived my life: a free man.

              If defending the rights that guarantee that liberty hurts somebody’s feelings…that’s just too fucking bad. Liberty is non-negotiable at any price.

  7. Patetic….. desperate… and terroristic.

    This is the state of anatchy with these rouge , self-glorified groups..
    Scums of the earth pretending their cause is “ah so pure and for the good of all ”

    Reminds me of PITA…

  8. Have no intention of vote for Shillary or Drumpf, but the commercial media has been so in the bag this campaign for Ms Clinton that is embarrassing to the concept of impartial journalism.

    Note how the CONTENT of the WikLeaks stuff was widely ignored and the lapdog press bought the Clinton line sbout it being the Russians and the content might not even be real. No let’s not talk about the fact Shillary of Wall Street is saying one thing behind closed doors and something completely else on camera.

    Either way, we need to replace the Stars & Stripes with a white flag with a Bananna and a Dollar Bill on it. A Bananna Republic surrendered to money.

  9. Trump has had many opportunities to kill off the Hildabeast, but since he has the temperament of a 3 year old, he only has himself to blame for the loss. And yes, he has already lost. He just cannot help himself and he chooses the wrong and stupid battles. I don’t support either of them, as they are both liars, hypocrites, and unfit to serve. The media is poison for this country and always will be. Never ever trust them. If you do, your life will be ruined.

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