Samsung refusing to pay for property damage caused by its exploding phones

“Adding insult to injury, Samsung is trying to get out of paying for the property damage its devices caused,” Joel Hruska reports for ExtremeTech. “There have been 96 Samsung Galaxy Note 7s known to have exploded or caught fire during the few weeks the phone was on the market, according to The Guardian. Thirteen of the failures caused injury, while 47 are recorded as causing property damage of one type or another. In one case, the Note 7 exploded on a nightstand, spraying chemicals across the room, damaging the bed, mattress, curtains, and carpet, as well as the nightstand itself. When John and Joni Barwick reported this to Samsung, the company refused to cover any of the damage caused by its device and referred its customers to Samsung’s insurance company — and the insurance company has refused to cover the replacement cost of any damaged items.”

“The Barwicks are not a one-time case. Firefighter Wesley Hartzog’s garage caught fire when he left the Samsung device plugged into the wall,” Hruska reports. “Initially, Samsung offered to pay for his hotel and meals (the fire destroyed wiring and a water heater, both of which require significant repairs). He states: ‘But the next day Samsung Fire & Marine insurance called me and said it wasn’t going to happen. I feel that was really unprofessional.'”

“It’s tough to say yet whether Samsung is legally required to pay for damage in these cases, and we suspect proving it will be extremely expensive. But that’s also beside the point,” Hruska reports. ” If it cost Samsung $50,000 to reimburse each of the 47 people affected (and we know it won’t cost that much, since bedroom sets and nightstands aren’t half that expensive, and there have only been a few reports of major property damage), that comes out to $2.35 million. In a recall expected to cost Samsung $17 billion in lost revenue, $2.35 million is a literal drop in the bucket”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung is a criminal enterprise.

They do not give two shits about their customers. For proof, look no further than the fact that Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe.

And now the criminal chaebol refuses to pay their undiscerning pigeons for damages they’ve caused – not even from a sleazy, illegal slush fund.

Color us wholly unsurprised.

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    1. They should be legally compelled to pay for all the damages caused by their dangerous defective product by law, maybe Congress needs to step in, here. Impose a import ban on ALL Samsung products into the US until after they pay for every single damage that their exploding phones caused and pay for any in the future 100% without a single moment of delay.

      1. I seriously hope Dickey’s phone explodes and causes him serious damage and harm and I don’t care how bad I sound saying this.
        His psychotic attitude and influence by writing that article on Mashable are beyond irresponsible. He in theory could cause someone’s death by influencing them to keep a Note 7. Wow

  1. Note to ScamScum: if you think the publicity fallout from the two ScamSplod💣Not💣7 recalls was bad, don’t pay for the damages your ScamSplod💣Not💣7 phones caused. Failure to pay for damages will affect your entire product line. The negative publicity from lawsuits will lower an already low opinion of your company even by those unaffected by your recall. You will lose customers that never had a bad opinion and confirm the worst of those that did. Sales and profits will plummet, ScamScum will be synonymous with ‘Evil Empire’ and ‘Borg.’ Go ahead, don’t pay, show everyone what kind of company you are. 🖖😀⌚️

    1. Michaele11111:
      You’re spot on.
      The ranting prats on this site are some of the dumbest you’ll encounter anywhere, perhaps with the exception of YouTube.

      MDN knows their audience, which is why you see so many ‘beleaguered samsung’ articles. Most of the time these people display a total ignorance of how Apple operates.

      Give this one star if you are a moron.

      1. …”Do you clowns above really think Apple would have paid off those claims if it was them instead of Samsung?”…

        I don’t think anyone here was talking about Apple, or what they would do. We can change the subject here if you wish, but the article, and the discussion, is about Samsung avoiding to pay for damages for exploding phones, after recalling them because they explode.

        If we were to change the subject and now discuss what Apple would do, we can look at apple’s past actions. While nothing of his severity ever happened to them, there were several recalls before (batteries and similar), where Apple swiftly and quietly did the right thing. Couple this with their well known policy to bend over backwards to help the customer (replacing defective batteries, chargers, cables even after warranty expired), and I’d argue, Apple would likely quietly cover he damage. Publicity would hurt the brand much more than the worth of a few million dollars in damage claims.

        1. to continue…

          ‘Do we think Apple would Pay for damage?’

          The answer is a resounding YES

          Proof: Apple offered FREE replacements for Chinese and Korean knock-off chargers and cords because people wanted to save a buck and some of the cheap knock-off chargers caught fire and in one case shocked a person.

          Apple stepped up when it wasn’t even their problem, so if they actually did have a problem, based on history, you can presume that they would continue to do the right thing.

    2. ahhh, the paid ScamScum troll appears. Do you think making Exploding phones, replacing them with more exploding phones exhonarates one of the most unethical corporations in the world from paying damages? Samsung will refuse to pay even after they lose the enevitable lawsuits but the damage is done. The world now sees the brand for what it is. People will switch to iPhone and Pixel in droves.

  2. You know, michaele, some people here might say that you are the perfect moron. I say that you’re not perfect, but you’re doing the best you can. And since you can read the future and predict others’ behavior, please tell us who’s going to win the upcoming World Series. Troll.

      1. Hey botvinnik and First 2014 then 2016:

        Since the two of you are unequivocally, absolutely sure that Trump will defeat Clinton in a couple of weeks (even though you were both wrong in 2008 and 2012), here’s what I propose:

        If Trump wins, I will publicly, on this forum, admit how stupid I was and how stupid it is to be a liberal democrat. If Clinton wins you will both admit how stupid you are and how stupid it is to be a conservative Republican. Agreed?

          1. Botty, Botty, you are just avoiding the issue. Yes or No? Put up or shut up! I know you are an intelligent person with a high commitment to the Republican/Conservative cause. And, there is NO doubt Trump and the Republican Party will retake the Whitehouse in 2016. So, it is I, as a lowly, stupid, misguided Liberal Democrat who is taking all the risk here.

            I’ll restate the simple agreement:

            If Trump wins, I will publicly, on this forum, admit how stupid I was and how stupid it is to be a liberal democrat. If Clinton wins you will admit how stupid you are and how stupid it is to be a conservative Republican. Agreed? What have you got to lose?

  3. I see class actions suits coming. Samsung has a long history of abusing the law and forcing others to prove them wrong. This has been intentional and as much in the open as their motto of “see what the market is selling and then “copying” it.

  4. Position Available

    Customer Service Manager Samsung Corp.

    Must have no Compassion, Empathy, Common Decency or Conscience.

    Position full time or at least until we go out of business.

  5. Samsung is trash and they act like it all the time. Not one bit surprised if they refuse to pay for property damage caused by there fire erupting phones and washing machines. Boycott Samsung products as I do. I refuse to own anything by them because of there lousy business practices in which they steal other companies products and make them there own and don’t take responsibility for anything they do. This just proves my case totally.

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