Apple plans to launch new Macs at special event on October 27th

“Apple is planning to introduce new Macs at an Oct. 27 event, sources confirmed to Recode,” Ina Fried reports for Recode.

“Apple has gone a long time without making significant changes to any of its Mac models, with most experts encouraging customers to hold off all but essential new purchases until the lineup was updated,” Fried reports. “Tops among the rumors have been reports that Apple will introduce a new MacBook Pro sporting a row of customizable touchscreen keys.”

“The Mac event is expected to take place at or near Apple’s Cupertino campus rather than in San Francisco, where the company held many recent events, including the iPhone 7 announcement,” Fried reports. “It’s going to be a busy week. Apple has its earnings report on Tuesday…”

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      1. There will be *NO* delight in the “pro Appleverse”.

        Everything (literally everything) I’ve been hearing (both in the open and behind closed doors) points to the new Mac laptops being based upon technologies available six or more months ago (some as much as 10 months ago). If these rumors are true, Apple will be shipping something it SHOULD have announced six to eight months ago.

        The unfortunate thing is that very likely means we’ll be getting a new generation of Macs again this time next year (if then!) based upon technologies that have recently been announced or will be announced/shipping in the next two to three months.

        The bean counters seem to have taken over. Apple is not shipping leading edge Macs anymore because the latest and greatest items cost more. The bean counters want Apple to wait until the items get discounted, e.g., the Skylake chips have become less expensive with the announcement of Kaby Lake chips and the pending announcement of more Kaby Lake chips.

        I rarely say this, but “Steve would never have stood for this crap.” He always thought that when the marketers and bean counters took over a company it was the beginning of the end. Apple’s end is a LONG, LONG way off, but the seeds have been planted.

        1. Not quite. Apples dependence upon Intel Mobile processors and coming up with a good size GPU is a long-standing question and issue with Apple. Remember also that their hardware and software have to mesh together and quite often developers aren’t capable of this feat

          1. Very little in life is inevitable except death. Be thou not so hasty to cast your gaze to the dark side. Your Mac may seem a bit slow right now, but a year on a Windows-based computer will seem like a century.

            1. Believe me it wouldn’t ever be my chosen path to buy a PC again. I’ve already had one frustrated Oscar winning friend of mine switch from Mac to a PC Workstation and then unceremoniously dump the PC Workstation and head back to his 2012 Mac Pro. (He also discovered a truly fully loaded & very expensive PC Workstation with current specs wasn’t all that much faster.) I don’t see how it would be any skin off Apple’s nose offering up a “MacStation” the way we want as an upgradeable tower alongside the existing Mac Pro. Problem with that is the existing Mac Pro would probably then only embarrasingly sell in very small numbers and underline it’s design folly to begin with. Either you cater to specific pro markets or crater in sales & lose to the dark side that nobody really wants.

  1. Once again Cook waits so long to make a move that the pent-up expectations will be too big for Apple to satisfy.

    EVERY SINGLE MAC, every single iPod, and every single Mac accessory needs big updates or replacement. You know that isn’t going to happen. Apple is slow and ponderous now. There are no surprises anymore. You’re going to get no more than a couple new things, because Cook will spend most of his time boasting how great the iOS stuff is, and how sales have been better than ever and he couldn’t be more happy that samsung finally stepped in it.

    Then Cook will finally vacate the stage and Schiller will walk you through a MacBook Pro with an OLED stripe and a minimum spec jump with fewer connections and integrated Intel graphics to satisfy Jony’s desire to make the damn thing less than 1cm thick. We might get a canned Jony video explaining what tremendous care he took to remove features that current Mac owners use all the time.

    And we will like it or we will have to turn in our fanboy cards. That is all.

    1. @McND
      LOL, but very true.
      I am keeping expectation very loooooow!
      There hasn’t been ANYTHHING innovative with iMacs in a very long time.
      Making devices and computers thinner and thinner IS NOT innovation.
      A challenge perhaps, but NOT innovation.
      I am anticipating yet another yawnfest with Mr. Cook & Co.

    2. 100% dead on.

      The mac updates are exactly as you describe. The “updates” are less than stellar and the canned videos of Ives are fodder for SNL skits. They are laughable and so fake now.

      Apple hasn’t done anything great since Steve died. The watch? Forgetaboutit.

  2. In other news, Apple is handing out bonuses to executives before earnings for the quarter are announced to the public, and before any new Mac hardware is released for the year (for the last 1.5 years actually).

    So the question we want to know is, what exactly has Ahrendts, Cue, Ive, Riccio, Schiller, Srouji, and Williams been doing to earn their rich rewards? Decorating their new offices?

    Most would say that the iPhone 7 is a mega hit, therefore rich bonuses should flow like wine. I think not — at least, not to the execs. The main reason for strong iPhone 7 sales is not that it’s a substantially better phone (it is in some respects, but not in others) — it is because of Samsung’s Note fiasco. Other than this lucky event, Apple executives have nothing particularly impressive to show. The iPhone team should get the rewards this quarter, not the already overpaid execs.

    Here is why: because current Apple leadership is complacent and lazy. All the rest of Apple hardware is antiquated and sales are dropping rapidly. Software quality is dropping. 3rd party developer support for the Mac is tepid at best, for iOS it’s mostly games. iCloud is a joke. There is no more “just works” or “one more thing” to Apple anymore. It’s a one trick pony company ever since social activist Cook took over.

    Maestri is kept busy counting the money from app store sales, but I assume that’s a very easy role. So do all these other executives just get paid based on one product, the iPhone 7, or are they expected to actually work on other projects too? Under Cook’s tepid leadership, it seems that buying Beats and rebranding it Apple Music is what passes for innovation. Yawn. Renting Amazon and Google servers and reselling it to Apple users is innovation — when it works, which it does not.

    A company of this size needs to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We will find out in 2 weeks whether Cook & Co. can do so or not. I am certain that like all megacorporations, the executives get paid whether they do anything or not.

    If Apple doesn’t start serving the needs of its formerly loyal Mac users, then the exodus will continue. I am not holding my breath that a thinner MacBook Pro with missing features is the solution to Apple’s pathetic treatment of the Mac community.

    1. Well said. Indeed Apple is an extremely lazy company. Software quality is abysmal. Unable to continue world class, ground breaking software like Aperture. Inexcusable! Allowing Mac hardware to become the laughing stock of the industry, even in Mac friendly publications!

      Tim Cook is a profoundly lazy CEO. His lack of leadership and vision is appalling. Apple was once an innovative company and now has been reduced to a gadget maker, powered by pitiful software.

      It didnt have to be this way.

  3. My MacBook Pro Retina is not quite a year old so I do not plan on replacing it unless something revolutionary is in the mix. What I want is a headless Mac that takes industry standard cards, has discrete graphics and at minimum a Quad Core CPU, does not have to be a Xeon…
    Call it a Mac Pro or whatever, but there is a workstation market for Macs that are not consumer grade, sealed up throwaways.

  4. TIm Cook is no visionary.
    Simply a good caretaker of company and its brand.
    Tim Cook wasn’t exactly stellar when he was at Compaq.
    It is a tall order to try to find someone as visionary and almost despot-like drive as Mr. Jobs was
    Look at how bad other CEOs ran his company when he got ousted in the late 1980’s through to nearly the end of the 1990’s!
    A sugar water salesman can’t run a tech company like Apple. Neither could Spindler or Gil Amelio. Just CEOs with a Wall Street, business acumen with no product vision or innovative ideas to share, with a Board of Directors with even more severe lack of product/company vision.
    Apple needs a CEO that has a vision and passion for putting the best technology in the hands of people.
    Apple needs someone like Elon Musk!

    1. I reserve judgment until Oct. 27th but they need to get their Mac model updating fundamentals straight. Macs are still the foundation from which Apple sprang and why would any company want the perception their models are expensive and last year’s technology? Especially with their wealth of resources they should without question be Number One in every regard.

      You want every customer feeling he or she is getting the very best you can buy ANYWHERE. Even if that means revisiting upgrading protocol back to 6 month intervals. Every Mac product line should have something new delivered to it yearly to stimulate sales. All it takes is the will, they obviously HAVE the money to do it.

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