“Fans of Apple’s Mac personal computers are about to see a very long overdue refresh, according to a Bloomberg report that cites ‘people familiar with the matter,'” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The report claims that the company’s iMac desktops, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro lines will all be improved. These new Macs are expected to see the light of day ‘as soon as late 2016.'”

“All told, Apple’s lack of action on the Mac side of things seems to have had a real impact on the performance of the company’s Mac business — it’s seen double-digit unit shipment declines in two of the last three quarters,” Eassa writes. “To be clear, Apple’s Mac business isn’t small, even relative to Apple’s gargantuan revenue base. In the company’s fiscal 2015, it brought in more than $25 billion in revenue — good for more than 10% of Apple’s roughly $234 billion in revenue that year. ”

“The good news is that if Apple can roll out a bunch of new Mac products early on in the current fiscal year, the company will be setting itself up for growth in both unit shipments and average selling price,” Eassa writes. “Although Apple has let many of its Macs go stale, it seems that what the company has planned is both significant and, frankly, exciting. It’s not clear why it’s taken so long for Apple to finally put together a comprehensive refresh of some of its most important product lines, but investors should hope that this phenomenon doesn’t repeat.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Something(s) obviously happened behind-the-scenes to put Apple into the position of having longtime users publicly lamenting the staleness of their Mac lineup. The good news is that the wait is nearly over and it sounds like it will have been worth it for a majority of Mac users!

As we wrote way back in April:

Patience, padawans. Always in motion, the future is. Much longer now, it will not be.

Apple hardware pipeline includes new iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air models and 5K monitor – August 29, 2016