“It’s been a long time since Apple upgraded many of their Macs,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “The MacBook and the iMac were upgraded most recently. With the iMac’s last upgrade a year ago, it’s possible that we’ll see something soon, in time for the Christmas season. Or will we? I have a 2014 27″ 5K iMac. I used to renew my hardware every 18-24 months so I could have the newest features, and because it did make a difference in terms of speed and other hardware elements. I can’t imagine needing to upgrade my current iMac, and I can’t imagine what Apple could add to this computer to make it tempting, even for me, a tech journalist who tends to like to have the newest features in my computers. Once they added the retina display, they provided everything that I needed in my work.”

“In a way, it’s not surprising that Apple hasn’t updated Macs for a while,” McElhearn writes. “I don’t think the company has lost interest in the Mac, but they’ve simply made it less of a priority… Apple obviously needs to update Macs, and even if they’re not making a lot of money from them, I think they need to keep the product lines refreshed, if only for appearances. (And it’s not like they’re losing money on Macs anyway.)”

“Soon, perhaps?” McElhearn writes. “When macOS Sierra is released on September 20? Or sometime in October, which is often when they introduce new Macs and iPads?”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s no breaking of Betteridge’s law here. A little birdy tels us that Mac users need be patient only a little while longer; they’ll soon be nicely rewarded.

Just a bit more patience, Padawans!

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