“Apple has continuously been leaving its Mac line dusty and old,” Ezra Reschke writes for AppleBlend. “To put it simply, the Mac line has one too many entry points.”

“Apple’s Mac line currently stands with the MacBook being the student and lightweight business user’s Mac, the MacBook Air being the mid student, business, and consumers entry point and the MacBook Pro being the power user and pro person’s go to solution,” Reschke writes. “I personally think Apple should drop its Air line in favor of the MacBook to simplify the Mac laptop lineup, because the markets are similar and it would allow them to improve the other two more overall. ”

“The desktop lines need a giant upgrade as well just to meet the standard of the market today,” Reschke writes. “Overall, simplifying the whole Mac lineup would bring it to today’s standard, making the Mac line feel less like a museum and more like an on par computer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Until Apple can get the MacBook down to MacBook Air pricing (starting at $899), there will be a place in the Mac lineup for the MacBook Air.

As for the, uh… extended wait for new Macs: Good things, very good things, come to those who wait.

Not much longer now. Patience, Padawans.

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