Praying for a new four-inch iPhone in 2017

“I’m a big supporter of the four-inch iPhone SE: It’s lightweight, fits comfortably in my pocket and bags, and has everything I need to communicate with both my online and real-life world,” Lory Gil writes for iMore.

“With the release of the new iPhone models, I’ve tried to embrace the iPhone 7 Plus, but so far, I still feel that the iPhone SE is the size for me. I find the larger form-factors of the 7 and 7 Plus unwieldy for my hands, usage patterns, and my pockets — making it less than ideal for mobile computing,” Gil writes. “Unfortunately, I know I’m in the minority — and I worry about what that means for my beloved four-inch iPhone going forward.”

Gil writes, “That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, however: Rumor has it that Apple might be expanding the iPhone’s screen by reducing the bezel size across the front of the handset in 2017’s models. This could satisfy both Apple’s designers and its customer base, offering the larger screen in a smaller package.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, the latter. Even Apple’s apps (Apple Music, Apple News) aren’t formatted for the 4-inch display.

Think “sheet of glass.” Edge-to-edge (horizontal) to edge-to-edge (vertical) display. No bezel at all. The device just fades away.MacDailyNews, September 17, 2016

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes same here. It’s my go-to device.
    The plus is my secondary phone that also replaced my iPads.

    The 4.7 is an unnecessary compromise of a device for me. Not a fan.

  2. We can pray as much as we want, but my guess is that Apple, sadly, will update iPhone 4″ only once per couple of years. I want to be wrong, though, as I actually want a 100% 4″ iPhone flagman myself. With 3D touch, no compromises.

      1. I admit I made a mistake.

        This year, I travelled to an Apple Store to turn in my 3.5 inch iPhone 4s for the comparably-sized 4 inch iPhone SE. Somehow, though, I got inveigled into getting the 4.7 inch iPhone 6s instead. Now I long for the easy fit of a smaller phone, something always with me in an unmodified front pocket. If a new 4 inch model comes out next year I’ll get one for sure.

        I said it before: the tech should fit my life style. I don’t like to change my wardrobe, or my habits, to fit the tech.

        1. Yeah, we both traded in our beloved 4S with the world’s most amazing GUI icons, but for different sizes.

          Interesting your wardrobe is a telling factor, not sure about the horse factor. 🐎😉

          At the very least, you gave it a spirited shot or the old college try … 🤗

    1. The SE has sold very well already. Steve Jobs always liked smaller and so do I. I refuse to buy a big honking phone. A lot of jeans, esp. women’s jeans, do not have huge cargo pockets to lug a monster screen in. The small size is perfect. No every woman wants to drag a purse everywhere she goes. “Grow up” is a stupid choice of words. People have different needs, has nothing to do with maturity.

      1. Great response, MacRaven! There is absolutely no reason that Apple cannot/should not continue to offer the iPhone in a smaller form factor. Apple tried that experiment for a while, leaving the iPhone 5s to cover that niche. But they must have realized the market desire, because Apple invested the R&D to develop the SE and it has sold well. Three phone sizes is reasonable for the iPhone lineup. The traditional “small-medium-large” product philosophy (or, in modern U.S. terms, “large-extra large-jumbo”!) works quite well for many things.

        Apple may decide to stick to only two sizes and figure out a way to appreciably shrink the iPhone 7 towards SE size. But the 4.7″ display limits how far Apple can go with that philosophy.

        I am currently using an old iPhone 4 and I like the extra screen real estate on my daughter’s iPhone 6. The 5.5″ plus is even nicer considering the dual camera and such, but seems like it would be inconvenient to carry in my pocket. So I see a 4.7″ display in my future.

  3. Apple has the numbers. They know it is a resonable chunk of the market PLUS, they’re alone in that market (highend 4”).

    Next year is gonna be a great year for Apple. iPhone 8 will come in 3 size, edgless, wireless charging and more.

    Your screen might end up being a 4.3” though…

  4. I just got the 7plus 256.. so far..
    1. It’s simply uncomfortable to hold in one hand.
    2. It’s awkward to try and actuate screen elements.
    3. I’ve actually developed hand cramps trying
    4. The camera controls are too close together (something noted by other pro photographers like me) causing the zoom ratio to be activated unintentionally
    5. The camera is not that impressive in any way. I’ve used them since the very first iPhone and while it’s higher resolution the results are mediocre. BTW.. you know where you NEED optical image stabilization? On a telephoto.. ha its hilarious that it’s only available on a wide angle lens where it’s essentially pointless.
    6. The 4K video is good but unless you have a monitor to view it on.. uh.. why bother? My 5K iMac is nice but it’s the only truly UHD monitor I own.
    7. Siri continues to be silly and badly implemented
    8. The sound was better in my my 5s.
    9. The battery life is not what they promise. It’s just not.
    10. Had to get a case with ridges so I don’t drop this $1000 phone but that makes it harder to put into pockets.
    11. It looks ok.. nothing terribly distinctive about it and really.. you care what your HTC, or Samsung phone looks like that much? It’s a black pocket computer.
    12. It’s not that fast!!! I’ve noticed virtually no speed differences between it and the 5s in term of launch speed for apps.
    13. Double pressing the home button is actually good/bad but moving the on off button to the side is annoying as fuck. I’ve tried to watch a video and adjust the angle and endup turning it off more than once.

    So far.. after 1 week.. I’m close to giving this one to the wife and buying an SE with a decent camera and a more reasonable form factor. The 7Plus is way overhyped. BTW I’m an Apple shareholder with many shares.. and a mac user since 1986.

        1. I think that most of us were smart enough to understand why you added that last sentence.

          I’m always much more interested in criticisms when the writer is fundamentally positive towards the brand but explains their reasons for not liking certain aspects, even if I don’t agree with all of them from my point of view. Most of us here favour Apple products, but there are details that we might like to change.

    1. My husband would agree with #13. They moved that button on the side with iPhone 6 and he hates it. It’s almost impossible to press it without accidentally gripping the buttons on the opposite side. I hope there was a critical technical space need that made them move it to the side, because otherwise it was a really, counterproductive move.

  5. I have both and with a duo sim card i can use them whenever i want. Normally (business) from Monday to Friday i use the 7 plus. in the weekend i swap it to the SE. ideal combination and together with a duo Sim flawless.

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