Apple’s “track record over the last few years shows a slow amassing of features over several generations that contribute to something bigger down the line,” Scott Stein and Roger Cheng write for CNET.

“Just look at Passbook, a minor app introduced in 2012, and the TouchID fingerprint reader introduced in the iPhone 5S a year later. Apple used those two elements to power its Apple Pay payment system, introduced in the subsequent iPhone 6,” Stein and Cheng write. “Siri, the digital voice assistant unveiled in 2011, is just starting to show her true potential as she works with HomeKit and an increasing array of apps.”

“If history repeats itself, the new elements of the iPhone 7 — the new static “button,” the dual-lens camera on the 7 Plus and, yes, even the move away from the headphone jack — may prove to be the foundation for some bigger changes ahead for next year’s iPhone,” Stein and Cheng write. “Apple’s big 10th anniversary iPhone could be where the company pulls out all the stops. So sit back as we attempt to read the tea leaves left to us by the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Think “sheet of glass.” Edge-to-edge (horizontal) to edge-to-edge (vertical) display. No bezel at all. The device just fades away.