Beleaguered Samsung permanently ceases Galaxy Note 7 production

“Samsung has permanently ceased production of its high-end Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports of devices it had deemed safe catching fire.
The firm had already reduced Galaxy Note 7 production volumes,” BBC News reports. “Owners are expected to be able to return the phones for a refund or an exchange for a different Samsung phone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, right. How stupid could you be to get another POS from a South Korean dishwasher maker?

“In September, Samsung recalled around 2.5 million phones after complaints of exploding batteries. It later insisted that all replaced devices were safe,” The Beeb reports. “However, that was followed by reports that those phones were catching fire too. A Kentucky man said he woke up to a bedroom full of smoke from a replaced Note 7, days after a domestic flight in the US was evacuated after a new device started emitting smoke in the cabin. Even as late as Monday evening, a spokeswoman insisted the phones were safe to use.”

“An official at the South Korean safety agency said the replacement phones might have a defect that was different from the problem with the original Galaxy Note 7s,” The Beeb reports. “Samsung could suffer ‘”a considerable loss of consumer faith,’ said Greg Roh at HMC Investment Securities.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, ya think?

“‘If it’s once, it could be taken as a mistake. But for Samsung, the same thing happened twice with the same model,’ he said,” The Beeb reports. “At least five fires were reported in replacement devices in the US.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, Steve said it best:

It’s best not to mess with karma.

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  1. I can’t wait to see how this will be reported on the android sites…. I read a comment yesterday under a techno buffalo video where the host was telling people not to buy the note 7, and the comment or said “I’m watching this on my note 7 right now, the phone is fine don’t listen to the shills” what a fucking idiot! The damned thing explodes.

    Overall wonderful cummuppance for these thieves.

    1. But is it any surprise really that the doofuses who would buy a SamSplode phone to begin with would defend it, even if it exploded? Was recalled? And numerous blatant episodes of destruction and potential life threatening danger?

      Stupid is as stupid does and for some it’s a permanent condition, despite clear evidence of their flagrant folly. Still there are Darwinian advantages to Fandroid who burn up using faulty gear – pride before flash-fire fall. (Kidding, sort of.)

  2. As a very long time Apple product user, I can *almost* remember the time when Apple fans did not take joy over the misfortune of others. Just barely.

    Yes, I know Samsung deserves this like no other company does.

    1. I’m not happy in the misfortune of others.
      This headline makes me happy because fewer people will be harmed by this phone. I’m also completely dumbfounded that this phone was still being made just a few days ago.

        1. Yours is, I believe, the signal observation of this fiasco from the perspective of MDN loiterers. The jeerers and sneerers are getting a taste of their own medicine.

          Maybe a long time ago, Apple fans were more polite — but the cumulative abuse heaped on them over the years has hardened them. A cruel chuckle should be understandable. When the worm turns, it’s with a fury.

  3. There’s that song from the 80s, sung by a then popular British singer, George Alan O’Dowd (known at the time as Boy George):

    Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma, Chameleoooooooon…!
    You come and gooooo,
    you come and gooooooooo!

  4. I’ve been an Apple fan for A LONG time! Competition is good and keeps companies innovating. I hope Samsung can recover. Up until I got my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I’ve only been an iPhone user previously. I will say I prefer Android right now. As big of an Apple fan boy I am, I can still admit that Apple’s software quality has went way down in recent years…too many bugs. Additionally, their products are quite boring anymore, they are no longer innovating. Apple needs to get its Job/Ive Era MOJO back know.

    I know I’ll get flamed for this post, buy, I’m a huge Apple fan and have at least w of every product they make. Unlike MDN and most folks on this site, though, I can keep an open mind and look into other companies products too. I’d love a Surface Pro 4 like machine from Apple.

    1. Personally I stopped buying any Samsung products since it became clear that they stole Apple’s design. I do not want to reward them for those actions.
      Competition is great and has certainly pushed the technology along. Still I would never buy an Android product since I have no idea how or what information is being mined on the device.
      As for Surface Pro, from what I heard it is a sluggish unit that compromises too much for mobility.

      1. Really ? Because they copied ? Hey I got news for you the company that made your car copied the round wheel design from another car ! And the company that made your gas BBQ copied parts of the desing from other BBQ makers. I could go on and on.
        EVERYBODY COPIES including Apple. Some more than others, BFD. What people don’t realize is that many copiers IMPROVE ON THE IDEA.

    2. “Up until I got my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I’ve only been an iPhone user previously. I will say I prefer Android right now. As big of an Apple fan boy I am, I can still admit that Apple’s software quality has went way down in recent years…too many bugs.”

      lol – you have got to be kidding. I use both phones too – the S7 Edge is for work.

      Sorry, but I can’t agree with you at all! Everything that is simple, and intuitive to do on my iPhone is full of extra steps & a pain on the Android.

      And too many bugs on the iPhone? What bugs? My phone works perfectly – no bugs.

  5. Was -pleasantly surprised to see this as the headline news item on BBC TV news and their website this morning.

    And to all those saying their Note 7 is OK and they’re not going to change it – good luck with any fire insurance claims.

    1. There are many people on various Android forums who defiantly claim today that they are keeping their precious Note 7.

      That is a stupid decision. The device will very soon be banned from planes, trains, buses, ships, other public spaces. While the owner may smuggle his in (keeping it in his pocket), at the very least, he’d be inconvenienced (by not being able to do anything with his phone), or worse, in legal trouble, for bringing a hazardous device to a public space.

      Not to mention the possibility of a good Samaritan noticing his explosive phone and telling him to shut it off before it explodes.

      This is going to be a colossal and long-lasting damage to the Samsung brand. When you say “Samsung Note 7” to an ordinary person, all they hear is “Samsung”; when there is HTC, LG, Motorola, Meizu, Xiaomi, Blu (and, of course, for the smart ones, Apple), why would you even bother taking a chance with Samsung?

      People on Android forums are wildly exhibiting all five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, a few of them, acceptance).

      1. What I’m not clear on is if you have a Note 7 with an already charged battery, and the cause of the fires is battery failure, does it make any difference if the phone it turned off or not?

        1. Probably not; apparently, several have caught fire while turned off. The one on the plane likely ignited because of the cabin air pressure change. If I recall correctly, the battery can ignite, among other reasons, if physical pressure is put on it.

          None of this really matters much, as most people won’t really know these details. I can easily see a scenario where an ordinary Samsung user is chased off a bus by a scared mob of well-meaning people who can’t tell (or don’t know) the difference between a Samsung Galaxy Prime and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7…

      2. I fear something dramatic to force people away from the Note 7- like cell carriers are refusing to connect them to the network.

        The concept that a non charging device could catch fire on an airplane has me really worried.

      3. I don’t think these Fandroid idiots are even considering the liability issues for which if there’s an explosive episode and people are hurt or property damage ensues they may find themselves in court being sued for even still having the device, and then in bankruptcy court.

        And all because of their moronic, misguided & undeserved SamSplode loyalty.

      4. “People on Android forums are wildly exhibiting all five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, a few of them, acceptance).”

        Those 2 mil (in US) still holding on to there Note 7 I would guess are the first 2 phases of grief. It may take the Note 7 of one of the bloggers advocating to keep the phone to have theirs catch fire. sad.

        These holding onto their 7s will be the first in line for the Note 8. The real event to see is how many others will be in line for the Note 8.

    1. Truly, The HUGE deal the press made of “antennagate”, so big that Steve Jobs had to make a public statement and the relative silence about the risk of the Note 7 is amazing. With the Note 7 there is an actual risk of harm. Why isn’t there a larger effort to get these phones out of the wild?

      There should be Major news story every time one of these phones catches fire with a closing line of “If you are still in possession of one of these devices, do not charge it, return it to your carrier ASAP for replacement.

    2. My impression of Antennae-gate was that it would have died down rather quickly but after Steve Jobs’ (perhaps paraphrased) utterance, “You’re holding it wrong” rubbed some people the wrong way, the matter just blew up to extreme proportions in the media.

  6. Should I be worried about my fridge? Test, test, and test again your products before releasing them. Never let competition change your release date. Any extensive testing would have found this problem in the labs. Apple should learn from this and test even further than the huge extent they already do. M$ always released betas and look at them now.

    1. “Apple should learn from this and test even further than the huge extent they already do.”

      You are implying that Apple doesn’t. Apple isn’t trying to rush things out the door like samsung does. They get hit from “Apple stock shares owning” people for being too slow in releasing products; they get hit from wall street and from windows/google media for their slow releases of products already.

      Apple doesn’t rush things. They did a couple of times and got slammed. I think they learned from it. Between people who say delay longer and release faster, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Apple is the best judge of when to release a product – and that includes their testing.

      1. Right like when recent iOS updates bricked phones. Sorry but I disagree that Apple tests enough. In fact their software IMO is often flaky and inconsistent. Safari on my iPad Air acts like s*it often. Don’t get me started on the photo apps and camera kit they keep screwing up.

  7. No, Im not implying that Apple doesn’t. I said, “Apple should learn from this and test even further than the huge extent they already do” I agree they’ve also gotten “slammed” in the past and should take precaution to never get “slammed” again. There is no argument here.

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