iPhone buyers shifting to Apple’s flagship 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus

“Survey data indicate that Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus now makes up 30% of iPhone 7 sales, the highest percentage ever for the Plus models,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “The ratio may go even higher for the December quarter. This could push iPhone ASP for the quarter to an all time high above $700.”

“Based on the Fiksu data… sales of iPhone 7 Plus have jumped compared to previous generations and now constitute over 30% of total iPhone 7 sales,” Hibben writes. “This jump has also been noted by RBC analyst Amit Daryanani, whose survey of buying intentions in the December quarter indicates that 46% of respondents play to buy the Plus models of either the iP7 or iP6s.”

“I think there are two factors at work in the shift to Plus models. The first is simply a shift in overall consumer preference toward larger screen phones. That shift seems to keep pushing the envelope towards larger and larger phones,” Hibben writes. “If Apple thought it was ‘done’ by introducing the 5.5 inch screen iPhones, it probably isn’t seeing the market trend.”

iPhone 7 Plus
Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black, the world’s most advanced pocket computer

Hibben writes, “The other factor is the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. Not only does this provide for better photography using the phone, but it constitutes a very visible external change that telegraphs that the owner has the very latest and best iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, (get it?) the Jet Black version – the most obvious “this is a new iPhone” signal possible – is available only in 128GB and 256GB versions which also helps push up iPhone ASPs.

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  1. I would have never ordered the plus if the dual camera were on the 4.7″ version. If they released two versions with the same internals, the plus would not be selling as well. I don’t think consumers want the larger screen as much as they think, they just want the best of what’s available. I know several people who have gotten the larger one to take advantage of the better photography options. They all say they would prefer the 4.7 one though.

  2. I ordered the 7Plus 256g, last week. Due in December.

    I have NOT been accepting email on my previous phones due to screen size and gigabyte size. I get several emails daily with data and spreadsheet docs, along with some occasional large photos for photoshop-ing.

    With the 256 Plus, at I may be able to manage my email on a phone at last.

    Hey what can I say for a 70 year old man. You younger guys, be thankful for you can see easily.

  3. After one year of use of the iPhone 6 Plus,

    Me: Honey, I can get the iPhone 7 this time…

    Wife: No that’s okay, get the 7 Plus.

    This is after a whole year prior worring about having to give up her 5S for the 6 Plus.

    Yes it’s big, but in a good way. 400+ PPI, easy on the eyes – can’t complain.

  4. I also think that the camera is the biggest draw. And the greater battery life is something I hear cited constantly. Amongst iPhone users, the knowledge that the big phone lasts much longer is very well known and talked about.

  5. If all features were the same (Camera, batteries, ppi, etc) I would get an SE in a heartbeat even at twice the price of a 7 Plus… I also would not care if it was twice as thick.

  6. I bought two phones this year. The SE and a 7 Plus. Each model has its user and it’s value for each. I don’t think there is a broad brush to paint here like some of these “analysts” claim.
    The SE is perfect for my work, gym and all around compactness.
    The 7 plus with its dual camera and increased capacity was a great reason for me to upgrade for different reasons. That one was a great choice to churn photo filters and video on. It’s the one I got with the 128 storage.
    My SE is still a 16 gig basic model. It’s all I need on my go-to with me at all times phone. Everyone has a use for their particular phone size.

      1. No I have an iPad mini and rarely use it. Especially now with the 7 Plus. I thought I would I like the iPad mini over Air but I personally find both awkward to use. I found myself using the SE at home instead of the mini because it was more comfortable for me to sit and use with the smaller device.
        And still it doesn’t have the new processor or the dual camera and is not as compact and portable as the 7 plus.

  7. Without knowing how many people are getting a bigger iPhone as opposed to coming from Android and possibly staying at roughly the same size of phone then isn’t that telling. Also, if people are upgrading to a bigger phone how much is because they want the better camera (and are willing to compromise with a large screen) and how much is it down to the screen itself? It’s an interesting figure but really doesn’t tell much of a story.

  8. Replaced my 6 with a 7 and never considered a Plus.

    I think part of the drive by done to bigger ohones are tjose who use it as their primary computing device. Since I prefer a Mac over any iOS device I am not of that crowd.

    I actually would love to see Apple upgrade the iPad mini to state of the art camera/cpu/gpu and get a TelCo to offer it with an unlimited dataplan, the ability to tether to the Apple Watch and a strong VoIP app with a fixed phone number. If I could buy an upgraded iPad mini with the same data plan I have on my phone I would opt for that.

    In 2016 the idea of a phone needs to be more fluid. With VoIP, the need for a voice plan is kind of outdated. What users need is the sized device of their preference with a generous data plan. Apple needs to make iPhone only apps available on other iOS devices.

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