Beleaguered Samsung has a ticking time bomb on its hands

“Samsung’s problems with exploding Note7 batteries have compounded with many users preferring to hold onto potentially dangerous handsets despite alarming cases of burns,” Chris Griffith reports for The Australian.

“Samsung announced a recall of more than 2.5 million Note7 handsets including 51,060 Note7’s in Australia almost three weeks ago. At that time the Korean manufacturer cited 35 incidents of explosions, burns and overheating handsets worldwide. Two cases were confirmed in Australia, including a Note7 belonging to a Melbourne businessman exploding in a hotel room in Perth,” Griffith reports. “In the US alone the incidence has swollen to 92 reports of overheating batteries, including 26 reports of burns and 55 of property damage. That’s one country.”

“Equally concerning is that only a small minority of users are taking Samsung’s recall seriously, if US figures are an indication. Last week The Verge reported that only 130,000 or 13 per cent of 1 million Note7 devices sold there had been returned. As a result, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US formally banned the use of Note7 handsets on flights,” Griffith reports. “This festering global public safety crisis is making life even more difficult for Samsung, which has been left reeling after releasing the Note7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: God forbid one of these Samsung POS phones kills someone or brings down a plane or something equally horrific.

For any Android settlers who might have stumbled here from Google: Get a real iPhone. Life is too short to try to make due with a poor imitation that might randomly maim or kill.

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)


Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Al” for the heads up.]


  1. So there are 1 million of these devices on U.S. soil at the current time? This is, indeed, karma. Think of all of the many nations that the U.S. has invaded throughout the past 200 years, and you’ll see that 1 million is nothing compared to the devastation that the U.S has wrought on the rest of the American continent, and the Pacific islands. Fighting Terrorism Since 1492.

      1. There is nothing dumb about my post. This is real, and many of today’s politicians don’t have the ability to right what is wrong with this country. Hawaii shouldn’t even be a state considering its history, and neither should Puerto Rico, and Guam. So stop burying your head in the sand and actually do something about this.

          1. At this point, it’s pretty much expected. This crazy SJW, as well as Botty, FxxxTxxx, and Mel, all seem to be bringing politics into Apple news. It’s been very tense the past few days. When election season is over, then maybe the insanity will end.

            1. Thanks for throwing me into that crowd, anonymous JC. I have been on this forum for a long, long time as a registered user, and I have made lots of good posts over that time. If you had any brains, you would know that I never initiate politicrap posts. Never. I simply refuse to let botty and Fwhatever push their crap without refutation.

              I strongly resent the disparagement of lumping me together with those cretins.

          2. Yes, that was his point, alright. Thus, you and “M” are technically spot on in denouncing an off-topic, rambling gasp for attention.

            HOWEVER. Heir to the Throne’s unrelenting “unrelated” posts are political in the bloody extreme, calling into question colonialism in all its unsavoury flavours. This is another instance of Karma, which EXISTS despite all attempts to deflect it from its central place in the operation of the universe.

            Skeptics who say Karma is bullshit, that “shit happens” randomly, haven’t tasted Karma’s precisely timed, precisely targeted sting for themselves. Not yet.

            1. Yeah, if we are going to have a weird cult discussion, can it at least be about the weird cult of Apple? That is what we are here for, after all.

            2. David, this is not an ordinary time, but a bifurcation point. You can go down with the ship, or transfer to a new vessel of undetermined conveyance. The choice is yours.

              Think different.

            3. This is all about Apple. Donald Trump has made Apple, and colonialism, election issues. The treatment of Hawaii is relevant to the future of Apple and of the United States.

              If there was ever a time that we should seriously consider disparate voices in the republic, that time is now, on the eve of a world-changing presidential election. I realise there are many who want to throw up their hands in frustration and say, enough! The same current of discontent passed through Germany in 1937. It wasn’t enough to stop a world war.

        1. Okay… Except this phone is sold worldwide, not just in the U.S. So people all over the world from countries with all different histories are affected by this.

          More importantly, the country most affected by it is the one selling it, Korea. Historically, Korea has been the victim by colonialism far more than just about any nation on the planet. Their long history mostly involves it being brutulizd by nearby empires, because their land happens to be an extremely strategically located peninsula between mainland China and Japan. Even now, their land is split in two entirely because of manipulation by the Cold War super powers. If imperialism karma is a thing, why would it does it just seem to hit places like Korea again and again and again and again?

          You don’t have to bother answering, as it’s obvious to everyone who read your post that you gave it zero thought, and just shoe horned your biased political beliefs into a completely unrelated topic.

          1. Why don’t I do something about centuries of imperialism brutalizing the people of Korea? Because I can’t do anything with history besides learn from it, and try to live my life better than those people did.

    1. Evil America, the blame game ….what makes you think another country would not have overtaken the same areas and caused worse devestation if the US did not exist. You are a fool to think otherwise. The world is a place of the survival of the fittest whether we like it or not. There will always be a controlling world power to conquer other weaker nations….choose your poison…Perhaps you would like, Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Pre WWII War Japan or Germany, etc… to control your area. I will take the US over most countries hands down. If you think this is some kum ba yah world where we can all hold hands around the campfire and spread group love….you will be the first genetic line to perish.

      1. I think that you should revisit modern science that has debunked the myth of “survival of the fittest”. Current science shows repeatedly in nature that is it survival of those who cooperate.

      2. What you’re talking about is Social Darwanism – a misappropriation of a scientific theory in nature haphazardly applied to human society resulting in highly impractical, unethical, and often racist worldviews. To recap one of the more fatal lessons of the 20th century history, the Social Darwinists were wrong because they always mistakenly assumed they were from the genetically race. Some of them were so inbred that they literally fucked themselves out of existence.

        If Russia, Germany, or Japan had the good fortune to take over the world instead of the U.S, then they would have written your history books and school curriculum, and you would be singing praise of their glorious founders and leaders, excusing or ignoring their faults, just like you were taught to do with the U.S. Who won had much more to do with luck then some sort of genetic exceptionalism.

        1. MORON ALERT!! And, BTW, you can’t even spell Darwin’s properly, let alone foist your twisted versions of his studies appropriately. Die stupid; I’m so sure you will.

          1. What a bizarrely pitiful response. That did not refute a single point I made. All you did was call me a moron in ad hominem then mistakenly accuse me of misspelling Darwin. At first I assumed that misspelling was true because I occasionally do make typos. But looking back, I didn’t misspell Darwin at any point. I’m guessing you don’t know either the word “Darwinism” or “Darwinist”? These are standard words spelled correctly that can be found in any dictionary, meaning theories associated with Charles Darwin and people who advance such theories respectively. I hope you can at least learn that bit of vocubaluary from this exchange. I for one am disappointed by the completely lackluster way in which you have lost the debate.

            1. OK WTP, you’re so sloppy/ignorant that you vigorously defend your own errors without even checking what you wrote to see if there’s even the slightest chance you’re wrong. Well, YOU’RE WRONG! Here’s what you wrote: “What you’re talking about is Social Darwanism.” I doubt any of us have ever known a famous scientist named “Darwan.” Like most overly emotional progressive fools you consider yourself morally superior to us normal and logical folks. In fact, you’re so smug about your superiority that you think you’re justified in trying to ban our constitutional rights to real freedom of speech plus our right to defend ourselves, plus our choice of eating meat or drinking a soda. Must have been too damned many self-esteem awards in your Marxist schools “education”. Get a grip. Darwin would be ashamed to have any association with your convoluted thinking processes. And don’t play the “victim” pity card with me. It makes you seem even more of a sheeple herd follower with no actual argument except your “feelings.”

            2. Womp. You got me with the one letter typo! I could have sworn I triple checked that. Oh well.

              Don’t know about the rest of your rant though. Sounded like a lot of wild speculation that missed its mark. I’m no victim, I believe freedom of speech is crucial for free society, I enjoy meat and sugar water as much as anyone I’ve met, the main lesson I got about Marx is that none of his elaborate ideas have ever actually worked well when applied to the real world, and I often get accused of being too logical and emotionless by my wife other people who actually know me. Your stereotyping might be able to hurt someone else’s feeling but I just can’t relate to any of it.

              Guess the only way we can settle this now is to out-breed one another. How many kids do have? I have one at the moment, and one on the way.

            3. Ok brother, you got me with this reply; let’s shake hands and enjoy our freedoms. That was a classy response to my semi-serious “eye poking”. 👍🏽

    2. It’s also nothing compared to the trillions of apples that have fallen off trees and rotted on the ground without being eaten by the starving Neanderthals in the Paleocene era. Why didn’t you mention that? Or the number of rats that spread the Black Death? Tell us why that is worse than a Samsung zphone.

    3. It is important to understand history, but it is foolish to dwell on it except as a guide to improve your actions in the future. The United States continues to evolve – sometimes forward, occasionally backwards – and I am confident that we will make it through these troubled times of political polarization into a more promising future.

      Heir, with respect to your subsequent post – Puerto Rico is a territory, not a state.

  2. After investigation it has been revealed that the Samsung Galzy Note 7 phones are equipped with 20% more powerful SAMSUNG batteries. I hope Apple has triple-checked that the batteries in the iPhones (often Samsung batteries) do not have the same quality control issue.

    1. It’s not a QC issue. It’s a DESIGN issue. If it was simply “a bad batch of batteries,” Samsung would not have issued a software update that limits battery charging to 60% of DESIGNED capacity, as an alternative to returning the phone for refund.

      1. I’ve read that this is the main challenge in designing rechargeable lithium ion batteries: you can make them charge faster, but they get hotter the faster they charge. So they need a microchip to actually slow down and regulate the speed that they charge, so they don’t overheard based on how much heat the battery material can handle without breaking down or exploding. Of course everyone wants bigger batteries that charge faster, but it gets more dangerous the further they try to push that. Extensive quality assurance is a must with these type of batteries!

      1. No they don’t. Apple has used many battery suppliers over the past few years such as Dynapak, Simplo, and Desai. I think the supply chain checks for the iPhone 7 show them currently using batteries from Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) from China.

  3. What kind of MORON knowingly keeps a dangerous product, instead of returning it for replacement or refund. Oh yeah… These are the same people who knowingly choose Android. 🙂

    1. They are also so-called “Americans”.
      Not only was this continent stolen, but even the name graced upon this land by Americus Vespuccio was stolen to, and it now means an ignorant contingent of backwards, racist Trump voters. America means to the world ignorance, sloth, and greed, and you all have brought the natives into this disturbing mess you created for yourselves. Just remember this: 1 million Samsung phones are on US soil. Keep that in mind…

      1. I am a first generation American citizen and my ancestors had nothing to do with what you’re describing. Nonetheless, I still resent your absurd comments and self-loathing world view regarding this country. Please leave, both this site and the USA; do us all a favor–you are insufferable and would be happier somewhere else.

      2. Pretty much every place on this world was stolen from someone/something else at one time or another throughout history. You dwell too much on the past.

        While I would agree that America can and should do better – much better – in the future, the shrillness of your diatribes is off-putting. We cannot change the past, but we can strive for a better future for everyone. You should start looking forwards…

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