Is October Apple’s ‘Pro’ Mac month

“It’s been a quiet summer for Final Cut Pro news. But October 2016 is shaping up to potentially be a great month for Apple’s Pro users,” Richard Taylor writes for FCPX.TV. “Finally.

“Professionals have been waiting on a refresh on pro Mac hardware and Final Cut Pro X for 18 months or more. For example, the Mac Pro is going on 3 years with no update. The MacBook Pro hasn’t been updated in over a year and a half. I’d like to see a new iMac Pro with a wider screen, beefier graphics and an 8 core CPU option,” Taylor writes. “Even if there is not a specific Apple pro hardware event in October, there certainly should be a refresh of the MacBook Pro and the iMac in time for the holiday buying season.”

“Many video professionals are waiting for the next major FCPX feature update, probably 10.3. It should be a major, major feature update with an expected and needed UI overhaul with many often requested features added,” Taylor writes. “Although Final Cut Pro could be updated at any time, if Apple wanted to release it to coincide with the next FCPX centric event, that would be in October before or around the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Soon.

We’re betting that we’ll see new Macs before our Apple Watch Nike+ orders arrive!


  1. Given the humongous number of posts on MDN when the subject is broached, I would say Yes.

    And while Apple is at it, don’t forget the MacBook Pro; it is called “Pro” for a reason is it not?

    1. Definitely. Mac Book Pro, iMac’s and Mac Pro are all part of the Pro market. Let’s hope for great things for all, and more importantly that Apple is listening to the kind of Mac Pro we want and need and not some clever Jonny Ives over-designed, expensive, PCIe 3 feature starved, poorly upgradeable & undesirable model. In my estimation to keep ignoring this market’s need is to concede it to Windows, Hackintosh or Linux.

        1. The cheese grater Mac Pro is my choice for the best desktop computer design of all time! Beautiful internal layout, easy access, four drive bays…the only thing that would have made it better was an increase in high-speed expansion card slots and RAM slots. The cheese grater was heavy, but capable, durable and reliable. I absolutely loved that machine!

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      1. In general, I agree with your post, peterblood71, with the exception of the characterization of the iMac as a pro machine. The iMac was originally released as a consumer machine, not a pro machine. During its evolution, it has been increasingly adopted by some professionals — not people who needed serious multi-core number crunching power and/or high-end graphics — because it offered a reasonable combination of price and performance. I see the current iMac lineup as spanning the range from consumer level to pro level (for selected applications). But the CPU and graphics underpinnings of the iMac come from MacBook mobile technologies, for the most part, so they are not true pro machines.

        1. Believe me I do understand what you mean completely. I add it but should have put the proviso in that future iMacs would/should/could have more cores, like 8 cores. My choice would be a tower Mac Pro with lots of upgrades possible.

      1. What’s IMO more likely is that the 3.5″ jack is already gone, but given the fuss on the iPhone, the survey was sent out with the intent to head off customer criticism.

        If you think about it from the perspective of managing expectations, it was a “can’t now complain that we didn’t warn you”.

    2. If so, Apple has three options:
      1) announce and ship new Pro hardware (rMBP, Mac Pro) with old hardware and specs (i.e., Skylake in the rMBP, Broadwell in the Mac Pro);
      2) announce lower capability leading edge CPUs not really meant for “Pro” hardware (i.e., low power Kaby Lake chips in the rMBP which are really meant for portables like the MacBook and lower end MacBook Air and non -E (or Xeon) chips Skylake chips in the Mac Pro)
      3) announce and ship with the leading edge, Pro appropriate chips and have the inventory be **SEVERELY** constrained for the first 3-4 months (i.e., convince Intel to allocate all higher class, current generation chips to Apple during the sampling and initial production phases of the higher capability chips).

      There really are no other options, and none of them are good.

      1. Excellent suggestions.

        If Apple can right the ship, so to speak, stop looking in the fashion mirror and set sail to BUILD THE BADEST PRO MACS the world has ever seen!

        In one fell swoop, they would not only acknowledge their storied past, but BLAST by everyone present day.

        Ah, I think they have the money to accomplish.

        Ah, I think they have the talented employees to accomplish.

        Ah, I think they have the award winning office space to accomplish.

        But, the billion dollar question — do they have the WILL AND FOCUS TO ACCOMPLISH PRO COMPUTERS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN?

        Fingers crossed … 🌞🇺🇸🔫

  2. Here is my litmus test to see if Apple is “back on track” and has pro users in mind:

    A wired Mac keyboard with 2 USB-c 3.1 ports and an sdxc port on it. 🙂

    The difference between the current USB 2 and what I’ve suggested is about $6 in additional parts count and about 40 hours of engineering/design time. 😀

    When such a keyboard exists, I’ll know Apple’s Mac line is back on track.

  3. Cook: “We love the Mac and we are very committed to It.”

    Well Mr. Cook, if I said I loved my wife and ignored her for three years how convincing would those words be?
    But then again, you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

      1. Hmm auramac. Struck a nerve I see.
        My point is neither hateful nor moronic. I’m a professional and would rather stick pins in my eyes than subject myself to the awfulness of windows.
        Switching mid flow would be akin to moving from Canon to Nikon. I have neither the time nor inclination to do that.

        Thanks to Cook I’m using Adobe crapware on ancient sub-par hardware because he couldn’t be bothered investing a small fraction of his **two hundred billion dollars** on his pro customers.
        Because he’s distracted by things he sees as more important.

        My point stands in its entirety.

        1. Cook is distracted by the new shinies at Apple: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

          His personal life and personal opinions matter more to you than to him with regard to anything related to the Mac.

  4. The article is nothing but rank speculation, nothing more.

    If it is not obvious by now that Apple has abandoned the pro market if effing well should be.

    **Three Years** since the Mac ‘pro’ hit and 18 months since Final Cut 10.2.

    Like a jilted lover that cannot come to terms with the loss, pros continue to vainly hold out hope that Apple is secretly preparing a massive update to their pro hardware line.
    To you I say: “Wake. Up.”

  5. Lets hope since it has taken so long it will a complete redesign again. That last model I think was horrible, does anyone want everything to be external? Not me! I like the models before, just need to be more modular and updated!

  6. Apple is pretty much a phone company these days. The iphone and ipad seem to be their shareholder’s vision of the future. It seems to be only about the bottom line, fiduciary responsibilities and so on blah blah . . . . I sure wish Tim could be visited upon in a dream some night from the spirit of Steve Jobs. Steve might be able to impress upon him the importance of the fact that the Mac built Apple.
    It’s clear from most of the comments I’ve read here and on other forums that Schiller’s “Who says we cant innovate?” black cylinder Mac missed the mark. Please give pro users an internally expandable tower style Mac Pro. Is that too much to ask?

    1. No, it’s not too much to ask. But their roadmap may not include your town or mine. They are always up to something, something other than what we’d like, something that came out of their crystal ball. They are staring into a future that you and I may not be alive to witness.

      Some of us angrily claim that Apple don’t know what they’re doing, that their leadership has failed. Those are just feelings of people that haven’t got what they wanted.

      Apple is a giant profit machine and an intellectual wheelhouse taking society in a direction we may not recognise, but there is purpose there, like it or not. We can only choose whether to trust it, or not.

      1. A fair point about the roadmap.

        But just because its on a roadmap doesn’t magically mean that its to the customer’s destination; they’re always free to not open their wallet.

        Case in point:

        1963: Porsche introduces the 911
        1978: Porsche’s roadmap introduces the 928, to replace the 911.
        1995: Last 928 is made.
        2017: 911 updates & production continues

      2. “Some of us angrily claim that Apple don’t know what they’re doing, that their leadership has failed. Those are just feelings of people that haven’t got what they wanted.”

        Well, this PRO has been forgotten by Apple since Steve passed. Aperture, iMovie, Final Cut, iWeb, unrecognizable icons, censoring pistol emojis, lackluster designy PRO Macs lagging behind the competition … need I go on?

        And the special edition watch band designs and Apple liberal activism did not help.

        I would like to think Apple is distracted with all that cash, success, new spaceship digs and holding fundraisers for Democrats. They need to get BACK on the PRO TRACK! The history of Apple that I have been following since April 1, 1976 — the PROSUMER MARKET — is being treated like they no longer EXIST.

        Not angry, but gravely disappointed lately like no time before in Apple history … ☹️

        1. Your list is actually pretty good, GoeB. That is, until you tossed in the “liberal activism” and “Democrats.” I wonder if thou wouldst protest so much if it were “conservative activism” – and, yes, that certainly exists. Including politics in your posts detracts from them.

          I would prefer that all corporations stay out of politics entirely, regardless of which direction the leadership leans. In my opinion, the management of a corporation should not leverage the power and wealth of a corporation in that manner. How can their actions be representative of the broad range of owners of a typical corporation?

          I agree that the pros have been largely taken for granted and ignored for far too long. The cylindrical Mac Pro redesign missed the mark for the majority of pros and, to make things worse, the design has been stagnant since its release. Apple certainly has the resources needed to keep the consumer and pro Mac lineups current and vibrant while still churning away at iPhones and iOS. Get on the ball, Apple! Our patience is wearing thin!

          1. “Your list is actually pretty good, GoeB. That is, until you tossed in the “liberal activism” and “Democrats.”

            Well, that is a reflection of what Apple is up to these days.

            If they engaged in the opposite party activism I would point that out, as well.

            My point, and it reads like you agree for the most part — build the best PRO COMPUTERS of all time.

            Waiting too long .., ☹️

      1. “The Apple II built Apple… so we should go back to something old and not appropriate for today just because….?”

        Go back?!?

        Go forward: Build the most powerful computers the world has ever seen.

        Capish? 😎

  7. Given past experience and Intel’s roadmap, there’s a strong chance that, if new Mac Pros get announced in 2016, we won’t see them ship until early 2017. It will be a placeholder announcement, they’ll show the hardware, and then say “Coming next Spring”. The previous Mac Pro was announced in June, and shipped late December. And since pro buyers don’t necessarily have a seasonal preference, Apple will be able to focus on the consumer line through the holidays.

    But what I really want from them is an Aperture alternative. Call it Photos Pro, if they want. I’ll happily pay for it, if it builds on what made Aperture so useful. Because the current Photos app? Ugh. Still a huge step off the path. And no third-party alternative offers the iLife integration that Aperture and iPhoto did.

  8. MacPro and MacBook Pro are the two PRO Machines.
    iMac was made for the consumer, not the pro.
    SOME Pros can use it, but to me it is not really a PRO machine.

    I also have been patiently waiting for a new MacPro and Monitor to purchase.

    I think the biggest mistake that Tim Cook makes is his timing-to-market. From the announce and release. They both need to happen in ONE fiscal quarter to appease the markets. Steve Jobs did that WAY better. The PRO line should have been timed to release during it’s slowest quarter that the iPhone/iPad/iWatch eco system lives in. This way, your core base will help balance your income streams and margins.

    Also on that topic, Eddie Cue (a.k.a. drunk uncle) should have been released already. Not securing the T.V. content already is unacceptable. Not to mention the lack of improvements that are needed desperately in iTunes.

    Hope the Apple team get back onboard with focusing your core base with new PRO products (hardware AND software)..
    they definitely have the man power and income to make it happen.

    Waiting Patiently

  9. I’m waiting for Santa Claus to come over early this year riding a unicorn instead of the sleigh with my new MacBook Pro!

    It’s going to be so thin! And get rid of all those confusing ports!

    I can’t wait. I mostly use my iPad but prefer to type my Facebook messages on a real keyboard.

  10. The MacBook Pro was updated in May 2015, so it’s over a year, but certainly not over a year and a half. But, hey, if it helps to build the story you’re trying to write 🙂

  11. Yeah I guess I am OK believing that there’s going to be a new iMac and there’s going to be a new Mac Pro and is going to be a new MacBook Pro. But I don’t think that’s the future. I think Apple is going to completely disrupt the PC market again. I’m happy to be wrong but I don’t think the future is in laptops. The future is in more powerful and interesting tablets. Personally I’m ready to say goodbye to the iMac and see a very thin iPad like screen set on my wall with a really fantastic screen. I see wireless connectivity to the cloud or hard disk that are put away somewhere that I don’t have to see in my office. I see a whole new era where Apple has everything I own in the cloud and I only have a screen and an Internet connection to get to it with my life unencumbered by wires. I can dream I suppose. If there is anything I wish Apple would come up with it would be a worldwide fast Internet connection system either through the telephone network or some sort of fabulous worldwide Wi-Fi system that Mac users get to use at a really reasonable price. Again one can dream. I am not dreaming of a new 5K iMac heavy limited storage machine that really isn’t more useful than the one I have now.

    1. Great if you are just an entertainment consumer as opposed to a web content producer who makes a living on a real computer using apps which are far to complex to operate on a tablet, especially with a touch interface. But I guess you people are not aware of how your consumer content is produced. Party on, Garth.

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