Samsung phone blows up in car passenger seat, causes huge highway explosion

“A terrifying car fire was caused by a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blowing up while on charge, police have said,” The Daily Mail reports. “Flames engulfed the car on a highway in Port St. Lucie, Florida, after the cellphone exploded in the passenger seat on Tuesday night. It happened less than a week after Samsung urged customers around the world to stop using the device – warning they are prone to catch fire. An unprecedented 2.5million phones were recalled, just two weeks after their release.”

“Nurse Sharon Cain captured the blaze from her car after hearing a ‘loud pop,'” The Daily Mail reports. “She uploaded the video on Facebook and wrote: ‘A car caught fire from a charg(ing) Note Galaxy 7 on Crosstown (in) Port St. Lucie. I was told (that) the gentleman was charging his phone when he heard a loud pop (and then) the phone blew up. I am a nurse so I stopped to make sure there was no help needed from me.'”

“Police told WPBF the car’s owner, Clifford Samuels, 55, believed the cellphone was the cause of the fire,” The Daily Mail reports. “Earlier this month, U.S. authorities said the Galaxy Note 7s were banned from being used during flights. Some airlines also stated they could not be added to checked luggage, fearing they could set alight in the hold.

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, Karma, you beautiful, unmerciful bitch!

Once again, this dangerous POS should have already been officially recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other consumer product safety bodies the world over!

Imagine the headlines and the government action worldwide to protect consumers if this had been Apple instead of a South Korean dishwasher maker.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “chris renaldi” for the heads up.]


  1. There should now be an official and immediate recall of all Galaxy Note 7 phones! Also a importation ban on ScamScum cellphones until they are certified safe for use by the general public, and the transportation industries lift the ban and approve their use in passenger and cargo spaces. 🖖😀⌚️

      1. Why do people like this nurse take video with their phones held vertical when it is nearly impossible to put it on a TV screen or YouTube? Do any of you notice that the video above is shot with the video image in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. Come on people, please turn your phone on its side to take videos.

        1. Correction: The video at the top of the page was shot in portrait mode (vertical). Ideally, it should have been shot in landscape mode (horizontal). It’s common to see this error simply because it’s easy to hold the phone in one hand while shooting in portrait mode. When an emergency, such as a burning car, is going on you just want to get the scene on video and don’t think about aesthetics.

  2. If that happened on a plane Samsung would be finished as a company. They need to immediately send notifications to all the morons still using these devices saying they will permanently brick their device within one week. The customer should be able to either get a refund on the device or recieve another non exploding/non Note 7 phone. This situation is out of control and they need to act before there is major loss of life.

        1. The groupthink on this site is frightening.

          I’m sitting at my iMac listening to a podcast on my iPhone while my wife watches Netflix on her Apple TV (one of three) fed by an Apple AirPort Extreme base station. But I’m a “scamdung apologist” because I point out the fact that karma does not exist?? Wow.

          Ok, so you think karma is a thing?
          Next time you get bad news, next time your family member is diagnosed with terminal cancer, next time you are in a car wreck due to your bad driving, please do let us all know, so we can laugh at your pain and call it ‘karma’.

          It’s astounding how easily led along you are, by MDN’s shouts of ‘karma’ every time something bad happens to anyone using any product NOT Apple.

          If you can generate this much intense hate for another human being merely because they disagree with you over a freaking cell phone it’s little wonder the world is as screwed up as it is.

            1. I mean no offense, I merely want to point out that ‘karma’ is not real. The universe is mostly empty space, it has no will.

              Saying, “Aha! Karma!!” every time something bad happens to people or entities you disapprove of is absurd.

              Karma never happens to your family, you don’t shout ‘karma’ when your sister crashes her car do you? Even if you know she’s not a good driver.

            2. I think it is impossible to prove that karma does not exist. You may feel there is a lack of evidence to support it, but that is not proof of non-existence.

              Non-existence of anything is nearly impossible to prove as it just might be where you are not looking, and you can’t exhaustively look everywhere all at once.

            3. That’s not how proof works. If there is no reason to believe something actually exists, it is not reasonable to ask people to prove it doesn’t exist.
              The burden, if anyone cares to argue about existence or lack thereof, should be on the person asserting some random non-evidentiary thing exists. Or, at least admit there’s no proof and refuse to be annoyed when people point out the thing probably doesn’t exist.
              Example: I believe in God, but I am not at all offended when people say they don’t think God exists.

            4. I’m with “That’s Not Karma”. Karma, like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and God are all constructs of the human mind. While people truly believe in these things (and I’m all for it if it makes them happy), they’re just not real.

              The attacks may now begin.

          1. You didn’t “point out the fact that karma does not exist”. You dared someone to shout “karma”. Also, the nonexistence of karma is not a “fact”. Further, the existence of karma is not a license to laugh at another’s misfortune. Finally, Samsung has earned every molecule of ill will expressed here.

    1. Breeze.
      Are you a Hindu?
      Then please STOP with the ‘karma’.
      If not, please, next time a member of your family gets hurt tell them it was karma and ask them what they did to deserve it.

    1. ‘Karma’ does not exist.
      It is the (false) belief that one’s conduct affects future existences. It has nothing to do with what particular brand of cell phone that you buy or what happens to you as a result.

      If it had been one of MDN’s family in that car you can bet your bottom dollar that they would not be calling this ‘karma’.

      As yojimbo007 rightly said, where is that Karna (sic) for Google and Eric Mole Schidth?

      1. Karma absolutely exists. Steve Jobs said so!

        Karma, Insane, Flummoxed…….are some of the words Steve Jobs used to say. These words will be used as enemies of Steve Jobs and Apple are slowly hit with……………errrrr…..KARMA.

        Right now I can bet you that Samsung must be a so flummoxed. They would be insane not to be.

        1. Cool. Karma is real. Then Steve, who ripped off people if it suited him, treated his employees like dirt and disowned his own daughter, got cancer because, karma.
          You do something bad and bad things happen back to you.

          What evil have you done in your life Paul?
          You regularly come here and hatefully put down others, including me.
          I’m not some emotionless drone, I’m a human being with feelings. But you don’t care about that. You just care that you vent your hate on someone else.
          You think that is good or bad?
          It’s bad, obviously.
          You’ve probably done a lot more than just insult strangers, you’ve likely stolen things and lied and much worse.
          So, for all those things you’ve done, karma will repay you.

          1. I have no hate for you at a personal level, I have hate for your stupid view that there is NO Karma as if it was “literally” true. Well ofcourse there is NO Karma you jackass! We don’t “literally” believe there is Karma. We say it in jest and ridicule as a kind of make-believe poke at Scamdung. Chill.

  3. one of the reasons this is happening is that when the first incidents happened overseas the media seemed very reticent to report it, nowhere near Apple’s ‘bend gate, antenna gate’ etc frenzy. (imagine if this was an Apple product)

    I’ve always said media is biased towards android including reviews (Gruber calls it “grading on a curve” ).

    that’s because media make so much more money from android with dozens (hundreds?) of Android devices to review. Samsung itself has dozens of phones. Journalists make a lot more money reviewing and writing about Android than the two or three iPhone models a year. Attacking Samsung is a tech reviewers shooting it’s own piggy bank.

    Also Samsung spends more than ad ten dollars to one Apple (10-20 billion vs 1 billion+ Apple) so publishers, media tycoons want to keep Samsung happy. Add this to Google, HTC, etc ad money… To keep the money flowing media has to keep Android alive.

    Remember Apple Fanboy Andy Iknatko (the guy who home built a WAIST HOLSTER to hold his Newton) when he left Macworld and joined the general press famously wrote that he’s gone Android as they are ‘better’. Guess Andy knew what he would mostly be writing about and needed the free Samsung etc review phones…

    Add this to the millions Samsung spends bribing bloggers (“yearly Samsung cash awards for Best Tech journalism” etc) making fake reviews, astro Turfing (Samsung already convicted in court and fined over a FAKE reviews involving HTC in Taiwan ) etc.

    this biased reporting I believe has helped this Samsung danger go unnoticed by many users….

    1. just out of curiosity I went to read some other websites about the issue.

      the comments from Samsung fanboys are hilarious.

      most said they are just going to continue using them as they are ‘best’ phones (even after hearing the proposed samsung fix the stopgap update which will kill the battery power like 40% and yet NOT fix the batteries itself … ). one said as a precaution he was going to ‘look at the phone’ while charging. When it blows up in his face or his hands when he goes to take it off the plug it’ll make another ‘incident’ report …

      and they say Apple users live in a reality distortion field.

      1. I guess when Samsung cuts the battery with the update you will have to CHARGE THE PHONE MORE OFTEN?

        that’s the solution?
        so he dude is going to sit and stare as his ‘best’ phone more times a day?

  4. I was on an Air Canada flight Sunday from Toronto and along with the normal announcements to “buckle your seat belts and know where the exits are” they told passengers to leave any Samsung Note 7 phones turned off. Not airplane mode, but off and definitely not charging. I smiled as I went back to reading on my iPad.

    Microsoft’s worst sin was causing loads of user frustration. Samsung is actually trying to kill their customers.

    1. No, Micro$loth’s worst sin was eliminating the jobs of many of my friends when they ran the companies they founded and worked for completely out of business and then abandoned the markets they had just monopolized. It happened more than once…

  5. WHY are the cellular providers not mandated to shut down service to all owners of this model phone? They have the specifics and could presummably do a data base search, send a text and voicemail announcing that the phones must not be used and that services to the phone are terminated immediately. Simple, and gets the word out specifically to all users of these ticking bombs.

    1. What if I was a ScamScum user and decided to put my sim card in a non-ScamScum phone to avoid the time bomb. If the provider shut down my service I would be pissed. Your idea is good, but there are legitimate problems with the phone companies actually doing it due to potentially interfering with customers who have already addressed the problem on their own.

  6. This is horrible. I was talking to a friend of mine who has an s7 last night and she was unaware of the issues. I told her about it, and hopefully she gets her phone replaced before seomthing happens.

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