Beleaguered Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 destroys garage; home condemned due to fire

“An Horry County man is looking for answers after his garage caught fire over the weekend,” Josh Roberson reports for WMBF. “Horry County Fire Rescue investigators said the fire originated near a wall outlet where the man’s phone was charging. The phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.”

“Wesley Hartzog said he plugged in his Note 7 to charge on Sunday and left his house to pick up his two daughters. When he returned, he found his home in flames and fellow firefighters surrounding it,” Roberson reports. “‘You know, you just don’t really ever think it will happen to you,’ said Hartzog. ‘They asked me if I had anything plugged in in the garage. My cell phone, which was the new Note 7, was plugged in in the garage.'”

Roberson reports, “Hartzog said the house has now been condemned and he and his kids are forced to live in hotels for the time being.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wes should’ve bought himself a real iPhone instead of wasting his money on a piece of exploding shit from a South Korean dishwasher maker. Then he and his kids would still have their house.

Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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  1. It’s amazing, Note 7 exploded and burning house, car, but Samsung stock remains high at all time. If it was for Apple, the stock would be punished significantly. Why is that?.

  2. I use Samsung, but the criticism is totally deserved with this fire hazard fiasco.

    This is one reason I use Android, if it’s about the ecosystem, I don’t want to be married to one supplier, I can tell Samsung to kiss off.

    1. How are you not married to one supplier???

      When you buy Android, you are married to Google, and you can’t escape it. And Google is probably the most evil of them all, as they know literally everything that has ever touched your phone, whether you want it or not.

      Hardware is made by Foxconn; whether it is for Apple, or for HTC, or for LG, factories are owned by the same supplier, and same Chinese workers are assembling them.

    2. Moronic. You could also use an iPhone and enjoy Apple’s superior design, performance and ecosystem and, if you don’t like, it you can always leave Apple. But, you’ll never want to leave. Now, you’re just wedded to Google which, unlike Apple, doesn’t GAS about your privacy or security. Yes, you can leave your hardware maker, but your hardware is already inferior to Apple’s A10, M10, Secure Enclave, etc.

          1. As far as I am concerned you have all the right to be here and comment. You also have every right to disagree with anything. But it is beyond me why you would WANT to do that other than to be insulted. It is like visiting the Justin Bieber website and then complaining about the songs, the music, the lyrics and the sound quality. If you are interested yet sceptical, fine, but why make statement you know people will fmae you for. Are you that desperate for attention?

  3. Kind of an asshole-ish take MDN. The Note 7 was welcomed with universally positive reviews. And it is an awesome phone that runs laps around the 6S Plus. If you want to see the iPhone 8 going on pre-order a year from today, look at the Note 7 or S7 Edge.

    It’s not the buyer’s fault that Samsung took quality control shortcuts and put out a dangerous product. Some people like the Note’s features. Different strokes and all that. You should thank Samsung for pushing the envelope, otherwise Tim Cook would still be selling the 5S as Apple’s flagship.

      1. Yes, AMOLED hi-res screen, wireless charging, fast charging, iris scanning, waterproofing (Apple is catching up there), better camera than 6S, virtual reality ecosystem.
        With current chips, a phone’s ultimate speed is the least important feature. Samsung is literally years ahead of Apple on useful features, but the disciples on MDN will hail these features as the Second Coming as they slowly roll into the iPhone over the next few years.

        1. Hey gatorz1, it all depends on which features you focus on and value. Here are a few things I value and that iPhone is light years ahead of that Samsung’s phones can’t touch: extensive integration of hardware, cpu and operating system that delivers butter smooth performance; one vender to work with when things go wrong instead of a circle of finger pointers who won’t resolve your problem; true security that you can trust; regular updates; true privacy by a company that sees you as a customer instead of the product; best in class, quality and quantity of apps/App Store; infinitely superior ecosystem with intimate integration between your phone, tablet, watch and computer. And there are many more advantages over any android device. You may value a curved screen and other minor unique features of your Samsung, but they are fleeting and pale in comparison to features that offer the value of protecting your security, regularly updated software, and extensive superior ecosystem. All amazing advantages that Samsung phones will NEVER HAVE. Plus, add to that that the ethics of the Samsung company are stomach-churningly reprehensible to the max. So I ask, we all ask, “why the hell are you buying an Samsung phone?” Unless of course you are going camping and need something to start your campfire.

          1. Agree with you 100%. The iPhone is sometimes painfully conservative, but the Note 7 is a good indicator why that is.
            I just wanted to point out the Note 7 got rave reviews, so don’t make fun of people who bought one.
            And the rumors for the iPhone 8 include curved AMOLED screen and wireless charging, things Samsung has had for a couple of product cycles now.

  4. Sorry, someone posted the “runs laps” contradiction already.

    All things considered, I’m thinking Samsung is out of the phone business at this point. When people can’t take their phones on a plane, when your newest phone is known for burning down buildings and destroying property as it’s primary feature, the fat lady is pretty much singing.

    And this doesn’t just effect phones and tablets, I’d think twice about buying anything from Samsuck.

    On the one hand I feel a bit sorry for them, but come on, it’s their own battery.

    1. Out of the phone business? LOL. Samsung sells more phones than anyone else worldwide. The Note 7 is a very expensive niche product that would be a rounding error compared to iPhone sales. The recall and fires hurt their brand, but they aren’t going anywhere.

      1. It’s a niche alright, burns one into the nearest material and now a special niche for insurance claims. Also, it’s well known that sales volume needs to have revenue capture, or it’s a business of churn. Apple had over 90% of those profits in ’15, fyi.

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