Remember Xiaomi? How Apple killed the ‘Apple Killer’

“What a difference two years makes. In late 2014, the financial media became obsessed with a small smartphone company called Xiaomi,” Bob Ciura writes for Seeking Alpha. “The company was founded in 2010 and was growing rapidly. By early 2015, the hype turned into full-blown mania. Analysts fell in love with the Xiaomi story. Xiaomi was seen as a real threat to Apple and was being lauded as the ‘Apple of China.'”

“Fast forward and hardly anyone ever talks about Xiaomi anymore. It virtually disappeared from the financial media, and only recently resurfaced, albeit for all the wrong reasons,” Ciura writes. “A recent article in International Business Times suggests Xiaomi’s valuation has plunged to less than $4 billion in the private markets.”

“The lesson we can glean from the Xiaomi case is that Apple’s brand is too strong to be undone by low-cost competition, even in international markets where Apple’s brand equity is not as high as it is in the United States,” Ciura writes. “Just as cheap competition from Xiaomi and others did not stop Apple in China, moving forward, Apple won’t be stopped in India either… Apple won out because of its premium brand, high-quality devices and the benefits of its ecosystem. Cheap competition simply can’t fully replicate the Apple experience.”

Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple's iOS 7
Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple’s iOS 7


Xiaomi MiPad
Xiaomi MiPad


Xiaomi M4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)
Xiaomi M4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)

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MacDailyNews Take: Xiaomi makes Samsung look like original thinkers. Hugo Barra, who used to be in charge of Google’s Android division, is a Xiaomi VP. Plus, the knockoff outfit is led by an even more despicable slime bucket than Samsung:

“[Steve] Jobs will die someday, so there are still opportunities for us. The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” – Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, August 30, 2011

The “Apple of China?” More like The BlackBerry of China.

Xiaomi can’t FOAD fast enough.

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  1. It strikes me that these cheap knockoffs try to offer 100% of what Apple does, but there’s no way they can. They can’t compete on the hardware and they don’t control the software or have the infrastructure of apps that Apple do. Surely a more stable solution would be to not compete head on with Apple, there is surely a market out there for people who for whatever reason don’t/won’t buy an iPhone, but want a solid phone that does more than just make calls, but isn’t instantly crippled by out of date, over complicated software. It seems to me that if you try to copy an iPhone you’re just going to make the differences that much more glaring once people actually use it.

  2. BlackBerry of China?
    BlackBerry failed because they didn’t want to copy Apple.
    Xiaomi is failing because they did. (But didn’t bother to copy the quality)

    1. Nah. No comparison IMHO. Blackberry actually invented original stuff and were pioneers for a short period of time. Their problem was that they got stuck in mud of their own making and as Bo pointed out above, got run over.

      Xiaomi: Just another wannabe, too lazy and uninspired to create. They were a FAIL from day one.

  3. Every year the news media finds some new company to push forward as the company that will destroy Apple’s iPhone business. I’m not sure why this is so necessary. Companies come and go. Most of those companies are not as well-established as Apple and their business models aren’t necessarily sound. It’s all about how their sudden burst of market share will somehow continue to grow in an unlimited fashion.

    It’s weird how there are so many people out there are hoping for Apple to fail. Are there also Mercedes-Benz and BMW haters as well, hoping for some new car company to put those older established companies out of business? I just don’t get it. Cornering a quick burst of market share doesn’t guarantee a long-term successful business.

    Quality components are expensive and yet these companies are selling smartphones at one-third the price of iPhones. How can that possibly be? They don’t have that much volume to warrant economies of scale. People are always claiming that these low-priced smartphones are better quality than what Apple is making. Is that even possible? It just doesn’t seem likely. Knockoff products are usually a compromise. They’re only meant to look identical but usually cheat on materials or construction in order to sell for a cheaper price.

    Anyway, now it’s OPPO and Huawei and some other brands that are set to derail Apple’s iPhone business because supposedly they’re gobbling up huge amounts of market share. It’s guaranteed every year there will always be some company(ies) the news media joyfully swears will destroy Apple’s iPhone business. It’s just sick. There should be more than enough consumers to go around so at least a few companies can always thrive. Toyota has never put Mercedes-Benz out of business as long as they’ve been selling cars for decades.

  4. Forgive me a long and very cruel chuckle – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! The wishful wannabes are like shooting fish in a barrel, something the doofus analysts have yet to figure out. An entrenched leader with the largest ecosystem is hard to beat, especially tied to high quality devices. These other guys are rowing with one oar in the water while Apple sails by with a nuclear powered yacht.

  5. Historians: Note that the story of Xiaomi is the fate of ALL businesses based on robbery, imitation and short-term thinking. Bye-bye to one and all of you.

    To the creators, inventors and innovators go the profits. Leaches are never loved. 😥

      1. I count on you dahling to correct my spelling. I am not innately good at language in general but have been working at it for decades. I also count on my copy of Spell Catcher to help me with spelling. (Seeing as its developer died years ago, I don’t know what I’ll do when it no longer works in OS X/macOS). In the case of ‘leaches’, it doesn’t complain. So I had Spell Catcher look up ‘leaches’ to explain why it sees not need for correction and here’s what it told me:

        1. leach
        • (verb) [leached; leached; leach·ing; leach·es]
        – remove (a soluble part) with a solvent
        • leach (noun) [leach·es]
        • leach·abil·i·ty (noun)
        • leach·able (adjective)

        Such is the stuff that drives me crazy about English. With my memory (as opposed to my Dad’s, whose is perfect even at age 93) I expect to run into leech versus leach again on into the future. *sigh* I but try.

        1. When I see the word leeches, I can’t help but recall Humphrey Bogart towing the shabby tramp steamer African Queen through a marshy estuary of the Ulanga River with a rope, and Katharine Hepburn later deleeching the poor soul. Then I think about their last-gasp mission to destroy a German gunboat, and the quirky luck that allowed them to pull it off. That movie is all about the existence of human nobility, rising to meet insurmountable opposition.

          Then I think about the crawling horror of the 1959 sci-fi flick The Giant Leeches, which brings me back to the tawdry reality of MDN and the execrable trolls it attracts that foul the nest of comments.

          Your Dad is 93. That is a remarkable achievement. Longevity is hereditary, or so I’ve been told, so you have a chance of outliving your trollish critics, even if they are only fourteen years old!

          1. 😉 My dad taught me how to think, a great mind. He’s got a bunch of ongoing, permanent health problems. But he keeps pushing on, even making the evening dinners for he and Mom. He can’t see, can’t read. But audio sources keep his mind going.

            I’ve never seen or had an opportunity to see “Attack of the Giant Leeches.” Deprived childhood. Oh look, there’s a MST3K rendition! It’s on my watch list. As I suspect you’ll discover in the near future, strange and maniacal sci-fi inspires much of my current writing.

            As for the trolls, I don’t think of them past the brief encounters. I have no idea how old they are as I’ve met some ‘adults’ who are just as childish.

            A lovely cool day here today, at last. We had a community garden brunch and solemn ceremony honoring the fallen of 9/11. It was a nice gathering of the neighbors, a way to keep in touch and share. That’s what I enjoy thinking about.

            Stay great and daring! 😀

            1. I was a tourist in New York City in the last days of August 2001.

              I remember marveling at the vertiginous interior of Trump Tower, with its glass elevators and atrium, looking down on all the pitiful ant-sized people, myself fighting a compulsion to just go ahead and jump.

              I remember craning my neck looking up at the World Trade Center from lower Manhattan, and declining to tour this wonder of the world for fear of the woozy sway of the skyscraper, for fear of stumbling and falling from a precarious stairway to heaven.

              I remember the turbulent white-knuckle flight west out of Islip, laying over at Nashville and drinking cheap scotch at the airport waiting out a nasty storm before transferring flights and getting home to New Mexico.

              The memories are indelible because of what happened soon afterward—! And I am haunted by thoughts of being aboard one of those hijacked airplanes, had I delayed my departure by just a few days. What would I, what would any of us have done in such a crisis?

              We can’t know. We can only respect the heroism of those who acted decisively in the face of evil, and cross our fingers and swear that we would have done the same.

            2. I remember the turbulent white-knuckle flight west out of Islip, laying over at Nashville and drinking cheap scotch at the airport…

              Spit it out!

              We can only respect the heroism of those who acted decisively in the face of evil, and cross our fingers and swear that we would have done the same.

              Let us raise a glass of good old scotch to the victims and the heroes of that assault from within and without the USA! May our country survive and thrive through, beyond and despite it! 🇺🇸 🌇

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