Apple’s iPhone falls to 5th in China smartphone marketshare

“In the battle for the Chinese smartphone market, Apple has lost ground in both marketshare and shipment quantities to smartphone manufacturers Vivo and Oppo, new data reveals,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“The study, generated by Strategy Analytics, claims that vendor shipments by Apple dropped from 9.7 million to 7.3 million from the second quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016,” Wuerthele reports. “The drop in sales because of mixed demand for the iPhone 6s in the Chinese arena led to a decrease in overall marketshare from 9.2 percent in the year-ago quarter to 6.7 percent currently.”

“In a year with the China smartphone shipments growing 3.7 percent, the country remains the world’s largest market for the devices,” Wuerthele reports. “China accounts for one in three smartphone shipments worldwide, according to Strategy Analytics.”

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MacDailyNews Take:
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  1. I saw Vivek Wadwha on CNBC. Yet another “expert” who thinks he knows what’s best for Apple. He’s the first one I’ve heard to claim the cockamamie “go open source” and pull a Microsoft and give away or license iOS advice. Yeah, free OS on Samsung and Chinese knockoff phones and charge for services, like TV on the iPhone. He was correct when asked, what’s the likelihood Cupertino would take his “advice.” “Not likely,” he admitted.

  2. Money makes a market, not people. Most people in China are still poor; (hopefully) many are now middle class; and relatively fewer are wealthy. It should not surprise anyone that the premier iPhone maker in the world does not represent the largest-selling smart phone in China, with its 1 billion souls.

  3. Market share is not as important as PROFIT share. They can create “market share” simply by giving away phones at barely break even pricing (or even at a loss). Creating “profit share” requires a product line that customers consider WORTH a higher price.

    Apple has the BIG profit share advantage; Apple seems to remember that the purpose of a for-profit business is to make money.

    1. Amen on profits. Apple’s profits will eventually let them sell a SSP: Starter Smart Phone.

      Apple knows full well it is selling to the higher end consumers and that over time they will have to figure out several ways (including resales & financing deals) to reach lower income people.

      Speaking of consumer value: Allowing 2 SIMs in a phone makes it far easier to keep 2 phone lines going with only one piece of hardware. A lot of people need to separate personal from business calls and a lot of people would do it more often if they could have 2 lines on one phone.

  4. Do you suppose, just maybe, that the Chinese are hesitating to purchase iPhones not only for political reasons but version-release considerations as well? The iPhone 7 (or whatever it’s going to be called) will be released, supposedly in a little over a month. Savvy buyers here and abroad are waiting for the latest, greatest edition to hit the shelves: it’s only rational!

    1. it’s not actually. it’s all about price. actually, iphone is very expensive in China. anybody can’t get it. people want to buy cheaper one. that’s why iphone is failed. it will be failed in the future. see who will be right. it’s phenomenon that iphone has lost a reason and attraction every year. simply, apple is faced with technology issue. there is no innovation at all. don’t expect apple too much. I have seen few sign to fall.

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