Leaked chats show Microsoft employees celebrating departure of COO Kevin Turner

“Leaked conversations between Microsoft employees on private messaging app Blind reveal company-wide jubilation at the departure of chief operating officer Kevin Turner, architect of the company’s hated ‘stack ranking’ assessment system,” Chris Merriman reports for V3.

MacDailyNews Note: Turner is leaving Microsoft to become CEO at financial services company Citadel Securities.

“The workers are also looking forward to seeing Windows boss Terry Myerson following Turner out of the door,” Merriman reports. “In a chat between more than 100 Microsoft employees on Blind (we can’t imagine why they didn’t use Yammer) one described Turner’s departure as the ‘Best 4th of July gift ever!,’ while a poll of 95 employees found that 93 felt ‘crazy happy’ at his departure while just two felt ‘crying sad.'”

Merriman reports, “The attention then turned to Myerson, who is not without his detractors. ‘Happy! Now we need Terry to go and it will be the best year ever,’ said one, while another chimed in: ‘Can we do a buy one get one free offer? Terry comes free with KT?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Longtime readers might remember that, back in April 2009, the formerly-cheesily-moustachioed Turner described Windows Vista as “the most secure OS on the planet, including Mac OS X and Linux” in April 2009.

The board of Citadel Securities must really prize delusional thinking.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “russ” for the heads up.]


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