Beleaguered Microsoft axes 2,850 more employees

Beleaguered “Microsoft Corp said it would cut about 2,850 more jobs over the next 12 months, taking its total planned job cuts to up to 4,700, or about 4 percent of its workforce,” Rishika Sadam reports for Reuters.

“The company said in May it would cut 1,850 jobs in its smartphone business, most of them in Finland,” Sadam reports. “Microsoft bought Finland-based handset maker Nokia in 2014 in an ill-fated attempt to take on market leader Apple.”

Sadam reports, “Chief Executive Satya Nadella, who took the helm just two months before the deal closed, has since focused on restructuring the struggling phone business.”

Full article here.


MacDailyNews Take: In memoriam, let’s revisit the funeral procession that beleaguered Microsoft held in September 2010 for Apple’s iPhone:

Microsoft's iPhone Funeral September 2010

Microsoft's iPhone Funeral September 2010

Microsoft's iPhone Funeral September 2010

Microsoft pulls plug on consumer smartphones, axes another 1,850 jobs – May 25, 2016
Cue the funeral for Microsoft’s Windows Phone – April 22, 2016


  1. Even before Nokia, Microsoft bought and then buried the makers of the somewhat popular Sidekick feature phone (by Danger Inc.). Anyone remember “Kin”?

  2. Before everone lines up to shoot me please let me make it clear.. I am a big investor in Apple relative to my means… And a big Apple advocate and more. .(you can check the history of my posts)

    I use everything Apple. But im not a blind fanboy… I critique Apple when they screw up and praise them when they diliver …..

    That said ….
    to see so many here call micrisoft beleaguered or poorly run and all other deragetory adjectives .. Imo.. Makes the Apple crowd sound pompous and irrational..
    In the last 2 to 5 years MS stock has outperformed Apple and Naddella has done a good job of restucturing the company and making it more efficient..
    These layoffs are part of the proccess of trimming the fat!
    And the market seens to like whats happening there.

    Why resort to irrational comments rather than give credit where credit is due?

    Do you enjoy the FUD and bogus narratives about Apple?

    Show some class… I believe that is what the Apple spirit is.

    1. You forget the “beleaguered” downtrodden narrative of Apple for so long most of us have never forgotten it so there’s no Hail Mary’s! or mercy left for Microsoft when things go badly for them, just cruel chuckles. Are we proud of that? No, but it’s just tit for tat. Watching others get humbled by their own hubris is immensely satisfying I will admit. Human nature is often not a pretty thing.

      1. Also because those in the press who follow like sheep rather than lead by researching the companies they are writting about, kept using beleaguered Apple looooong after they were making their comback.

    2. First “deliver”.

      And if people here call Microsoft, ‘beleaguered’, it’s because we endured years and years of having that term applied to Apple by Microsoft evangelists, during the ‘dark days’. You might be an Apple user, but your comments show that you are completely ignorant of the history.

      I am not applauding anyone losing their job, but this is schadenfreude, pure and simple.

  3. Any of you asswipes that are hapoy a worker bee is loosing their job needs to loose your own, what with you idiots. Do you realise most hites at apple come from microsoft and thats a big problem why Apple is mire like microsoft now than ever? Gow the f up. Get a real job and stop drinking so much coolaid. Pretty soon you will be on your kneees infront of tim cook… Stop it. And be a real human for a change.

    1. People and companies get back in karma what they put out. Tech industry people lose their jobs all the time and find work elsewhere, like at Apple. Jobs shift regularly on ascendent and descendant companies. The reality today is there is precious little job security anywhere. It has nothing to do with the fact if I have a real job or not. You’re arguments stray into emotional and less rational territory. And you’re parting homophobe piece of business shows you up as less than genuinely concerned.

      Also you might work a little harder on your atrocious grammar and spelling. No wonder you can’t find work.

  4. Microsoft is a suspicious company. Yet, somehow it has double the integrity of you bunch of basement dwellers. Now go away. Your mom wants you to cut the grass

    1. “Microsoft is a suspicious company. Yet, somehow it has double the integrity of you bunch of basement dwellers.”

      lol – not in your wildest dreams.

      And I think you’re confusing this with your own mother’s comments.

      Better take care of the crab-grass.

  5. “Beleaguered” is simply false. Microsoft will be beleaguered when personal and enterprise users stop buying Windows PCs. Lest we forget … the bombastic claims of the previous few years of people and enterprises switching from Windows to OS X or iOS because the iPhone and iPad showed everyone how great Apple products were and terrible Microsoft products were by comparison turned out to be not true. Instead, Apple PC sales and market share is down noticeably the past 18 months, and refugees from Microsoft aren’t the ones knowledgeable enough about the platform to wait for the refreshes of hardware to come out. If anything, they would be far more likely to jump on the existing Macs right now because they are marked down.

    Also, Microsoft is beleagured when enterprises stop buying SQL Server, Windows Server, Sharepoint and all their other enterprise applications. Or when enterprises stop signing up for Microsoft’s enterprise cloud.

    You can even say that Microsoft is beleagured when the number of programmers in Apple’s Swift becomes anything close to being a significant fraction of the army of .NET programmers.

    Yes, Microsoft failed in mobile. Though truthfully, their failure was because of Android, not Apple. Apple has about a 45% market share in smartphones in America (though a far bigger market share in tablets) and a 15% market share worldwide. Take Android out of the picture and Microsoft would get most of that 55%/85%. If anything, since Microsoft has a much better reputation among developers and enterprises and is a far more respected and trusted company generally than Google, it is very possible that Microsoft would have been very formidable in mobile had Android not been standing in the way, and yes Nokia would still be around too. Samsung would too, and they would be selling Windows phones just as they used to before they went all in on Android, and are now making Windows tablets.

    Letting go the rest of the Nokia employees will only increase Microsoft’s profit margin and stock prices because they are cutting an area that is costing them a ton of money and is generating absolutely no revenue. And doing so will help them get back to doing what they are good at, which is producing the #1 PC operating system, the #1 enterprise software platform, the #1 productivity platform, chasing Google and Facebook in search/ads, and competing with Amazon and Google in enterprise cloud. Giving up on Ballmer’s dream to compete with Apple, Samsung and Sony in hardware and going back to software will get Microsoft back to being the #1 software company in the world, something that they seem to have ceded to Google for the time being.

    1. Microsoft failed in mobile because they put out generation after generation of crappy rebranded mobile phones for years before iPhone & Android existed.

      They totally had the opportunity and the products but they had no clue how to actually make a smartphone really usable.

  6. The Eurotrash got what they deserved. They made bad rip-offs of American products, yet they had the audacity to insult decent Americans due to Bush’s and Obama’s bad decisions. Maybe they should think twice before they bite the hand that feeds them.

  7. You realize that these are real people, right? 3k individuals that probably have families that are now unemployed. Nothing wrong with reporting the news, but mocking/enjoying these people’s misfortune is not cool folks.

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