Take a screenshot tour of Apple’s new macOS Sierra

“The newest version of Apple’s operating system, macOS Sierra, won’t drop until fall, but a public beta is open to anyone gutsy enough to install it right now,” Thorin Klosowski writes for Lifehacker.

“If you’d rather leave your Mac alone but you’re still curious about what’s new, don’t worry, we’ll take a look at all the new features,” Klosowski writes. “The landmark feature in macOS Sierra is Siri. With it, you can do just about everything you can do with Siri on your phone, combined with everything you can do with Spotlight.”

“Like its iOS counterpart, the Photos app on Mac is getting a handful of organizational improvements. The big new trick here the intelligent search feature,” Klosowski writes. “Photos scans all your images and identifies objects, which makes it so you search for specific objects in an image, like a duck, car, birthday cake, or whatever else. Photos also adds three new albums: Places, which maps where all your photos are taken, Faces, which identifies people, and Memories, which automatically creates special slideshows based on people, places, holidays, and more.”

Read more and see all of the screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The new Photos app really works well for us already and any help with the organization of tens of thousands of images and thousands of videos is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Going to have to have big changes to Photos to make it even usable for me. I just don’t understand why you CAN’T:

    a) Pick which folder you import from
    b) Import the photos WITH the filters/edits you made in the Photos app on your iOS device.

    Its an utterly bizarre decision to have the edits stripped when you import them.

    I do a lot of photography with my iPhone, but the workflow to get the ‘final cut’ of my photos is the most convoluted process ever. I have to create a shared album via iCloud just to get them on my computer. Such a huge fail for me. iiO.

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