Wow! Apple’s Woven Nylon Apple Watch bands are fabulous

“Apple’s poor Woven Nylon bands don’t get a lot of love around the internet, in large part because the company’s product photography for them is, well… lackluster,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore.

“The 3D woven nylon bands on Apple’s website just don’t look appealing when compared to the sleek modern buckle or snazzy Hermès Double Tour,” Caldwell writes. “But I’ve been loving the nylon bands ever since I got my grubby little hands on them, and I finally had some time to sit down and actually show you folks what they look like in real life. Spoiler: They’re my second-favorite band, after the Modern Buckle, and SO COMFY.”

“When the Apple Watch first came out, I collected the Sport fluoroelastomer bands like nobody’s business…. But once the woven nylon bands hit the scene, my poor Sport straps have been relegated to the back of my watch drawer, never to be seen again,” Caldwell writes. “The $49 woven nylon bands have a few things going for them, even without the gorgeous pin-and-tuck enclosure found on the Sport model: They’re lighter than the fluoroelastomer bands and breathe more easily; the two-tone colors match better with a variety of outfits while still popping on your wrist; and they’re more comfortable for long-term use than the Sport.”

Apple's 42mm Pearl Woven Nylon band for Apple Watch - $49.00
Apple’s 42mm Pearl Woven Nylon band for Apple Watch – $49.00

Read more and see all of the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They really are excellent all-around bands. Get it? All-around. 🙂

Sorry. It’s nowhere near 5 o’clock TGIF and already we’re getting goofy.

Put the Woven Nylon Apple Watch bands in the category of yet another Apple product you really have to see and touch to appreciate.


    1. The unashamed consumerism and snobbish sensitivities of frivolous AppleWatch fashionistas users knows no bounds. This is just another pathetic attempt to entice gullible people to purchase a worthless piece of wrist-bound technology.

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