“Auto Unlock, a new feature in macOS Sierra, gives you instant access to your Mac when you’re wearing an Apple Watch,” Christian Zibreg writes for iDownload Blog. “Auto Unlock is seamless. You simply wake your Mac from sleep while wearing your watch, and boom—just like that, you’re logged in and ready to go, no password typing required.”

“Rather than being just convenient, Auto Unlock actually gives you another layer of security: as no password gets typed on the login screen, you won’t be affected (at least on the login screen) by key loggers and other malicious software designed to capture keystrokes and even record everything you type via a built-in FaceTime camera,” Zibreg writes. “My colleague Andrew took Auto Unlock for a quick spin and came away very impressed with its potential.”

Zibreg writes, “Here’s our entertaining video walkthrough of Auto Unlock and a detailed overview of the feature for those interested in its inner workings and intricacies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So simple. It just works!