macOS Sierra preview: Auto Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

“Auto Unlock, a new feature in macOS Sierra, gives you instant access to your Mac when you’re wearing an Apple Watch,” Christian Zibreg writes for iDownload Blog. “Auto Unlock is seamless. You simply wake your Mac from sleep while wearing your watch, and boom—just like that, you’re logged in and ready to go, no password typing required.”

“Rather than being just convenient, Auto Unlock actually gives you another layer of security: as no password gets typed on the login screen, you won’t be affected (at least on the login screen) by key loggers and other malicious software designed to capture keystrokes and even record everything you type via a built-in FaceTime camera,” Zibreg writes. “My colleague Andrew took Auto Unlock for a quick spin and came away very impressed with its potential.”

Zibreg writes, “Here’s our entertaining video walkthrough of Auto Unlock and a detailed overview of the feature for those interested in its inner workings and intricacies.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So simple. It just works!


      1. I was using Macs in the early 90’s and still use Macs today. I bought their first Power PC 8100, almost every iMac they make and in fact have a 5K iMac. I have both the small and big iPad pro. I even have the 20th anniversary mac.

        Truth is, ever since Steve died, Apple has led a sad disappointing life wandering around the wilderness waiting for the competition to come up with cool stuff so Cook can copy it.

        So yeah, I guess I am sad and disappointed Apple has hit the wall.

        1. Cook has done nothing but push subscription-based computing since he was crowned. It just doesn’t work for anyone who actually requires responsiveness, privacy, security, and guaranteed data integrity. Who cares if Apple makes it easy to have three devices in unison send you a notification if you can’t actually share cross-platform data or collaboratively create content efficiently on 2 of the 3 devices?

          Who the heck knows what Cook would do if he ventured far enough away from his Sun Valley retreat to lose connectivity. All his trinkets would stop beeping and flashing.

  1. Am I missing something? Could Apple not also let me unlock my Mac with my iPhone…like if I dont have an Apple Watch. I would think that the iPhone has the same capabilities.

      1. Now THAT is a legitimate observation and criticism. It’s great that the Watch can serve this purpose, but the iPhone should be able to accomplish the same. I’m not playing with the betas this time around, so I don’t know, but it is possible that iOS 10 will provide this function (there is nothing technical stopping Apple from doing so).

    1. Maybe, maybe not.

      Apple may need to set up the Mac OS so that after u type in your PW, the beachball spins for 60 plus seconds, then it unlocks your Mac.

      That way, you have to buy the watch for quicker access.

      1. How Microsoftian. But that does seem to be the direction Cook is taking Apple. Intuitive reliable user experience and personal computing are just not even on his radar.

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