TIME reviews Apple’s iPhone SE: ‘The perfect smaller smartphone’

“Apple is betting that not everyone wants (or needs) a big phone,” Lisa Eadicicco writes for TIME Magazine. “With its iPhone SE, Apple is reviving a more compact four-inch form factor that hasn’t been widely available since 2013.”

“The SE doesn’t feel like a cheaper iPhone. It feels like a premium device, that just happens to be smaller in size,” Eadicicco writes. “It looks like an iPhone 5s but performs like an iPhone 6s.”

“If you’re hooked on Apple’s software ecosystem, are more comfortable using smaller phones, and are shopping on a budget, the iPhone SE is the phone to get,” Eadicicco writes. “It brings many of Apple’s newest and most important features to a phone that’s less expensive and more compact. Plus its battery life is fantastic.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We can see iPhone SE outperforming everyone’s expectations, including Apple’s.

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