USA Today’s Baig: Apple’s iPhone SE is like a cute, adorable baby

“As a guy who is fully invested in phablet-sized phones, including my own iPhone 6 Plus, I’m not the ideal candidate for the iPhone SE that Apple takes preorders Thursday,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today. “I plan to spend a bit of time living with a smaller form-factor iPhone again, but now that I’ve got one in my hands here are a few quick thoughts.”

“The baby iPhone is, well, like an adorable baby,” Baig reports. “You want to pick it up and hold it and when you do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling. While I’ve already indicated that I’ll more than likely stick with a larger phone — for starters, I can see what’s on the screen better — somehow my comparatively ginormous ‘Plus’ model is nowhere near as cute.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We get the same feeling whenever we hold our original iPhones.

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    1. Phablets are good on the eyes, but nowhere near as amazing as a small little device that can do so many things. I think Steve Jobs was right when he said they found the perfect size for a touch screen phone. I just wish that Apple had made small, big, and bigger iPhones long ago, instead of taking so long to get to this point.

  1. Funny, I was away at the weekend with friends and one of them was still using a 4S.

    It’s one of my favourite designs, I love the look and feel of it and the only thing that lets the 4S down is the now out of date hardware inside it.

    The SE is the 4S turbocharged. I’m seriously considering getting one to replace my 6 which I like, but there’s just something about the 4S/SE design that I adore.

    1. The SE is more like a 5S turbo charged.

      The screen size on the 4S was only 3.5″, it didn’t have a lightning connector or a touch ID.

      I think Apple would have went with 5SE as a name but it would have made it seem like dated technology thus no 5 in the name.

    2. My 4S stays plugged into my Mini Cooper’s sound system. So, it’s just a iPod now, but the screen is big and easy to control while driving, and it holds my 15,000 song library.

  2. Apple knows what it is doing. The SE will be a fantastic iPhone, and for many will be the perfect option.

    It comes down to a matter of preference. The iPhone market has grown to the point where the consumer base demands these different sizes. Smart move by Apple.

    It’s another one of those products that when the internet critics hear about it, they down talk it, but when they and others see it, they fall in love with it.

  3. I can easily see some people owning the larger 6 plus and the iPhone SE, choosing one or the other depending on the activities at hand.

    I agree about comments regarding the earlier model iPhones. The iPhone 3GS remains my favorite just-feels-right device of all the iPhones.

  4. I hope Apple finally realized that a thinner phone is not a better phone.

    I’m not a huge fan of the iPhone 4 – 5 brick design, it just doesn’t feel smooth in hand. The curve on the back of the original iPhones through the 3GS was the best.

    The biggest thing Apple can do with the next iPhone is move the power button to the top, where it belongs. That’s the biggest complaint about the iPhone 6 models by far.

  5. i was thinking of buying the latest iPad touch to enjoy the A9 and all it offers – even make WiFi calls. However Apple has just changed my mind, since the price of the iPhone SE knocks so closely to that of iPod touch. Is this the start of cannibalism and the death of iPod touch? Me think so.

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