How Apple could improve their News app and turn it into an industry leader

“I’m a news junkie who wants to read anything I can get my hands on. I thought that after six years of using an iPhone, I would’ve found my holy grail: something customizable that lets me save and share articles as I go about my day, recommend things I might have missed, and update me on what’s breaking or trending, all in a clean, easy-to-read format,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “A few of the apps I tried came close, but none got it perfect.”

“So when Craig Federighi promised Apple News would deliver ‘beautiful content from the world’s greatest sources, personalized for you,’ my interest was piqued,” Simon writes. “Watching the WWDC keynote, it seemed like it would fill every one of my needs and quickly become my go-to news client, but at launch, News was a victim of its own ambition, trying at at once to do too much and too little, not unlike its relative, Apple Music.”

“Still, just as with the streaming service, there’s a lot of potential in News. With a few tweaks, it could become the best in its field — and maybe even save the industry,” Simon writes. “Any journalist will tell you that it’s not the news industry that’s dying, it’s the distribution method. It’s kind of like the problem the music industry had before the iTunes Store paved the way for change, and with the right changes, Apple News could do the same for publishing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So far, it’s been slow going. Publishers who still don’t have access to Apple News Format can’t monetize their content with iAd, so until and unless Apple ever rolls out Apple News Format beyond its current “limited basis,” Apple News is nothing more than a glorified RSS reader offering in many cases, as Simon describes: “truncated stories that need to be viewed on the associated website.”

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  1. The biggest problem with Apple News is that it doesn’t let you eliminate/block sources. I’m not interested in the New York Times take on stories, but that’s all it feeds me. Boring.

  2. Here’s an idea. They could quit abandoning apps after they turn them loose in the wild. They could find what people actually want in an app. They could give the app robust support. They could promote the app for more that a nanosecond on release day. They could demonstrate the features of an app in a way that wasn’t so pedantic.

  3. I was excited about the News app when it was first announced, however, I am disappointed. The app is very slow when loading news. I hope Apple fixes this in a future update. Until then I’ll continue to use other apps that are far better.

  4. I’m still using FlipBoard as my go-to. Every once and awhile I turn to News. The need to scroll so much is a pain. I don’t remember it taking too long to set up, but I find the entries lacking and I’m in and out quickly.

  5. II work in TV news. I like the news app and go to it several times a day. It helps me keep up with the national news that matters to me. Any improvement would be icing on the news cake.

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